Create a flowerpot from the tire with your hands

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To buy the vase or make your own hands?

Today vases for flowers can be easily made with your own hands, and can be purchased in gardening stores. As the first, and the second option are very good.

Вазон из покрышки своими руками

Pot of the tires with their hands

Vases from the manufacturer are created of various materials: wood, clay, stone, plaster and even plastic. The advantage of such pots in their good quality, durability, the presence of a variety of colors and designer finishes. In other words pot ready you can choose for any garden style and to your liking. The lack of such products in the high price, which depends on many different factors (material, size, the country-manufacturer, etc.)

As for homemade vases for flowers, they, of course, the win, that have a low cost and sometimes can decorate garden decor much better, than store bought products.

Most often homemade vases made from concrete, gabions and tires. The last option allows you to immediately "kill two birds with one stone": to give a second life to unnecessary tyre and give the landscape design of the plot more creative look.

There is also this option, as the purchase of conventional lawn (for example, clay) and its further decoration with your own hands (beaded, natural stone, waterproof paints and t. D.)

We will now consider, how to make a pot of tires with their hands.

Create a flowerpot from the tires

The necessary materials and tools

In order, that would make a pot of tires You will need the following materials:

  • Car tire

  • Sand

  • Cement

  • Primer

  • Paint

  • Soap solution

  • Small pebbles (pebble or crushed stone)

  • Plaster mesh or wire

Of the tools you will need:

  • Jigsaw

  • A sharp knife

  • Sander

  • Trowel

  • The brush to paint the finished pot

  • Capacity for mixing concrete and mortar

  • Brush (preferably with hard bristles)

The basic process

So, first, You need to cut one of the side parts of the tire (the second must be a). It is recommended to cut the sidewall is not strictly along the contour, and creating a decorative edging, that will make the vase for the flowers more than the original. Before starting work it is recommended to draw a line, at which you will cut, then moisten the blade of a knife with a soap solution (so it will be easier to cut).

Разметка и резание покрышки

Marking and cutting the tires

It should be noted, if you want to make complex curved clipping the pot, it is best to use an electric jigsaw. As in with a knife, it is recommended to facilitate the cutting process with a soapy solution.

After, as the sidewall will be cut off, the tire must be turned inside out. In this case, again, it is possible to facilitate the work, cut a little metal cord with the help of grinding machine.

Вывернутая покрышка для вазона

Inverted lid for pot

Please note that, the eversion of the tyre will require the efforts, therefore, it is best to start from one edge and gradually move to another.

When the tire is turned, you must cut the edge to bring to the ideal state. To do this, use grinding machine.

Next, go to the foot of the pot. Ideally a leg for a pot of tires must be rim. All you need, to assemble the two parts of the tyre (cut the sides and the remaining piece) on the wheel, as shown in the picture:

Готовое "тело" вазона

Finished the “body” pot

Now, when the "body" of the pot will be collected, moving on to product design. Rim, along with "rubber" should be carefully primed and painted in any color. Recommended to use light colors, t. to. they will not fade in the sun.

Раскрашивание вазона из шины

Coloring pot of tyres

What would you more visible saw, how to make a planter out of tires with their hands, we offer to your attention the video lesson:

Vases from the tyre: video tutorial on creating

Concrete legs of the pot

The process of creating a pot from the tyre with your hands can be completed, simply paint the product, but if you want to give capacity for the flowers even more decorative look, recommend to decorate rim concrete and natural stones.

First we need rim to wrap stucco netting or wire. This is necessary in order, that would cement a well kept on a metal base.

Next, knead the solution in the ratio cement/sand/water 1/3/0,5. Cement mortar must be thick, otherwise rim it will not cling.

After thorough mixing of the solution, apply it on your disk with a trowel (do).

Recommend this event to mount the rubber on the disk.

That would not stain the pot, the drive needs to be put separately on any surface (for example, for sheet metal), then proceed to throwing cement mortar.

Once the solution is fully applied, immediately start processing the legs natural stones. It is best to use small pebbles, although it's just as nice to look at the broken stained glass.

When the solution is a little "grab" elements of decor (pebbles) thoroughly rinse with water and a brush to remove stained cement stains.

Also recommended for 2-3 days slightly wet the concrete leg with water, to prevent cracking of the ware in the sun.

After, as the leg fully hardens, you can fill the pot and fertile ground to plant flower seeds.

That's all in the pot with your hands. Convinced, to make the pot out of the tyres is quite simple and interesting? We recommend you to find another original idea for gardengarden figures made from plaster with their hands!

Vases from the tyre: video tutorial on creating

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