How to select battens for the bath – overview of lumber for finish the steam room

A traditional Russian bath is famous for its wooden finish inside, and outside. If the room is made of log, outside need not further finished with facing material. As for the interior walls, it is often in the bath undertake additional hydro-, heat- and vapor barrier, you want to hide from the eyes of the visitors of the baths. It is to this end and apply lining, which not only cover all the flaws and patches in the construction of baths, but also to enrich the oxygen in the room medicinal woody fragrance!
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The advantages of lining for plating baths

Лучшая вагонка для бани - без сучка и трещинки

The best lining for the bath without cracks

The lining is a profiled edged Board, having grooves for quick attachment material between a. The advantage of lining is, what is the material environmentally friendly, durable, has medicinal properties and can be easily attached to pre-prepared crate.

To date, building markets offer many kinds of lining, different variety of wood, quality and profile view. Next, we take a closer look at the tips for choosing the best siding for a bath.

How to select battens for the bath

Video lesson of choosing siding for a bath

The grade of wood

Отделка бани вагонкой

Finishing bath clapboard

It should be noted, that wood paneling should not be too tight. The denser the material, the faster it will heat up, and this can lead to burns if you stay in the steam room.

Battens for finishing baths often made from the following woods (immediately consider the advantages of each type):

  • Linden. Healing properties of lime-trees knew our ancestors. Fake paneling provides a pleasant therapeutic aroma, decorate the interior of the baths its bright hue and almost never hurts. Besides, price lime lining is not too big, it can get every cottager.
  • Aspen. This variety of wood is the cheapest material for lining. Because of this, the lining will most often be exposed to diseases and may darken. Despite that aspen is almost does not emit resins when heated and decorates the bath white-yellow.
  • Alder. Molded alder has a rather high price, in comparison with other varieties of wood, that is due to the high durability of the material, medicinal properties (normalizes blood circulation) and nice light tone.
  • Cedar. We can not say about cedar siding. Connoisseurs of real Russian baths used cedar siding, because. material when heated emit a relaxing essential oil. In addition, cedar is known for its durability and high resistance to diseases. Cedar has the highest price, therefore, to enjoy all the advantages of the material, not everyone can.
  • Larch. Its popularity larch is second only to Lipe. The lining of larch is widely used by bathhouse, because. the material of high strength, has low conductivity and is not damaged by fungal diseases. Also larch is famous for its pleasant light colour.
  • Pine. Pine lining to be able to budget option. Pines lining cheaper, than of larch almost 4 times. Of the benefits of pine lining secrete its pleasant aroma. The disadvantage of this material is the separation of resin when heated, therefore, the steam room in the bath to decorate pine paneling cannot, because. this will lead to burns at the first rest.
  • Spruce. Spruce pine paneling has a similar option advantages and disadvantages.

Among the above varieties, the best lining for a bath is considered a fake wall paneling, cedar and larch!

Class lining

Once you decide on wood type, go to the more simple, but not least choice – grade lining. Today, there are four main classes of lining: "Extra, "A", "B" and "C". The most expensive and prestigious class – "Extra", accordingly, defective lining belongs to the class "C".

Lining for plating baths class "Extra" has no defects. The material is completely homogeneous, color throughout the entire length of the Board is not changed. "Extra" class siding has the highest cost, therefore, not every cottager can afford such luxury.

The molded class "A" also is an expensive material, but it is most often used vacationers. This is due to the fact, what Board for covering has no significant defects, but at the same time, the material price is more reasonable. The molded class "A" may be a small number of knots (not more than one in 1,5 meter length of the Board).

The molded class "b" has poor quality, but still it is used to coat baths. The class suggests, that Board can have significant defects, which is expressed not only knots, but a slight difference in the color of the Board along the entire length.

The lining of class "C", as you know, has the worst of decorative and strength properties. Experts do not recommend using battens of class "C" for finishing baths, because. in this case, neither of which the decoration may not be out of the question.

Please note that, what bitches heat up faster and stay heated longer. Therefore, when the covering of walls it is recommended to use battens with a smaller number of knots, burns otherwise you can not avoid!

View profile

Существующие виды профиля вагонки для бани

Existing profile lining for the bath

The most popular profiles are as follows:

  • Lining
  • Soft online
  • Tongue and groove along the length of the
  • The tongue-and-groove and chamfer length
  • Calm

The difference of the types between them is the shape of the profile and quality of lumber. Please note that, the lining should have a deep solid grooves and special grooves for condensate drain.

The best lining for the bath is a lining, because. it includes good quality material, and a relatively reasonable price.

Cost of lining for a bath

Цены на вагонку

Prices on siding

The price of battens for finishing baths can globally vary depending on the class and type of wood.

The cheapest option is pine paneling class "C", price is 120 rubles per m2. The same grade of wood class "b" will cost 190 rubles/ m2, a class "A" slightly more than two hundred rubles per m2. Extra class lime lining may be as much as 600-900 rubles per m2(depending on profile view).

Lining of of needles are more expensive, but the price of lumber moderate:

  • Class "C" from 165 rubles/ m2
  • The class "b" from 195 rubles/ m2
  • Class "A" from 240 rubles/ m2

Prices for larch start from 600 rubles per m2 (the class "b") and reach marks 1300 rubles per m2 ("Extra" class).

Oak siding has a price of about 1500 rubles per m2, and the lining of Abasha is about 1100 rubles/ m2.

That's all, I would like to tell you about that, how to choose the right siding for plating baths! Know, what finish bath paneling is so time consuming material, as the choice of the material itself, therefore, everything must be treated with the utmost care!

Video lesson of choosing siding for a bath
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