Decoration ideas lawn at the cottage

Why decorate the lawn?

Nicely trimmed bright green lawn could be the main element of landscape design garden. Despite the fact, the turf has an attractive appearance, a few years after planting, empty green surface can bother you. That would without special expense to return the country to the mystique and kreativnosti it is recommended to decorate the lawn, using the most original ideas for decorating garden!

Украшение газона на даче

The decoration of the lawn at the cottage

Additional decoration of the lawn does not require a lot of time and money, besides harm the grass almost will bring no small modification of the site.

We will now consider the most original ideas for the design of the lawn!

Ways of decorating a lawn

Today popular are the following ways of decorating a lawn with their hands:

  • The use of painted drums

  • The decoration of the lawn bright with trees and shrubs

  • The use of hanging baskets on the branches of trees

  • Decoration lawn with flowerbeds and mixborders

  • The use of small architectural forms and garden sculptures

What would you have presented the advantages of each method, let us consider briefly their nature and photo examples.

Painted barrels

The painted barrels have appeared in landscape design recently and in a short time span has won sympathy among truckers. All you need, is to find some metal 200-litre drums, paint them according to taste and set on the lawn.

To your attention a photo of the painted barrels:

Bright trees and bushes

Second idea to decorate lawn planting around the perimeter of brightly flowering trees and shrubs. Choose plants, with Golden, crimson, purple and red color. Along with the trees well even plant low-growing flowers, having a contrasting shade.

Among the most beautiful trees, which will be combined with lawn grass, allocate Lahovnik, sea buckthorn and silver willow. Next to the trees will be beautifully combined with blue forget-me-nots.

Photos of trees and shrubs on the lawn:

Hanging baskets with flowers

Another very creative idea for decoration of the lawn is, what is the center of the green grounds, to plant a tree. When the tree gets older, it should be decorated with hanging baskets with flowers, just hanging plants on the branches. This idea looks very good, that's just will have to wait a few years.

Flowerbeds and mixborders

As in the first case of trees, the contour of the lawn decorating, bright beds and mixborders. What the data looks like the flower beds you can see, clicking on the appropriate links.

Pictures of flowerbeds and mixborders on the lawn:

Small architectural forms

Well, the last idea for decorating lawn grass — accommodation throughout the area small architectural forms. In Europe, garden gnomes have long been a traditional decoration lawn. These sculptures are not difficult to do with their hands, besides, there are a wide range of finished products.

To your attention photos of small architectural forms on the lawn:

That actually is the idea, that can make your lawn more attractive!

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