Fence for cottages and homes with their hands: manual for the construction of a fence of corrugated Board, wood, brick, metal and plastic

After, as the house on the dacha built, you must enclose your garden area with fence. There is a wide range of materials, suitable for that would be to build a fence with their hands. It is best to give preference to fences of corrugated Board, wood, mesh netting, metal, plastic or brick. Consider the advantages of each of these materials, and brief instructions on the construction of these fences.

Fence for garden decking

Забор для дачи из профнастила

Fence for garden decking

This type of fence is optimal in terms of price and quality. The advantages of a fence of corrugated Board the following:

  • Affordable price
  • Easy maintenance. That would support a fence of corrugated Board clean, enough to occasionally wash it with a water hose. This kind of work as well rain.
  • A wide range of colors. You can choose the color of the railings to your taste.
  • Durability
  • The ease of construction. With the construction of a fence of corrugated Board can handle anyone, just follow the instructions, we will now provide.

Instructions for building the fence of corrugated Board:

Строим забор из профанстила

Building a fence from proventil

  1. Tearing holes for posts to a depth of 0,8 to 1,2 meters 2-2,5 meters from each other
  2. In the pit fill layer of gravel thickness 20 cm
  3. Install metal poles and align them using a level
  4. Fill in the holes of the concrete-sand mixture (the proportion 1:8)
  5. When the mortar hardens, welded to the posts 2 logs shaped pipe (as shown below)
  6. With screws fasten the trapezoidal sheet to the joists
Схема забора из профанстила

Diagram of fence proventil

As you can see, building a fence of corrugated Board is complicated and a long time, we therefore recommend that you choose this material for fencing.

Metal fence

Металлический забор

Metal fence

To build a metal fence will need a welder and a drawing-a diagram of the fence. This option of the fence fits perfectly into any garden style, harmoniously decorated with view of a private house. There are several options metal fence: sectional, forged, Rabitz and gofrolista. Wrought iron fences are the most luxurious and expensive, but the fences of twigs more affordable, but the view of your garden will be viewed by all passers-by. Installation of metal fence is almost indistinguishable from the previously provided instructions, the only difference in the embodiment of the casing in this embodiment, it will serve as metal bars or mesh. In order, that would make the frame of the fence, you have to "grab" the components by welding.

Fence of Rabitz

Забор из сетки рабица

Fence of Rabitz

This type of fence is inexpensive and simple to construct. Decorate the fence of Rabitz is possible with the help of hedges, which will acquire the whole area of fencing, and then it will be clear from what made the fence. Plants such as grapes girl or the climbing rose are going to do well with this job. You can also decorate the fence of mesh netting with close planted with ornamental shrubs and trees.

Beautiful wooden fence to give

Деревянный забор для дачи

Wooden fence to give

Wooden fences to give the hosts choose, who prefer the natural style of the garden. The advantages of wooden fences is as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Low price (if you do not use wood carving)
  • Combination with all garden styles
  • Not require constant care (the main thing initially to treat the wood with special means against rotting and insect damage)
  • The fence can be combined with any gate (metal, plastic, wooden)
Виды деревянных заборов

Types of wooden fences

Wooden fencing looks very harmonious, if the cottage is built of frame or lined with fence. The main disadvantage of wooden fence – poor immunity to rot, causing the durability of the fence on the right below, than other materials.

Tips before installing a fence made of wood

Experienced builders recommend to follow a few simple rules, which considerably prolong the life of wooden fence, but will also make it look more pleasant. The main ones:

  • Choose coniferous trees
  • Use dry wood, that before installation it is necessary ostrogat, that the pain not hurt you and did not give awkward appearance to the fence
  • To increase the lifetime of the handle construction material with antiseptic
  • After treatment with antiseptic paint material is water-proof paint, which does not fade in the sun
  • Pick up nails and screws to length (not long), what would the tip punched through the Board
  • Before installation, all metal objects soak in linseed oil

Building a wooden fence with their hands:

Схема деревянного забора

Scheme wooden fence

  1. Exactly razmerita border fence, and gates and wickets
  2. Dig pits to a depth of 1-1,5 m at a distance of 2-2,5 meters from each other
  3. The ends of wooden poles treat hot bitumen or burn on fire, what would prevent them from rotting in the ground
  4. Using a level, set the posts vertically
  5. To the posts attach the boards with a width of not more 1 cm
  6. With screws attach to the cross bars of the Board
  7. Ready to frame vertically attach the boards with nails or screws
  8. Open ready a fence made of wood varnish or paint

Plastic fence for garden and home

Пластиковый забор

Innovation in the options of fencing for suburban area is plastic fence.

The advantage of plastic fence:

  • Long life (to 50 years)
  • Low price
  • Not lit, not afraid of water, not deformed
  • Do not change color under the action of a burning sun, heavy rain and frost
  • Easy to install
  • It is easy to monitor the appearance
  • A variety of forms (the fence, a blank wall, fence, etc.)
  • Easy
  • Has an aesthetic appearance
  • Does not crack, don't become old, crack

Installation of plastic fence for any., because. the essence of the construction of the fence is picking the designer of the boards and PVC plastic profile.

A fence of bricks with their hands

Забор из кирпича своими руками

A fence of bricks with their hands

Building a fence made of brick requires responsible work, you want to perform, adhering to some rules. Advantages a brick fence is its high strength, durability and rich appearance. Today, there are many types of brick, which you can make a fence, fit into the decor of any garden style.

Схема построения кирпичного забора

Scheme for the construction of a brick fence

To begin, measure the length of the future fence and to calculate the required amount of materials. Next is the marking of territory and the ejection hole for the Foundation. After that, start to fill the strip Foundation with simultaneous installation of support poles. It is important to note, what the Foundation needs to be made for one approach, that there were no joints, which reduced the strength of the structure.

After the Foundation hardens, go to bricklaying. As a rule, use single-row clutches, but there are options for combinations and delicate clutches (when you leave the gaps between the bricks). If the fence is high, it is recommended to use a laying in two series.

If you have never laid brick, it is better to take the help of a specialist, because. bricklaying involves careful work with the level and thickness of seams, otherwise, the fence would look ridiculous, and the design will be less stable.

Decorative fences in the photo examples

In order, what would you have provided will be fencing, made with imagination designers, we present you some photo examples of decorative fences for suburban area:

How to originally decorate the fence at the dacha?

In order, what would your railings to look attractive and catch the eyes of guests and passersby, it is recommended to use such clever design techniques:

  • Equip the fence with hedges
  • Place on a fence vases with colors or clay pots (country style)
  • Razreshite fence with bright colors
  • Put next to the fence garden figures or other small architectural forms
  • Arrange on your fence gallery, hanging different pictures, paintings and counterfeiting along the entire fence

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