Create a landscape design project for a Villa plot area of 8 acres: manual + photo examples.

Country plot 8 acres is a relatively small territory, where are all the garden buildings and objects need to be placed compact and grouped. We now consider the design of the project and photo examples of the arrangement of a suburban area with an area of 8 acres, and also tell you, how to plan a suburban area.
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Disposition of the suburban area area 8 acres

Планировка дачного участка площадью 8 соток

Disposition of the suburban area area 8 acres

So, first, let's deal with all the necessary garden buildings and objects, which should be present at their summer cottage:

1. Buildings: residential house and hozblok. You can also add bath and garage under the car.

2. Recreation areas: the gazebo, children's Playground, 1 garden bench in the depths of suburban area

3. Garden area: small kitchen garden, berry bushes, several fruit trees.

5. The elements of decoration of the suburban area: garden figures, flowerbed, climbing plants, pergola in the garden

In addition to the buildings and objects in the garden, please note that, what suburban area small, therefore, to visually increase the space, it is recommended to use design techniques, namely:

1. Type of plan – diagonal. Help remove excessive straightforwardness, which immediately identifies the area of the garden.

2. Garden paths create a winding, so walk through the garden will be more durable

3. Set the elements the illusion: mirror, painted fake passes to additional territory etc.

4. Use the advice of specialists on an economical layout of the suburban area.

Design project of the suburban area in 8 acres

Present a design project, which shows how convenient and comfortable you can place all the garden items when available space 800 m2:

Video design project of the suburban area 8 acres

Another design project for a Villa plot area of 8 acres:

Планировка дачного участка 8 соток

Planning a suburban area 8 acres

As you can see, even on a small suburban plot, you can arrange all necessary for rest and decoration landscape design!

Photo examples landscape design of the plot 8 acres

To your attention examples of landscape design, the area of which is 8 acres:

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Video design project of the suburban area 8 acres
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