Examples of arrangement of the garden with small architectural forms from wood, metal and concrete

Small architectural forms are one of the main, the essential elements of landscape garden design. It is impossible to imagine a garden without a gazebo, benches and children's Playground, what to speak of the garden figures and fountains. Purchase small architectural forms (in the future, the IAF) are not very cheap and not always able to fit perfectly in your garden plot, therefore, the creation of small architectural forms with their hands is very popular and interesting type of work. To date, the LFA is made from most diverse materials: wood, metal, concrete, plastic, clay. So now we will provide you with a list of MAF, you can make of different materials with their hands.
Малые архитектурные формы в саду

Small architectural forms in the garden

Small architectural forms from wood

Wood is the most popular material for the creation of small architectural forms. The advantage of wood as building material in the following:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • The cheapness of the material
  • Nice appearance
  • Wooden MAF fit almost any garden style
  • Wood work is not very challenging and requires minimum knowledge and skills, you can study on the Internet
  • If the wood in advance to handle protective antiseptics, it will have a long service life (to 15 years)
  • Easy care

And that's not all the advantages of wood, that is why small architectural forms made of wood, the largest amount relative to other materials.

The most popular MAF from wood are considered to be:

  • IAF to create recreation areas (gazebo, swing, terrace, patio)
  • Garden furniture (almost all)
  • Structures for climbing plants (arch, pergola, trellis)
  • Wooden garden figurines
  • Houses for birds and animals (doghouse, birdhouse, house for squirrels, feeder)

And it's not the whole list of small architectural forms from wood. If you are interested in building the LFA with their hands, just follow the links and study the detailed instruction, we provide.

It should be noted, what is the most appropriate garden styles, which can be supplemented by small architectural forms made of wood this country, infinity, colonial, English and in rare cases, modern.

Small architectural forms from concrete

Small architectural forms of concrete are more luxurious and interesting, than wooden MAF.

The advantage of small architectural forms made of concrete is as follows:

  • The highest durability (we see, as our time is well preserved, the LFA of the middle ages and even older)
  • Luxurious appearance, which makes the garden vintage, more elegant and unique
  • Lack of care of concrete

Do, The LFA in concrete are very beautiful, most gardeners dream to equip their suburban area, but prevents them from following disadvantages of concrete products:

  • A huge weight
  • The high price
  • Almost all products of a more ancient way, so many styles are not suitable LFA
  • With his hands to make a beautiful product very difficult

Popular among the summer residents enjoy the following architectural forms of concrete:

  • Birdbaths
  • Vases for flowers
  • Fountains, grottoes, arch, urns
  • All garden sculpture
  • Bridges
  • Garden benches

We have already repeatedly provided you with instructions for creating small architectural forms from concrete, why dwell on the details, not worth it, better to just provide you with photo examples:

Small architectural forms from metal

Small architectural forms occupy a middle ground in popularity between concrete and wood.

The advantage of metal, also pretty average: the price is reasonable, the weight of the structures is also, the appearance is quite attractive (especially if you use forged metal), the durability of the material exceed 20 years (if the product is to follow: to treat corrosion and paint it). Therefore, the choice of small architectural forms for gardens, made of metal is fairly reasonable and a good option.

Most popular small architectural forms from metal are:

  • Facilities for recreation (gazebo, canopy, bench, swing, rocking chair)
  • Garden sculpture (many gardeners equip the cottage wrought-iron figures)
  • Urns, pergola, arch, bridges etc.

The creation of small architectural forms from metal with your hands is not a difficult process, the main thing: have a welder and know how to use it, and then everything depends on your imagination.

Bring to your attention the photo examples of the most popular MAF metal:

Small architectural forms from other building materials

Materials such as plastic, glass and stone, are not too popular because of its individual flaws, although they still can be a good idea to decorate the garden.

For example, plastic garden figures are sometimes adorn the suburban area is much brighter, than wood and concrete. The more that do the MAF from a plastic bottle or other improvised means will not represent special complexity.

Stone LFA is also often used for garden decor, a Japanese garden and Alpine garden to a greater extent consist of ordinary stones, different shape and size, what makes the garden unique and different.

Often in a garden style high-tech, you can see a neat glass figurines, which complement the unusual design of the site. The drawback of glass is brittleness and the high cost of the material.

On the establishment of small architectural forms of glass can do and not think, because. it is a complex technology.

As you can see, hardscape can be made of anything and while their will elegantly complement a garden plot. Don't be afraid to do the MAF with your hands, because. this not only brings pleasure, but also enhance your skills for working with wood, metal or something else!

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