The layouts for self-planning a suburban area

Planning a suburban area starts with a sketch and ends the preparatory work. That would make a suburban area suitable for living and rest, it is necessary to properly carry out the layout of the site. Today, there are many different ideas for the layout of the cottages, as well as standard types of layouts, which it is possible to emphasize the features or hide flaws of a suburban area. Next, we review existing types of planning a suburban area, and also bring to your attention some important nuances of self-development areas!

The layouts of the suburban area

To plan a suburban area right, it is necessary to use standard methods of planning, on the basis of which are even professional projects.

Today it is common to use these types of layouts, as:

  • Circular planning
  • Diagonal planning
  • Rectangular planning

Next, we consider the nature of each type of planning a suburban area.

Circular planning

Круговое планирование дачного участка

Circular planning a suburban area

Circular planning a suburban area it is customary to use rectangular areas of any size. The circular nature of planning lies in the fact, all outdoor objects are in the form of circles, which intersect. This decision creates the original landscape design for relatively easy work.

The objects for the circular planning it is recommended to use:

If you draw a round object on a sheet (rather the project area) it should not be difficult, it, how to make garden round shape object in reality? It's very simple, you can use the wooden rail with a length of approximately 1,5 meter and rope. Tie a rope to one end of the rail, the second end is driven into the soil at the desired site (vertically). The position of the rod the middle of the circle, pulls the rope to the desired length and manually otherseven the area around Reiki. Ideally, you should get more or less an even circle for the construction of garden ornaments.

Circular scheduling is ideal for creating unusual plot with application design techniques, such as Alpine slide, mixborders on the front of the suburban area, and illusion in the garden.

Diagonal planning

Диагональное планирование дачного участка

Diagonal planning a suburban area

Diagonal planning a suburban area is used, if the cottage has a small area, as a rule, from 4 to 15 acres. The diagonal is the essence of planning lies in the fact, what is the most important and large-scale garden features are not directly to a house and the entrance to the site, and angle 45on. This trick is used in order, that would visually enlarge the space of the suburban area, because. on the eyes I will not get straight lines, which is easy to determine the size of a garden object.

In addition, that diagonal planning allows you to cheat vision, increasing the area of the garden, using this type of plan of a suburban area can be quite unusual to complement the landscape design site.

Rectangular planning

And the last type of layout of a suburban area, with a rectangular plan, used in most cases, the design of a private house.

Rectangular planning is a classic of the genre, and if you decide to use this type of layout to create your country site, you are unlikely to regret, because. all garden buildings and decorative elements are conveniently and compactly located in the garden. Another advantage of the rectangular planning is, that it is possible to divide a small oblong area into separate sections.

How to realize the layout of the suburban area with their hands?

In order to make the layout of the suburban area with their hands, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The creation of the design project of the suburban area with a pencil on a sheet of paper has gone far in the past. To date, more convenient and easy to use special programs for landscape design, which also free.
  2. Prior to planning a suburban area, check out ready-made projects of country plots, examples of which are fully online. You can see the original ideas for the layout of the suburban area in special journals.
  3. Consider all the features and shortcomings of your country site. Sometimes a drawback can be a significant advantage villas. A clear example of this: plot on slope, which all avoid, although in this case it is possible to implement a lot of design ideas the landscape design site.
  4. When planning a suburban area don't spend a lot of time the materials for the construction, their time will come. Most importantly, create the desired draft testimony, and materials and to experiment.
  5. If for any reason you can't equip your suburban area full composition landscape design (for example, rock garden or rose garden), you can just create a piece of decorative compositions, adding other ideas for garden.
  6. Make planning a suburban area, at the same time based on the desired garden style plot, because. each style requires a certain location of objects in the garden.
  7. If you create a design project of the suburban area, all garden buildings, structures and decorative elements must be listed in the strict scale of the project, what would the result not be in a position, when moving from theory to work for you, your error does not impact on the future of the site.
  8. Planning a suburban area with their hands is recommended to use tips from experienced designers-planners, who shared with us some of the details of this process.

That's all, I would like to tell you about the types of planning a suburban area, and also about the process of planning of the territory of a country house.

We wish you good luck and creative ideas in planning your garden with your own hands!

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