Toilet for the cottages with his own hands: the popular types of latrines

One of the main garden buildings, which just need to be present at the dacha, is the toilet. Well if the toilet for the cottages are beautifully decorated and brightly complements the overall composition of the garden decor. Construction of toilet in the country takes a lot of time, and material costs are not that great. Will provide you with the basic requirements for the placement of suburban toilet, as well as the principle of its construction with his own hands.

Where to build a toilet for cottages?

Где лучше построить туалет для дачи?

Where to build a toilet for cottages?

The installation of a toilet for the garden will not be serious difficulties, the main thing correctly to select the location of this building, given the health standards and visual picture.

The first requirement – the toilet should be at a considerable distance from the source of drinking water (well, well), not less than 25-30 meters. If the terrain is rough, toilet for the cottages should be placed below the water intake.

The second requirement is similar with the first, the latrine must be away from the house and cellar (if there is one) not less than 12 meters.

The third requirement should be treated with caution, because. it is, what would the placement of the toilet contributed to the convenience of driving a car-scavengers to the site of evacuation of faecal waste. It is best to have a toilet for the cottages at the end of the garden plot, stepping back from the fence 1-2 meter.

Select the type of the toilet for cottages

Выбираем тип туалета для дачи

Select the type of the toilet for cottages

There are several popular types of toilet for cottages, namely:

  • Normal (traditional) toilet with pit. This structure is found in the suburban area often, because. requires no special difficulties of building a.
  • Powder-closet, which will serve as the best option for suburban area, with the close location of ground waters, and in the case, if the owners come to visit the country on holidays and weekends.
  • Backlash-closet, the merit which is, that it can be positioned inside the house.
  • Peat toilet, is an innovation in the field of fixtures for bathrooms.

Consider, how to make each type of toilet for cottages with his own hands.

Traditional toilet to give your hands

Традиционный туалет для  дачи своими руками

Traditional toilet to give your hands

The principle of construction of the conventional toilet for the cottages is as follows:

To begin dig a cesspool. Its depth should be at least 2 meter, and the width 1 meter. The bottom of the hole you need to pour gravel or sand. Walls should be water resistant (what would the ground water is not polluted), you can use a plastic barrel with the bottom cut off, old tires or the brickwork.

Once you have decided the issue with a cesspool, proceed to the creation of bathrooms. If you are inclined to carpentry work, specialty stores provide a wide range of prefabricated toilet rooms. If you still have the desire to do this build myself, this should be done with the following materials:

  • Hardwood lumber dimensions 100*100 mm and a length of 3 m (for the construction of the frame)
  • Hardwood lumber dimensions 50*50 mm (seat)
  • A few sheets of particle Board for wall cladding
  • 1 a sheet of slate (roof)
  • Screws for wood and slate nails

First, collect the frame of the toilet for cottages. Sawn timber (100*100 mm) for the following sizes of frame: height 2.1 m, length 1,5 m, width 1m. The attachment bars between them must be "vpoldereva".

Begin to assemble the frame with the base. Using a Builder's level, you need to install four stand, fixing them with metal plates and bolts. Rack for the back wall of the cases a bit shorter, than front, that would provide a slope for the roof. Immediately installed and beams for the roof.

Next, begin to create the seat. Measured 50 cm from the floor and fastened to the main beam material, of which will be made the seat. On the same level stepping meter od of the rear wall, making the second jumper and sheathe the seat base is a sheet of chipboard. With a jigsaw cut out the hole for the toilet seat, install it and fix with screws on wood.

Go to the walls of the toilet for cottages. All you need, this sheathing frame with chipboard sheets and the desire to insulate their sheet foam or mineral wool.

Well, in the end, put a sheet of slate on steel I-beams for roof and installed a door for the toilet.

Powder-closet for the garden with their hands

Пудр-клозет для дачи своими руками

Powder-closet for the garden with their hands

To build a powder-closet for the garden with your own hands can in one day.. Its advantage lies in the fact, there is no need for the sump (sewer). The disadvantage of this structure is frequent cleaning of the toilet.

Design booths of powders-rest rooms is almost not different from the above presented scheme (conventional toilet), so you can use it. The only thing you need to add, it 25-30 cm width of the structure and the hinged lid of the toilet seat.

For the manufacture of powders-rest rooms of their hands as well, you must prepare two containers: the first waste, the second dry peat (sawdust, dried land, etc.). Waste container we put under the seat, the second tank next. After peeing, falling asleep waste with peat and when the capacity will be filled, send content in a compost pit.

Backlash-closet to give your hands

Building a play for the closet to give your hands is more difficult. A clear advantage of this type of toilet for cottages is, that it is possible to arrange inside the house. Cleaning the toilet is the only way – with the help of Masha-scavengers.

This diagram gives you a visual picture of the play-closet:

Схема люфт-клозета

Scheme-play closet

As you can see, the toilet is inside the house, a septic tank outside.

That would build the toilet with their hands, you need to dig a pit and using the stock pipe to connect it with the bathroom inside the house. The cesspool must be isolated by means of two caps: iron (is fixed at ground level) and wooden (above the overlap). The space between the lids is necessary to fill insulating material (foam or mineral wool).

Be sure to equip the backlash-closet ventilation system, to avoid the accumulation of odors.

Peat toilet for cottages (toilets)

Торфяной туалет для дачи (биотуалет)

Peat toilet for cottages (toilets)

A peat lavatory is to give some innovation. Its great advantage consists not only in, there is no need for the sump, but in fact, that fecal waste under the influence with a special peat turn into very good compost for vegetable garden.

As we can see, appearance of peat toilet for the garden resembles a regular toilet, that's the only difference from "China brother" it is made of high impact, frost resistant and chemically resistant plastic.

The design of the peat toilet consists of an inner tank to the compost mass, tank peat, the pen dispenser and hose for drainage.

That would not be the accumulation of unpleasant odors in the toilet must be equipped with its ventilation system.

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