BBQ in the gazebo with your own hands: suitable materials for the decoration of barbecue oven

Our country is not only in order, to grow vegetables and fruits, but for rest from the constant city troubles. One of the garden buildings, you definitely need to build a summer cottage is a gazebo, which is a traditional element of the garden European countries. Our people have improved this build, making it not only a BBQ, but the grill, in order, what would the stay was pleasant and comfortable.

Choose the design of pavilions with barbecue

First we need to solve, at what time you will use the gazebo. If the preference for the summer season, easy enough to build a gazebo with barbecue and grill, but if you like to relax in the season of autumn rains and the spring awakening of nature, you need to create a gazebo with glazing and Foundation, what would the weather conditions did not affect your stay.

Одна из вариаций беседок с барбекю

One of the variations of gazebos with BBQ

In order, that would choose the right design of the gazebo with barbecue, you must first determine its components. There are the following variations of gazebos with BBQ:

  • Barbecue with grill
  • Barbecue with grill, the cauldron and the fireplace
  • Barbecue with grill, a Russian stove and oven
  • Barbecue with grill, Russian oven and smokehouse
  • Barbecue with grill, the cauldron and oven
  • Barbecue with grill, a cauldron and a den

The most popular version of "barbecue gazebo with a Russian stove", because. the functionality of this building will allow to get warm by the fire, and relax and decorate the garden area. The main thing, what would stove located in the center of the gazebo or the back wall, the design looks attractive and has contributed to the convenient cooking.

Беседка с барбекю

Gazebo with BBQ

The original design of the gazebo will give not only its components, but he looks, to do this, you must use various decorative materials to finish the furnace and gazebos, and set next to the building small architectural forms and vegetation in the form of hedges and vases with flowers.

BBQ in the gazebo: choose the material for barbecue oven

Today there is a wide range of materials to create a barbecue in the gazebo, which can fit the taste of any vacationer. The most popular are basalt, natural stone, fireclay brick, clay, vermiculite, copper, stainless steel, talkohlorid etc. It is also possible to carry out a combination of materials, through which BBQ oven will find a unique design. Consider the advantages of the most popular materials, for creating a barbecue oven in the gazebo.




Basalt rock is called, which were formed by outpouring of magma. The advantage of this material in the next:

  • A wide range of colors (from black to gray-green)
  • Low melting point
  • High hardness and strength
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • High electrical insulation properties

Barbecue, made of basalt, is a very good choice, because. this material is the best for masonry stoves, and his appearance will give the veneer a nice color.


Clay is the leader among the materials for masonry stoves. The clay solution is used for the manufacture of red bricks, because. it has high fire resistance and strength. It also added to the solution when masonry hearths and furnaces of various kinds. If you decide to make barbecue from clay, know, this option will last you a long time, moreover, its construction will significantly save money.

Natural stone

Барбекю из натурального камня

Barbecue from a natural stone

Of course, natural stone is the most attractive finishing material. Barbecue can be issued, using travertine, marble or granite. The advantages of these stones in the following:

  • A variety of colors (most common black, brown and grey)
  • The difference forms, the size and treatment of the tiles
  • High frost resistance and durability
  • The durability of the material
  • Ease of care

The disadvantage of these materials is, they can serve only as a cover, oven, barbecue, and not the basis of its design (because. have a high conductivity), moreover, the price of natural stone is quite high, so, not everyone can afford the luxury.

If you use granite as a furnace for heating, the first drawback will serve as a very good plus.

Prepare a barbecue in the gazebo with your own hands

In order, to arrange a barbecue in the gazebo with your own hands, to find the right combination of materials. If you want to make a gazebo "antique", use a combination of stone and wood. Wooden structures constitute the countertop, shelves, the individual elements of the hearth. Advantage give such wood, as: oak, cedar, beech and elm (because. they are more solid). To protect the wood from the fire used flame retardants, and in order, to prevent rotting and fungi, tree reveal special protective equipment.

Metal parts oven BBQ can be made of copper and stainless steel. The first option will make oven vintage, and steel, on the contrary will give homes a modern look.

As metal, the tree is best complemented with stone, what would the design of the furnace barbecue was irresistible.

Photo examples of pavilions with barbecue

If you dream of a gazebo with barbecue, but, sorry not able to make its own hands, you can always turn to professional help, as well as in specialty stores, which provide a ready-made design elements(drawing, fireplaces, etc.). The advantage of building a BBQ in the gazebo with your own hands is to save considerable money, and knowing, this garden building was made with his own hands, that is always uplifting!
We wish you inspiration for independent construction of all elements of the garden and we urge you to read about, how to make summer kitchen their hands!

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