Technology of creation of system of drop watering plants at their summer cottage

Watering plants in the suburban area should be not only easy, but is to reduce manual labor. We have already examined the existing system of watering plants, and I would like to draw your attention to the fact, what is the most efficient and economical method of irrigation is drip irrigation. Now we consider all, as for drip irrigation: dignity, equipment components, proper care system, as well as how to make your own hands, we therefore recommend that you carefully review the information below.

Advantages of the drip irrigation system on a country site

DoroDrip irrigation is a branched line from a special hose, equipped with droppers which are at the same distance from each other. These droppers have configurable performance, with the help of which you can provide the required water saturation of the root system of plants.

Among the advantages of drip irrigation system allocate:

  • Easy Assembly/dismantling system
  • The possibility of creating with their hands
  • Relatively small material costs to create
  • Drip irrigation system for plants automatic watering means, which requires only occasionally to clean the filters and turn on/off water
  • No manual labor in the handling of water containers, garden watering can or hose, allowing you to spend more time relaxing at their summer cottage
  • Least cost water resources. Drip irrigation system requires in 2-3 times less water, than the rest watering systems plants.
  • Water not only saves, but it is advisable used: wetting only the root system, and the leaves or bare soil remain dry
  • As sheets are not water, the drip system of irrigation can be applied even in hot weather without fear of sunburn plants
  • Detail, but nice – all garden paths and the paths between the beds remain dry, which is difficult to achieve in the operation of watering plants etc.
  • With drip irrigation, plants growing near the weeds are not watered, so that they quickly wither, and the process of weeding the garden beds easier
  • With drip watering plants, the process of fertilizing these plants becomes more convenient
  • Experimental method defined, that with drip watering plants the productivity of plants significantly increased
  • If your country site is located in the region, where there is no Central water supply (and this often happens) either the water pressure is very weak, drip watering is still possible to apply. This irrigation method requires no available water, you can use a water tank, only the tank should be placed at low altitude, that would provide the minimum water pressure in the hose. Also in this case, you can use water pump.
  • With drip watering plants, you can plant vegetables more closely to each other, that would increase the yield

As you can see the advantages of drip irrigation system plant on the dacha very much and they are significant, in contrast to single deficiency: relatively high prices on special drip hose.

Elements of drip irrigation plants

The main components of drip irrigation system are the water source, special dropper and hoses, transporting water. To the auxiliary elements of the system of drip irrigation of plants includes all sorts of plugs, controllers, adapter, tees, hydrants, sensors, cranes etc.

First, more talk about droppers, which is the Executive organ of the entire system.


Droppers are mounted in the hoses, who lie on beds near plants. The purpose of droppers is to carry out watering of the plant root system with a given capacity. There are compensated and uncompensated dropper. The first are more expensive and are used on garden plots, which have a height difference, and simply put, difficult terrain. Compensated dropper allow uniform watering plants, even if there are fluctuations in water pressure in the pipeline, this is their merit. With changes in pressure, cope design feature of this type of droppers, which represents the presence of the silicone diaphragm and compensation channels. As well compensated drippers are used in the case, if the plants are finicky and require precise dosage of irrigation.

But expensive, compensated dripper have another drawback – they can not apply in the absence of water (the use of the water tank) due to the design features of the droppers.

Range compensated drippers – pressure 1 to 4 Bar.

As for uncompensated droppers – they have a lower price and a simpler construction. Due to its simple design performance of droppers depends on the water pressure in the system, that is a minor drawback. About this drawback, you can immediately tell, what is the length of mainline hoses up to several hundred meters it is almost imperceptible. This is why non-compensated dripper and suitable for operation just in suburban areas.

The same dropper can be divided into solid and portable, unregulated and regulated (you can manually modify the water flow), end and communicating (the hose is cut and the two ends mounted dropper) etc.

Drip hose

To sum up the water to the garden beds it is necessary to use metal or plastic pipe, further, by using the adapter creating a line from a drip hose or tape.

Drip hose is the second main component of drip irrigation system and is a special hose with built-droppers.

Капельный шланг

Drip hose

Choose drip hose should not only be based on the manufacturer, but the operating characteristics: performance embedded droppers, the wall thickness of the hose (or tape) and the distance between droppers.

