How to sharpen a chain for a chainsaw at home?

The chainsaw is a very important element of garden equipment and, therefore, its presence in the suburban area it is imperative. The efficiency of chainsaw is determined by many factors, among them one of the most important is the degree of sharpening of the chain.

Заточка цепи своими рукамиTo sharpen chain is highly recommended with the help of professional services, because. they do it right and on the special equipment. Most of the loggers have learned to sharpen a chainsaw chain, moreover, the activity was not effective and complicated. The frequency of such events, professional loggers are turning to the sharpening circuit to 3-4 times a day. The gardener, who rarely uses a saw, need are much less likely to do it. Move closer to the business and consider, how to sharpen a chainsaw chain and what you need to do in order, what would she less likely to socilise.

How to understand, what the chain is doing well?

First of all, frequency for grinding cutting chains depends on the intensity of use of the device. To understand, it's time to sharpen the chain, can paying attention to the form created by wood chips. If sawdust is the same square shape, and the chip is approximately uniform, it's okay. Worn chain forms wood dust and sawdust in the form of needles (like sawdust, which are created when working with a hand saw). To understand, saw that stupid, you can speed sawing, which is noticeably reduced.

What tools are needed for self-sharpening saw chain?

Инструменты необходимые для самостоятельной заточки пильной цепи

The tools necessary for self-sharpening saw chain

In order, what would personally to sharpen a chainsaw chain, first of all, the required file, having a cylindrical shape, which corresponds to the desired diameter and flat file. Not to do without special combo pattern, suitable for the selected saws. Teskey are not a necessary tool, yet their presence is so much easier to work, because. hands free.

Sharpening cutting teeth

Режущие зубья цепи

The cutting teeth of the chain

The first thing you need to sharpen the cutting teeth of a chainsaw. This template is used for sharpening, which is applied to the circuit. A very important point is the fact, it is necessary to correctly apply the template of the arrow should indicate the direction of movement of the chain. Sharpening the saw chain should be carried out at an angle to the bus with a small press on the front part. As for the sharpening angle, it may be different, depending on the chain pitch. Movement while working with a file in it needs to be light and measured, on each tooth of the chain you need to use the same amount of such movements. It should be noted, what sharpening technology involves the alternation in the handling of sides of the teeth (one tooth is sharpened on the left side, the other on the right). Experts recommend the use of cutting through them much easier to sharpen one part of the teeth (every second with one hand), and then similarly, the second.

It should also be note, that each link in the chain is the so – called small plane, whose effective work depends on the difference in height of the cutting tooth and the tooth-limiter. This difference determines the depth, at which a tooth cuts into the wood. The optimal value of the difference is from 0,5 to 0,8 mm.

Grinds the tooth-limiter

That would whittle down the tooth-limiter, you need, again, to impose a template and using a flat file to level the tooth-limiter with the template level. It should be noted, that template has two main provisions:

  • S (Soft) –used to working with soft wood
  • H (Hard) respectively for hard wood

Do not neglect the use of a special template. Without his help, there is a huge chance too low to cut a tooth-limiter, resulting in chainsaws will have such negative consequences, as: an increase in the volume of waste, big returns, vibration and deterioration of the cutting accuracy.

Sharpening the saw chain step by step

Заточка пильной цепи

Sharpening the saw chain

To sharpen the chainsaw chain you need with an exposure the same length, focusing on the length of the tooth.

The first step is to measure the length of the "hood" blunt prongs. In any case it is not necessary to change the angle between the side and the blade "hood". If the "visor" is slightly inclined downward, the angle should be strictly 90 degrees. If you do not adhere to all of these nuances, the effectiveness of the sharpening will be much less.

During sharpening of teeth, will inevitably expand their internal openings, watch carefully, whatever the merits of these holes were in a horizontal position. As for the width of the hole, it does not affect the performance of the chainsaw.

Each tooth has a depth gauge. This device regulates the depth of, which includes saw teeth at the impact with a wooden canvas. The distance between the "hood" of the prong and the tip of the limiter must be within 0,5-1,2 mm.

Based on all of this, it should be emphasized the fact, a machine for sharpening chains is much better to cope with such work. It can in one turn to remove uniformly the same thickness limiter and prong. As for the corner holes of the depth limiter, you need to correct it after three or four polishing machine, otherwise the chainsaw will "stumble" at work, leaving unnecessary nicks and gaps.

Станок для заточки цепей

The machine tool for sharpening of chains

For your information I would like to draw attention to the fact, what bar length of the chainsaw defines a cutting depth. Accordingly, the shorter the tire, the thinner the wood under the force of her propylite. It is not necessary to modify the length of the bus, because. weak power chainsaw will not be able rationally to function in tandem with a long bus. As a result, will increase the rate of wear of the headset, and fuel consumption, which can lead to failure of the whole unit.

Video lesson on proper sharpening chains for chainsaws

Useful tips on saving the saw chain from frequent sharpening

  • What would the saw chain longer, you must follow some tips, namely:
  • Do not use a new chain with the old drive together with an asterisk, and Vice versa, a new sprocket with an old chain. The asterisk should be replaced, when worn down 2 the saw chain.
  • Do run a new circuit, when first time install it. This should be done this way: start the engine of chainsaw, and within minutes, run the chain at low speed. This time is sufficient for, that would be oil lubricated every detail, and the sprocket and the chain warmed up a little and got used to each other.
  • Always follow the chain tension. If you ignore this advice, you can get a very serious injury in an inclined position of the saw during operation (because. the chain in this position can slide off bus).
  • Be careful, what would the chain was constantly sharpened, because stupid chain leads to an increase in load per motor unit, bringing a chainsaw..
  • Don't forget about the cutting depth limiter. He always needs to be adjusted. It is recommended to adjust the limiter through each 3-4 sharpening chain.
  • Avoid, what would the chain was not oiled. Provide continuous oil flow to the region of the chain, sprocket and guide bar. If the chainsaw will run without lubrication, it will suffice for a while, especially when lack of oil is a great option skid chain, resulting in serious injuries.

So I advise you to read an article about, how to use the chainsaw!

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