Garden in the style of hi-tech (hi-tech) comfort surrounded by modern technology

The youngest among all garden styles can be called the style "high-tech" (in English. hi-tech). Mistaken are those people, who think, this garden is crammed with only "smart thing", the modern technologies are taking their participation, but the dominant can not be named. Understand, what is included in this modern garden style as high-tech and how to build, weed the garden area.

Сад в стиле хай-текHi-tech (hi-tech) is a set of bold design solutions, which make the house and garden as comfortable and easy to clean. In this style need very busy people, because. to maintain all elements of the decor does not require the daily intervention of the owners. The material for the constituent elements of the garden also modern, namely: polycarbonate, composite materials, glass, metal, plastic etc. The uniqueness of the garden is carried out using a variety of interesting designs, the original forms of plants and method of placement of all décor elements.

Features garden style high-tech

Особенности сада в стиле хай-тек

Features garden decor in the style of hi-tech, photo example of landscape design.

Features of "modern" gardens are, he is expressive lines, bright functional lighting and small architectural forms unique appearance. All the décor elements must be of regular geometric shape and contrasting colours. Allowed and even encouraged the asymmetry of the overall composition, just so it blends seamlessly and create a logical overall picture. As for the background color – it should be soft, bed, but other components of the design should be bright and eye-catching (orange, blue, purple). The use of mirrors and glass with mood lighting creates optical illusions, which also required the garden in the style of hi-tech.

Photo example of pastel colors colors, for high-tech style, in landscape design.

Landscaping "modern" garden, hi-tech

Озеленение «современного» сада

Landscaping "modern" garden in the style of hi-tech.

The plant world, certainly, should fit into the overall picture of the garden plot. This use of ornamental plants with interesting form and color. The trees should be of unusual shape of the crown and leaves. Very impressive looks blue spruce, weeping birch, decorative Apple tree, the cypress, and the pyramidal fir.

As for the bushes, their shape can make a unique with the garden shears. If there is no desire to experiment, then fit perfectly into the design of red barberry, rhododendron, arborvitae and boxwood bushes.

Flower beds are created, mainly, from perennials, namely: delphinium, rodgersia, pestrolistye canvases, kleoma, artichoke, kosmeya, etc.

For vertical gardening use nasturtiums, parthenocissus, lemongrass, Actinidia, vegetable and ornamental beans and other plants.

Decorative, hi-tech garden lighting

Декоративное освещение сада

Decorative garden lighting

Due to the fact, what a garden we have a modern, it is logical to use and modern decorative lighting. A good option will be the solar-powered lights, led lamps and pole lanterns. You can also use facade lighting estates, which will elegantly emphasize your house compared to other buildings. If you have a place to roam money, do not take the material means to remote control of lighting, which is not only convenient, but safe.

The unusual layout of the garden plot in the style of hi-tech

Особенности планировки садового участка в стиле хай-тек

The unusual layout of the garden plot in the style of hi-tech (hi-tech)

Garden in the style of hi-tech should not be divided into sections with decorative elements. If you will be attending a division, it is only conditional. It is not excluded to use the layout of the garden based on the overall layout of the interior "modern" style. Garden paths should be straight, optionally, it is allowed to do them in the form of zigzag. The location of tracks – diagonal or on a circle, the material of the paving is predominantly concrete slabs. With regard to the overall plan of the composition, it can be not only symmetric/ asymmetric, but combined (they will need the help of a designer).

Small architectural forms of high-tech style

Малые архитектурные формы стиля хай-тек

The photo is an example of small architectural forms of high-tech style – spherical gazebo with window.

Very harmoniously will look in the "modern" garden abstract sculpture, flowers in containers clear geometric forms, street vases etc. Will not prevent such architectural forms, as balls, Cuba and the bars made of concrete, glass, ceramics. CDs, hanging on the branches of plants, will be a good assistant lighting. Fencing is best done from corrugated Board.

In any case, do not decorate a garden style high-tech garden figurines in the form of gnomes, frogs, Scarecrow, because. they are the elements of other garden styles, and only contradict the current song.

Reservoirs in high-tech style

Водоем для сада в стиле хай-тек

The photo is an example of a reservoir for a garden style high-tech, round shape. In the middle is an island.

As for different streams and reservoirs, they must be original forms and are framed in metal or concrete. Unusual design solution hi-tech, is the creation of "Islands" in the middle of the pond. Don't forget decorative lighting such elements of the composition, that they would please you with its beauty not only during the day, but at night. See our article create a fountain with lighting with their hands: types of highlights and ideas for lighting.

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