How to handle a chainsaw? Some important tips for caring and working with the tool.

Another important tool, which is necessary for the owner of a private house either., is chainsaw. This device is one of the most traumatic among all the equipment for garden. The reason of many troubles – not the desire of owners of learning of the user, as well as overconfidence in their abilities.

Работа бензопилойChainsaw good the, that quickly and easily can be cut any tree. For a private home is a very good thing, because the process of extermination of rotten wood or the preparation of the bars for the bath with a hand saw – a long and laborious process. When choosing a chainsaw is not worth saving cash, cheap because the tool is not only a fragile thing, but also extremely unsafe, and in our case very seriously.

Classes modern chainsaws

Today, there are three main types of chainsaws, namely:

  • Common household device
  • Semi-professional chainsaws
  • Professional chainsaw

First class includes chainsaw, which are used for minor household chores. Although this class of chainsaws has a high capacity, so, what needs to be done at home, saw cope on "cheers". Household chainsaw to make firewood, to cut down a tree etc. It is not very expensive, economical and light weight.

Semi-professional chainsaws serve, basically, for felling of trees. In contrast to the domestic chainsaw, it is possible to carry out the same repair work. A significant disadvantage of the saw in, the time of work per day shall not exceed 8 hours, this, actually, it differs from professional saws.

Professional chainsaws are used for long term daily work (permitted while working with a saw from 10 to 16 hours), moreover, continuous operation can reach 8-9 hours.

Rules for the use of a chainsaw

Правила пользования бензопилой

Rules for the use of a chainsaw

Preparation for work

Before starting, you should fully test the chainsaw on the willingness. For a start, check the chain tension device is necessary to pull the chain over the top links (need, what would the shank out of the groove of the tyre by a few mm). The lower links should not SAG, if it occurs, pull the chain. After that, pull the chain, you need, that she stretched easily. In the case of strong tension – loosen a bit the chain. It is also necessary, that would handle the inertia brake is not touching the main arm. If the inertia brake will be shifted when switching on the chainsaw, happens landing clutch.

After checking the circuit device need to refuel the chainsaw. To install it on a horizontal surface and pour oil for chain lubrication and engine, and fuel. Fuel mixture, comprised of gasoline and oil adhesion, is considered ideal. As for the grease, it is necessary to use a special, for chainsaws, because. the components of this lubricant ensures the durability of the parts and the cutting element.

Now you can start the chainsaw. Triggering occurs when the engine is cold. The first step is to put the saw on a horizontal surface, the brake is off and ignition on. The front handle must be hold by hand, be on the back right leg. To start the saw pull the starter handle. Also disconnect the inertia brake and press the gas, in order that the engine is a little warmed. And finally, check, whatever oil was supplied to the circuit, if everything is in order can get to work!

Safety when working with the saw

Техника безопасности при работе с пилой

Safety when working with the saw

That would not get serious injury while cutting trees you need to know some basic rules of work with the chainsaw, namely:

  1. The saw must hold with both hands
  2. The thumb should be under the front handle of the saw
  3. It is forbidden to stand directly behind the chainsaw, a bit to the side from the saw – optimal place.
  4. The back should be straight
  5. Feet should be set as widely as possible
  6. You need to put a chainsaw on the brake in case of movement (it is the neglect of this rule leads to serious injuries).
  7. You should start to cut the end of the bus
  8. Take the money on a helmet, glasses and special clothes, which will protect you from cuts saws.

Useful tips about properly cutting the trees

The swath of trees

Do not proceed with felling trees alone – this is extremely dangerous. You must have at least one partner. To start, browse the tree for the presence of dry branches, that might fall on you. Next, inspect the area and verify, that fallen tree will not damage any standing beside the object and freely fall. Getting started, become the right of the tree, keep the chainsaw on the side (this will reduce the load on the hands and the spine). The process of felling a tree consists of podbela and principal signature. The signature is the floor angle 45 degrees to a depth of no more than a quarter of the barrel, next is the main signature. When the tree will fall, you must quickly withdraw the tool. There are many instructive videos on how, how to bring down a tree, do not be lazy to watch them before work.

Cut branches

If the tree felled, should be to the left of the trunk and get to the bottom branches. Cutting should toe the tires, as the top, and bottom canvases circuit. If the branch is thick and too big, divide the cutting process into several stages (you need to cut from the end of the branch to the trunk). Don't forget to consider the fact, the tree trunk can posunutie, roll, and this sometimes leads to injuries, therefore, to securely lock the tree before starting work.

Saw the trunk into several pieces

Распиливаем ствол на несколько частей

Saw the trunk into several pieces

After, as all the branches trimmed, start bucking barrel. Everything is simple, important to saw the trunk into smaller sections. If the chainsaw gets stuck, in no case do not try to pull. Switch off the engine and slightly bend the barrel.

Care chainsaw

After work get rid of dust and various debris on the circuit. Next, check the chain tension and the condition of the lubricant for the engine. Also be sure to check the condition of the air filter, if necessary, clean it or change. If the chainsaw is used quite often – don't forget to change wear parts such as chain, sprocket and tire.

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