The most popular types of borders for garden paths: description + photo

For that would garden path, hand made, finalise and could blend in with the other elements of landscape design, you need to put on its borders border. Today, there are many variants of a curb for garden paths, therefore, it is not difficult to go to the hardware store and choose the appropriate setting for track. Now we bring you the most popular types of borders, which can fit in nearly any garden style.

Classification of borders for garden paths

Бордюр для садовой дорожки

A curb for garden paths

Besides the decorative function, the curb has such important advantages, as:

  • Prevents the spread of paved paths on the sides
  • Protects garden path from germinating in her grass, which borders on both sides
  • Prevents water runoff and eroded soil a garden path during rain or watering of the lawn
  • Based on the above advantages, prolongs the life of the garden path

So, next will be presented the curbs, from the most cheap and easy to use, to complex and more unique.

Plastic border

Plastic border is the most simple and cheap decoration for garden paths. Despite this, its main function plastic border performs well, the track is not spreading and has strict contours. The advantage of a plastic border is that, it is inconspicuous and is suitable for gardens of any style.

Among the main advantages of plastic curb should be allocated:

  • High durability plastic
  • Ease of installation/removal of curb
  • Features high strength
  • Resistant to minor mechanical stress
  • Using the plastic curb can be done the meandering garden paths

It should also be note, that plastic border does not require soil preparation (digging trenches, the creation of a drainage cushion, etc.). That would fix the border on the soil, you must use special anchor pins, provided that the design of the product.

If we talk about the disadvantages of plastic border, include the fact, the product is environmentally friendly, and, that plastic border not only enhances the beauty of the garden paths and increases its decorative, it only creates inconspicuous framing.

Metal border

Metal border, as well as plastic, is inconspicuous framing the garden path. On this basis the advantages and disadvantages of metal border similar plastic.

Металлический бордюр

Metal border

It should be noted, the design of the metal border is a little different and is a ribbon of steel, aluminum or copper, which deepened into the ground along the contour of the garden paths and protect the path from the germination of weeds and lawn grasses.

Вид неприметного металлического бордюра

Kind of nondescript metal border

Bury tape should at least 10 cm in the soil, what would the top was no more than 2 cm nondescript metal border.

Wooden curb

Starting curb for garden paths, then go more complex and creative framing, which not only protect the carpet from raveling, but also improve its decorative appearance.

Деревянный бордюр

Wooden curb

Wood border can be represented by anything: planed longitudinally extending bars, hammered the pegs of one diameter, and even normal Board, laid along the track.

Простой деревянный бордюр из досок

Simple wood border boards

Creating a wooden curb is necessary to include imagination and to create more creative ideas, moreover, the wood is easily processed material for landscape design, as well as firing, painting etc.

It should be noted, the wooden border has a significant drawback – its longevity does not exceed 10 years, and then, if the wood handle antiseptic, and to use a special waterproofing layer.

Wooden curb will fit perfectly into a country and a landscape garden style, the more, if the composition additionally decorate wooden accessories: garden figurines, well, pergola etc.

Another advantage of wooden curb is, in the specialized building shops there are many original wooden curbs, which have a small price.

Please note that, that wooden curb requires a non-labor intensive soil preparation: removing a layer of sod, the creation of drainage pillow and laying of waterproofing.

Brick border

A brick curb is considered the most popular and traditional setting for a garden path. View of a brick curb markedly accentuate the contours of the garden paths and give them a more sophisticated look.

Способы мощения кирпичного бордюра

Ways paving brick border

What would a border of brick lasts as long as possible, you must choose a facing brick, which has a good toughness, frost and waterproof.

Bricks, as a rule, stacked at an angle along the contour of the garden path. In addition, the brick framing is used to create flower beds, borders of ponds, etc.

Border from a natural stone

This border requires a higher cash cost, because. natural stone is a material not cheap. A border of natural stone effectively highlights the borders of the garden paths and acts as an element of landscape design of adjoining territory.

Бордюр из природного камня

Border from a natural stone

Border from a natural stone spread, using granite, marble, coquina, Sandstone, limestone, and decorative gravel and pebbles

Most successfully to combine this border with garden walkway paving stone, paving and artificial (or even natural) stone.

Border from a natural stone demands a thorough preparatory work. In addition to the basic work: digging, the creation of drainage layer, rammer, etc., need to be laid in a trench the special mulching material, which will protect the curb from the grass.

What would the curb of stone was a harmonious appearance, you need to select stones of the same size and lay them close to each other. If for any reason a gap between the stones, it, as a rule, covered with stones smaller fractions.

Green border

The green border represents the plants, planted along the contour of the garden path.

It should be noted, this kind of border requires not so much money, time for the daily care of plants. The process of creating the green border is very time-consuming, and the result can be seen immediately (the plants will gradually acquire the desired look).

Despite this, a decorative green border can not be compared not with any other kind of framing the garden path, and the green border will suit any garden style, the main thing is to choose plants.

As for plants for the green border, they must be stunted, suitable for the climate of a country site, not too demanding to care for and have nice color.

The width and height of the green border needs to be no more than 30 cm, if you want to make a higher border of plants, it will be called hedge, the height of which can reach up to 2,5 meters.

The most popular plants for the green border are the horizontal cotoneaster, and boxwood.

A green border combined with any kind of garden paths.

As you can see, today, there are many types of curb for garden paths, they have different price, purpose and form, therefore, if so desired, you can decorate your garden path any absolute border to your taste!

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