As for performance the path to ground droppers, the most appropriate will performance from 1,2 to 4 l/h, depending on the extent of irrigated area.

The distance between droppers (interval) can vary from 20 cm and 1,5 meter.

The wall thickness of the drip hose is the most important indicator and we will now explain why. It is the thickness of the walls affects the value of the drip hose, life and variant stacking (ground or underground). When buying a drip hose, you need to choose a product with a thickness of 0,2 to 1,25 mm, if the hose is at least 0,2 mm (thin) it will last only one season and on soft soil, this option is recommended in order to save cash and to check the compatibility of irrigation with the plants on the dacha.

If you decide to create a long-lasting drip watering plants then it is recommended to use a drip hose, which has a thickness in the range of 0,8 mm, it can be used as when laying in the ground, and on the surface.

In addition to the drip hose you can also use drip tape, which performs the same function, what and drip hose, but it has some design features, namely:

  • The cross section is not round, the oval, in this connection, a modified form of the droppers (in the form of a slot).
  • Inside of drip tapes is a turbulent flow emitter, which, according to the producers of the product, creates a more precise dosage of irrigation, protects the dropper from contamination and capable of supplying water for long distances. Tape, as a rule, have a smaller wall thickness, ranging from 0,125 to 0,4 mm.

As to the performance of drip tapes, they can be seamless and laminated. Laminated tapes are the cheapest option, but at the same time, they only lasted one season, and seamless (and belts and hoses) though more expensive, but have a long service life.

Капельная лента

Drip tape

It is also necessary to draw your attention to the fact, what is drip tape are not a closed circuit, so at the end of a watering highways need to put a special plug. Watering hole in the drip tapes have a smaller interval between them, than drip hoses and is about 15-30 cm.

The owners of suburban areas it is still recommended to prefer drip hoses.


For the ancillary elements of the system of drip irrigation of plants, it, as we have said, these include cranes, plugs, tees, hydrants, sensors and different controllers.

Hydrants or else they are called gidrolizaty, necessary in order, what would the pipeline can later connect a regular garden hose, which optionally, water is unavailable for irrigation areas of the garden.

At various the tees, connectors and plugs it makes no sense to stop and explain, obviously, that they are necessary for the creation of extensive irrigation highways.

Тройник в системе капельного полива растений

Tee in drip irrigation systems, plants

Составляющие элементы системы капельного полива растений

Elements of drip irrigation plants

Cranes necessary in order, that would cover a certain garden plot in case of its damage. It is recommended to install valves on each site which caters to a bed when you little water pressure in the system could alternately carry out watering of different garden beds.

The weather sensors also play an important role in the irrigation of plants. If a drip irrigation system to automate, the supply of water in the irrigation mainline will depend on indications of the weather sensors, which react to humidity/soil, and weather conditions.

Installation of drip irrigation system plant

Installation of drip irrigation system is divided into several stages, we now consider.

Stage 1 – Counting and buying of the items of drip irrigation

At this stage it is necessary to calculate the exact length of pipes and drip hoses (tapes), the number of cranes, adapters, tees, plugs etc.

It is better to create a drawing of the site, that will set watering plants. The drawing must be to scale, but with strict observance of all sizes, because. on this drawing you need to sketch the irrigation mainline and all its components. In the drawing, it is necessary to designate all the beds, beds and other areas, that must be watered.

Just draw your attention to the fact, that hose and the pipe to take with a small margin, that would cover all errors, associated with the calculated drawing sizes.

As soon as all the elements of a drip watering of plants will be counted, egged on by the estimate and go to the market.

Stage 2 – Establishment of a drip irrigation system

As soon as all the elements of the drip irrigation system will be purchased, proceed directly to the installation of the system. The first thing I advise you to read the following tips:

  1. To bring water to the site is better to use the plastic pipe, because. metal quickly rust from the inside, what is bad for droppers, which fail when clogged. The advantage of plastic pipes is, they have less weight and price.
  2. If due to the lack of Central water or weak water pressure you decide to use as water source capacity, its capacity should be sufficient for at least one irrigation.
  3. The water tank needs to be on a hill, you can create an artificial hill or construction of improvised (lumber, brick, etc.)

