The decor of barrels in the country

Painted barrels for water

At each country site, you can see a few old water tanks, mostly drums. Data containers are used for watering plants, and as a reserve, if suddenly the water in the area will shut off.

Раскрашенные бочки на даче

Painted barrels on the country

Whatever kind of drums (basically it is a rusty tank) don't spoil the landscape design, they can beautifully decorate with paint.

Painted barrel can be installed anywhere: in the garden the lawn, between the beds of vegetables, in front garden, on the porch of the cottage, etc.

This idea has gained popularity due to the fact, that requires virtually no effort and money.

Now look at the technology of decoration of plastic and metal barrels in the country.

How to paint the barrels in the country?

First we need to find the right barrel. Prettiest look large 200-liter drums, because. they can make drawings of any complexity.

That would paint the barrel with your hands You will need:

  • Clean empty drums for water
  • Brush on metal and sandpaper
  • Water-repellent paint of various colors
  • The solvent
  • Brush
  • A simple pencil

Work with a plastic barrel is much easier, because. before painting it is only necessary to thoroughly wash and dry.

When making drums, you first need to completely remove all the rust. It is recommended to use a metal brush or sandpaper. Once all rust is removed, it is recommended to treat the surface of the barrels with a rag, soaked in alcohol. This event will help degrease the surface before painting.

After you prepare the barrel for painting, consider the figure. Here already all depends on your imagination. Most advantageous to look barrels, which depict the following drawings:

  • Fairy-tale characters
  • Animals
  • People (for example, a boy with a girl)
  • Flowers

Creating a sketch on paper, you need to move it to the barrel. For that first barrel to be painted in one color (fully). Then with a brush are a few of the contours of the figure, which further painted with a suitable paint.

That would be nice to paint the barrel and to engage in the work of the entire family it is recommended to paint the tank in one color, and wait until the paint is dry. Further, using paint and different colors, can be left on the barrel hand prints of each family member. This idea will make the barrel a creative and become a memory for the whole family.

Бочка с семейными отпечатками

Barrel with family fingerprints

After, as the barrel is completely dry, install it in a suitable place in the country and enjoy the updated landscaping.

I would like to mention, that barrel can be decorated with flowers. For this purpose inside container you need to pour the fertile soil and to plant suitable plants.

Раскрашенная бочка для воды с цветами

Colorized the water barrel with flowers

Another tip – the background of the picture on the barrels do different. For example, one barrel color red, and the second in green. The color contrast makes the song barrels more attractive.

Photos of painted barrels in the country

What would You clearly saw this idea for garden, we offer to your attention photo of the decorated barrels in the country:

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