How to choose the right shredder for garden?

In order, what would the garden area were always clean and fit for stay, he would need to be carefully monitored. Garden maintenance is a heavy daily work, so, that would slightly simplify the life of a gardener, were invented special equipment for garden. By this technique include verticutter, mayonnaise, viatores, chippery and many other devices. Talk about, how to choose the right garden shredder (chipper) for a country house.

Садовый измельчитель для домаDesign garden chipper includes engine, the cutting part, funnel for supplying raw material and output deflector. Garden shredder is used for the conversion of garbage, formed after work in the yard, into useful fertilizer – compost. Such waste can be grass, branches, stumps, wilted flowers, missing vegetables, fruits etc. The choice of chipper must be carried out with little knowledge about functions and features the purpose of these units.

The advantage of garden shredders

Разновидности садовых измельчителей

Varieties of garden shredders

Garden shredder has a lot of advantages, which, actually, pushing growers for the purchase of units. The main advantage, of course, it's a relief care of the territory with a considerable saving of time. So do not forget about that, as far as ruining the environment in the autumn and spring fires, with the help of which we used to clean up the garbage. The benefits of compost, created as a result of operation of the chopper, you can create a whole article, because. his influence on the productivity of the garden is enormous. The same advantages of the chipper is:

  • Compact size
  • Easy transportation of the unit
  • It is highly durable grinding system (hardened knives)
  • Affordable price

What type of engine is better: petrol or electric?

One of the perennial problems when buying a shredder is the right choice of engine type from Assembly. And then the execution is for its own good.

As for chiperov with electric motor, they are considered more easy to handle. Such devices regardless of, how much fuel is left in the tank. Their advantages compared to petrol shredders is as follows:

  • More silent
  • Have less weight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Start from the push of a button
  • Much cheaper

The disadvantage of electric shredders is the low power of the engine, which technique is not capable of processing large diameter branches, and the fact, that chopper cannot be used on a far distance from the outlet (because. cable length is limited).

The petrol engine is more powerful, and hence the performance of these grinders in the order above. Although he is not "tied" to the socket, but has the huge drawback of harmful exhaust gas, outgoing to the atmosphere. A variety of petrol engines includes two-stroke and four-stroke performance. Two-stroke engines can be seen in most models. Four-stroke engines is much rarer, but their huge advantage – they are almost silent, have clean exhaust and much easier to operate. Also the disadvantages of the gasoline engine include the high cash costs, expressed in the price of the unit, and in that, you always have to buy fuel and lubricants for the device. A nice feature you can block all the disadvantages of a unit – thickness of the processed branches can reach 9 cm in diameter.

Criteria for the selection of a suitable chipper for a suburban area

Как правильно выбрать подходящий измельчитель?

How to choose the right shredder?

By appointment

First of all, to properly assess, how much work will carry the chopper and, actually, the scale of your garden. Wrong choice of unit could harm not only the thickness of your wallet, but most country site. For example, if you can save money and buy cheap equipment, the entire scope of work will not be performed and a lot of garbage is simply not able to process, then why to spend money? Or such case: you bought a powerful shredder for your little garden with young trees. This chipper will not work at full capacity using all functions, and money, you have spent, you can buy 2-3 matching device. It is therefore recommended to choose a small electric shredders for small gardens and powerful petrol units for large suburban areas.

Upload product

Сортность исходящего материала

The quality of the outgoing material

Various models of chiperov able to process wood debris in different size materials (sawdust, the pieces of wood up to 3mm or small chips). Particle size is important for further use of the material, whether it will be compost, whether the means for mulching of soil. The size of the outgoing product is affected by the embodiment of the cutting garden shredder (cutter or knives), therefore, when choosing equipment, pay attention to this criterion, because. the design of the cutting portion of the chipper can not be changed in the process of operation.

For security

Безопасность при работе с измельчителем: работа в резиновых перчатках

Safety when working with the grinder: work in rubber gloves

Since this criterion is one of the most important when choosing equipment for garden, you should carefully examine existing security measures, used tipperah. First turn your attention to the method of loading material. Sometimes not very convenient to load branches sticking out at the mouth of the chipper, moreover, it is not safe, therefore, device manufacturers are often complementary models with a special blade – pusher. Also a very handy feature, which equip most models, is automatic feeding of garbage (the unit alone draws branches, with the exception of the long and winding, which should slightly improve). It is highly recommended to adhere to such security measures, as work in rubber gloves and protective eye masks. It doesn't matter, whether you work with a powerful chopper, with a weak, injuries when working with equipment, there is always! And finally, specialists in garden equipment, recommends buying shredders with built-in lock function of motor and reversible speed. In order to emphasize the importance of this feature will bring a vivid example of life. Sometimes, the negligence of the gardener, at the mouth of the chipper can get extremely strong branches (too thick), in this case, the engine can not cope with the processing of material and jams. It happens, because activated lock function, which protects the mechanism from overload and overheating. To resume operation of the unit, it is necessary to remove the cause of the braking – thick branch. You can do this in several ways:

  • To give to the service center for maintenance of equipment
  • To turn off the unit and his own to get a obstacle. This option is safe, if there is a corresponding locking system, which lock the motor in the tilted casing (even if the current comes on after you turn off the chopper). After, as you get preventing material, it is recommended to enable reverse system, which will include the reverse of knives and return all garbage, which is not processed.

That's why, you should choose a shredder with these functions, because safety is paramount, and the price is not too much different from a simple device.


The noise level greatly affects the comfort of work with the grinder. As mentioned earlier, technique, which has a petrol engine, works much louder. Of course, there is no completely silent shredders, but all the same manufacturers equipment, try as much as possible to mute the unit.

The size of the wheels

There are a lot of shredders, which have small narrow wheels. This way of implementation is not very convenient and creates a lot of problems during the transportation of the unit through the loosened soil. All because small wheels are able to slip on a soft soil. Therefore, it is recommended to choose shredders whose wheels are wider, because. the movement of machinery will be less tedious and faster.

And finally, recall that, virtually any technique for garden has a simple design, therefore, with a great desire and having small technical knowledge, you can create chopper with their hands. We wish you a lot of original ideas, which will make working in your garden more comfortable and easy! Also recommended reading articles about, how to create caution: and cultivator for garden with your own hands!

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