    Пример как разместить резервуар для воды

    An example of how to place the water tank

  4. In addition to the water tank to create a water source it is possible to dig well and put the water pump.
  5. Algal blooms leads to its pollution, resulting in clogged drippers. To prevent algal blooms, you must cover the tank with water and choose hoses, with color, because. transparent drip hoses lead to, that water blooms. Transparent hoses can be used only in the case, if they will fit under the ground.
  6. What would the dropper is not clogged, install in piping fine filter, which effectively purifies water.
  7. As mentioned earlier, install on each branch of the irrigation mainline valves, which will allow without interference to repair the damaged area.

Using all these tips, mountable drip watering plants in the garden and proceed to the first run of water in the system.

Stage 3 The first watering

The first watering is very important procedure, you need to properly perform. What would the water in the system was clean, you need to completely wash out the watering the trunk before her operation. To do this, with drip hoses (or tapes) removable plugs, and the valve opens, which supplies water to the entire trunk. Once all the dirty water out, close the valve and all the plugs, then you can start a constant drip watering plants.

This procedure is recommended as often as possible, that would quickly clean the garden line from the garbage. Specialists advised to carry out cleaning of the highway not less, than once a year and in that case, if any part of the highway was repaired.

How to make a drip irrigation system with your own hands?

Mount the drip irrigation system of purchased items fairly quickly and easily. But what to do, if money is tight for quality drip irrigation system, and to create it still want? It's simple – it can be done by hand. Just draw your attention to the fact, that self-made drip irrigation plants will be less effective and will last several seasons, but at the same time the material cost to create it will be minimal, to create such a system at least every season.

So, to create a drip irrigation system with their hands, we need:

  • Medical dropper (the number depending on the amount of water the plants, with the calculation 1:1)
  • Filter
  • Hose
  • Crane
  • Plug

First take the hose, connected to a common water supply and extend the irrigation place – the garden beds. Between the pipe and the hose install a water filter, his presence is mandatory. Also before the filter mounted crane, better poluoborotnye.

Next in the line create holes using the awl. In these holes insert the prepared medicine dropper. Holes must be created in the exact areas the irrigation area.

Система капельного полива растений своими руками

Drip system watering plants with your own hands

Hose end closed by a plug.

Well, in the end, stretch the hose in the garden and carried out the first supply of water in the system. In order to adjust the intensity of watering plants use a crane, which is stronger to be opened/closed.

System care drip watering plants

The weakest point of the system of drip irrigation, plants are drip, which are very easily damaged when loaded.

Immediately should consider the types of clogging of drippers: mechanical, biological and chemical.

Mechanical clogging of drippers is a in the water, the suspended particles, such as sand and dirt, that clog the dropper. To prevent mechanical blockage of the use of mechanical filters, for a replacement to be observed.

Biological clogging is caused by the flowering water. In this case, the formed algae, mucus and other biological debris, who scored the dropper. To prevent biological clogging will allow chlorination of the water and as we said earlier, full system flushing, drip irrigation of plants.

Chemical clogging is the addition in water of fertilizer (fertigation), and as if the water itself is hard. In this case, to clean use a special water additive, which regulate the acidity of the water.

Сетчатый фильтр для капельного орошения

Screen filter for drip irrigation

With water treatment and protection droppers of dirt figured out, go ahead.

To make sufficient water saturation of the plant root system must supply water to the area several times a day or install an automatic (sensors and controllers) which self-adjusts the watering process.

In order to determine the effectiveness of irrigation, you need to look at the water stain, created by dropper. If the stain has a diameter less than 30 cm, so, the dropper is clogged and must be cleaned or change. If, on the contrary, instead of spots are formed puddles – so between the drip hose and formed the gap, you want to cover with sealant.

Often any of the sections of the drip irrigation system of plants subjected to mechanical damage (for example, punched a knife). In this case, you must turn off the water at the site, cut the hose at the site of injury and to connect a special connecting element (bidirectional).

With the arrival of winter drip watering plants must be removed. This whole system first washed with clean water, and then alternately rassadina and recorded in the amenities building or other premises (preferably the heated).

If the drip hoses are in the soil, get them optional, frost with them will not do anything.

But as sensors and controllers, they must disconnect and hide in a room with a temperature above zero.

It's everything you wanted to talk about drip system watering plants. As you can see, a lot of material, but here you can find all the information you need, so after reading it, be sure to create the irrigation system on the dacha!

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