Common pests and diseases of lawn at their summer cottage: methods of treating lawn

Great harm the lawn grass cause of disease, so animals and even plants. Damage not only degrade the attractiveness of turf grass, but also contribute to the decay and extinction of an entire decorative area. Now we will talk about the actions to treat the lawn, ways of eliminating all pests from areas of lawn, well, and also consider measures to maintain grass in a healthy condition.

Pests of the lawn: how to fix them?

By far the most harmful for lawns are: moles, ants, earthworms, dogs, cats, birds and weeds. Let us consider, how do these pests affect lawn grass, and how it can be prevented.

Moles. Harm moles are obvious – they break through their tunnels to the earth's surface, creating slides on the lawn of the earth, that degrade the landscape design of the suburban area. For mole control, it is customary to use such measures, as installing in holes of krotonovoj, application of tar (its pungent smell deters the sensitive moles), as well as the installation of fans (create unpleasant mole strekozami sound).

Вред кротов для газона

Mole damage to lawn

Ants. These insects also are pests of lawn, because. create their nests on the decorated lawn grass area. To control ants it is possible to use special chemicals, such as permethrin and pyrethrum.

Муравейники на газоне

Anthills on the lawn

Earthworms. Their harm lies in the fact, what worms crawl to the surface, thereby throwing a handful of earth from their norms. These groups often primatyvajutsja people and crush grass, then it loses its decorative appearance. To date, there are no drugs to combat earthworms. All you can do, it is formed to sweep away dirt with a broom. It is recommended to reduce the number of earthworms, removing the felt from the lawn, as well as increasing the pH level of the soil (for this you need to use peat).

Вред дождевых червей

Harm earthworms

Dogs and cats. Pets also damage the grass. Their urine burns the grass, with the result that the lawn is yellow and dry. To prevent urination cats and dogs on the lawn, you need to apply the special audible scarers, in a pinch, wash the grass clean water, if you see urine on the lawn.

Вред домашних животных газону

Harm Pets lawn

Birds harm lawn coverage, only if the grass is young. In this case, birds peck grains of mixtures of turf covering. To resolve this problem temporarily pull over the lawn grid, when the grass grows up it can be removed, because. adult lawn birds are not harmed.

Выклевывание молодого газона птицами

The young vyklevyvanija lawn birds

Weeds also are pests of lawn, from which the most difficult to get rid of. For weed control use of chemical means (herbicides) and manual method of removing weeds (weeding soil). At the inception of the turf surface, it is recommended to lay beneath the fertile soil layer of geotextile, which slows the growth of weeds.

Удаление сорняков вручную

Removal of weeds manually

Lawn disease and their treatment

Unlike pests of the lawn, which often worsen the appearance of the coating, lawn disease and even expose the plot of the extinction, so if you find one of the following problems, immediately proceed to its treatment.

Parts of the plant begin to turn yellow and wither away. It looks like a disease of the lawn, as the Fusarium (it is called snow mold) . To treat the lawn must be surface treated with special means of "Fungicide", you also need to produce aeration of the soil.

Фузариоз на газоне

Fusarium on the lawn

The appearance of red-pink branching fungal filaments on the lawn grass. It, no doubt, disease lawn, called "the Red thread" ("Laeti-saria fuciformis"). To treat the lawn often necessary to feed the lawn, and conduct the proper aeration of the soil. Another reason for the defeat of the pitch of the "red thread" can be a surplus of moisture, so create drainage on the site.

Газон, поврежденный "красной нитью"

Lawn, damaged “red thread”

On the lawn formed powdery mildew – white coating on the leaves of lawn grass, which further entails the drying of plants. That would cure the lawn, treat affected area with fungicide and fertilize the plants with fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium (in the autumn).

Газон, поврежденный "мучнистой росой"

Lawn, damaged “powdery mildew”

The lawn takes on a rusty hue. That would cure the disease of the lawn, necessary to carry out the mowing of the damaged grass, then treat the lawn with a fungicide, fertilize and water generously.

Lawn grass changes its color to light, straw. This defeat of lawn fungus "Sclemtinia homeocarpa". For the treatment of this disease you must monitor the aeration of the soil, time to clean the grass and treating the damaged area with a fungicide.

Газон, поврежденный грибком «Sclemtinia homeocarpa»

Lawn, fungus "Sclemtinia homeocarpa"

Lawn pales, the grass becomes more toncol, the growth of grass cover slowing down. This so-called starvation of the lawn, which occurs when the wrong choice of fertilizers.

How to maintain turf in a healthy condition?

What would grass less subject to various diseases, it is necessary to carry out such activities, as:

Quality soil aeration. If it disrupts the air exchange between the root system of turf grass and the environment, the lawn begins to rot, to rot etc. Use aeration, when the soil becomes too hard.

The correct feeding of plants. In the spring you need to make nitrogen fertilizer, in the autumn of phosphate and potash. If mixed, in the spring the lawn grass will grow more slowly, and in the winter the lawn will be weakly stable to freezing.

During the last grass cutting be careful, what would the height of the lawn for winter was not more 10 cm (but no less 6 cm), otherwise the lawn would be damaged by severe frosts.

At the onset of lawn diseases, immediately take measures for its treatment. This process cannot be run, otherwise in a few months the lawn completely die out.

Watering the lawn should be moderate. As a drawback, and excess water will entail lawn disease.

Time to remove the felt and the rest of the garden rubbish from the lawn, otherwise the grass will start to rot, because. impair breathability.

In any case do not walk on the lawn in the winter, it will hurt him.

That's all, what you should know about, how to maintain lawn in a healthy condition. If you implement the above steps, pests and lawn disease will pass you!

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