Advantages and application of prefabricated structures in suburban areas

The construction of capital structures requires high material costs, free time and expertise. What about those, who have no time, no possibility for that, that would make building a garden in a matter of days? There is a solution and it is used for thousands of years, just people with time and scientific progress have forgotten about it. So, the output for the busy summer resident – prefabricated, which harmoniously can complement the overall landscape design of the garden, this will make it more functional.

Modular designs for a suburban area: the essence, advantages, conditions of use

Сборные конструкции жилых домов

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated structures are used for a long time, recall, ordinary tents, or even huts – they consist of a sturdy frame, covered matter.

If further rewinding time, you can remember, in the time of the Soviet Union, namely, in 50 years, was actively involved in the construction of prefabricated high-rise. They were built for a few days and could be used as a place of habitation a week after the start of construction.

Сборная конструкция многоэтажки

Team design of high-rise buildings

To date, manufacturers of garden buildings and small architectural forms for country site back to the ideas of the past and began to actively use prefabricated structures for their products. Of course, prefabricated garden buildings have become popular again, because. we have the following important advantages:

  1. Low cost prefabricated structures. This advantage is due to the fact, that prefabricated structures are manufactured by a large flow in the factories, which use cheap wood, metal etc. Despite this, prefabricated garden structures have a long service life and high tensile strength.
  2. Ease of Assembly structures. Again, go back to, that all of the elements of the Assembly are manufactured in mass production, where he immediately cut mounts, the material is handled antiseptic means and ennobled various "highlights". Therefore, all, what you need after purchase of the design team, is to mount it on the right place, the more that the producers always put the product step by step instructions for construction.
  3. Easy disassembly design. Everything is clear, if the design is quickly assembled, in disassembly of the difficulties should not be, unless of course you are left capped metal construction for the winter in the yard, where she had a little paravet, thus, the fastening elements on privatesales to each other.
  4. Compact. Another important advantage of modular designs is, that they can be disassembled to lay anywhere: in hozbloke, summer kitchen or even in the attic, because. they will occupy very little space.
  5. When buying prefabricated structures do not require additional material costs for the work of special equipment or specialists. Technology mounting/Dismounting is quite easy and quick. Also to this advantage is the fact, what prefabricated structures do not require additional costs for the purchase of paints, varnishes, mounts, etc., all these details is provided by the manufacturer, this means that the thickness of the wallet after the purchase will not change!

As you can see, the advantages of modular designs for a suburban area quite a lot, so still it makes sense to buy them, if you can't pay attention to the construction of major buildings.

Among the disadvantages of prefabricated structures allocate:

  • Durability is relatively small in comparison with buildings
  • Strength and stability at the level of time or not frequently used buildings.
  • Aesthetic prefabricated structures can not be compared with buildings of wood, brick or stone.

Based on this, it should be noted, that modular designs may be suitable for the following garden buildings:

As prefabricated structures used for construction of cottages and houses, but in this case used so-called sandwich panels, that allow you to build a sturdy and warm shelter for a very short time.

Another area of application of modular designs, this is a geodesic dome, are built in the form of a hemisphere, serving to create houses, hangars etc.

Геодезический купол

Geodesic dome

In addition, prefabricated structures began to actively apply for the construction of swimming pools in suburban areas. This option has become very useful, because. the creation of capital pool requires not only a lot of money and labor, but also thorough care for the pool.

Newer prefabricated structures – some. Information on them is still not very much, but it is safe to say, that soon they will be one of the top types of prefabricated structures. Some used in the construction of domes of churches, and also to decorate city parks and alleys. Based on this, we can safely say, in landscape design of a garden site the use of zoom will be very reasonable and unique.

In the end you can add, now the production of quality prefabricated structures took many popular building brands, this means, soon you will see more durable and long-lasting design for suburban area, who is likely to replace the capital buildings.

We also recommend not to hurry with the construction of residential buildings of prefabricated and use a more traditional method, but with modern materials – concrete blocks with a shell siding etc. If you are still interested in prefabricated structures, then at least the first that make, using them is a gazebo or a greenhouse and if the result is over time you will appreciate, move on to something more serious!

Wish you more creative ideas in the creation of garden buildings with their hands!

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