Slope with their hands: a few of the popular ways to strengthen a hilly area of the garden plot

If your country site is on hilly terrain, you on the one hand lucky, and on the other hand puzzled by some problems, associated with natural features of the slope. The advantage of the slopes lies in the fact, that garden plot can be very original way to decorate (for example, in the style of the Alpine slide), but the significant disadvantage is the fact, the slopes can be broken up by landslides, the result is a variant of the collapse of the house and the adjacent garden buildings. In order, that would not face this problem, owners of private houses use slope, which we now discuss!

Preparation for the strengthening of the slope on the plot

Подготовка к укреплению склона на участке

Preparation for the strengthening of the slope on the plot

There are many options for strengthening the slope, which prevent the shedding of soils. They represents the use of special systems and structures, made of such materials, as:

  • Stone
  • Ceramic and concrete blocks
  • Beauty
  • Gabions
  • Grass paver
  • Logs

To correctly choose a method of strengthening, consider the following factors:

  • The proximity of groundwater
  • The inclination of the hill
  • Geological features of the soil
  • The probability of undermining the plot, if nearby bodies of water

Before, how to go to the slope, need:

  • Calculate the pressure of the soil on the territory
  • Choose the material for strengthening
  • To determine the area, you want to strengthen

The most important moment in preparation for the strengthening of the slope – determining the magnitude of the slope of the territory. For example, if the slope is small, efficiently and simply cope with this problem, planting of shrubs and trees with developed root system, but if the value of the slope is significant, require the use of terraces or geotextile. Let us consider the existing methods of strengthening of slopes.

Methods of strengthening of slopes with their hands

Plants for strengthening of slopes

Растения для укрепления склонов

Plants for strengthening of slopes

As mentioned earlier, to strengthen the small slope you can use the planting of plants with extensive root system. Plants should be planted in a cell, which create reinforcing design. The principle of this method lies in the fact, the roots in the soil, intertwined with fasteners, prevent erosion and landslides. The leaders of this method of strengthening the slopes are ground cover plants, namely junipers. It is recommended to use shrubs and perennials, actively give root growth. Among such shrubs used spreepoint white, the Japan quince, BlackBerry Chinese, a Fieldfare English, hawthorn, lilac etc.

Fences as retaining walls

Заборы в качестве подпорной стенки

Fences as retaining walls

Often the slopes are at their summer cottage fortify with fences, which are made of brick, Sandstone, concrete slabs or limestone. Advantage fences in strengthening of the slopes is as follows:

  • Durability of structures
  • Great opposition to natural destructive factors
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fences do not interfere with plant growth

Requirements for the construction of a fence to strengthen the slope:

  • The base should be strong
  • Fence height should be at least 1 meter
  • The thickness of the fence should be 1/3 height
  • Must drainage system (what would the slope dripping rainwater, and the design is not tempted?)
  • The construction fence is up
  • It is recommended to construct fences in several rows: high to low
  • Must be a small bias in the direction of the slope

Another advantage of strengthening the slope with a fence is, this building can be an original design with flower beds, decorative ladders, lanterns, through which the bright fence to complement the whole composition of the garden decor.

The strengthening of the slope with stone and logs

Укрепление склона камнем

The strengthening of the slope stone

To strengthen the slope with this method, you just need to dig stones in the ground across the slope. The first thing you need to choose the location of the stones, based on the soil type and surface condition. Just don't forget about the appearance of the garden, for this we use rocks and logs, which their views fit into the overall picture of the garden. And finally, create drainage, which can be excavated tray, guide the flowing water to the bottom. As you can see, the strengthening of the slope with stone and logs is very simple, but to use this method on big, and on small slopes.

Strengthening of slopes with geotextiles

Укрепление склона геотекстилем

Strengthening of slopes with geotextiles

The use of modern material – geotextile reinforcing the slope, is the most popular and sensible today. This material is a polyester and polypropylene fiber, manufactured in rolls. Advantages of geotextiles are as follows:

  • Protects the soil from freezing
  • Waterproof
  • Prevents mixing of soil layers at the convergence of water
  • Resistant to mould and fungus
  • Plastic
  • Has a high resistance to tearing and prokalyvanie
  • Easy installation on the ground
  • Lightweight and compact

Instruction for laying of geotextile on the surface following:

  1. The first step is to dig the soil
  2. Next, stack the geotextile on the ground
  3. Fill material with rubble or gravel
  4. Laid another layer of geotextile
  5. Fill the top layer with sand
  6. Manufactured paving paving, stone or pavers
Схема укладки геотекстиля

The scheme of laying of geotextile

If two layers of geotextile will be sought at each other without a layer of crushed stone, they need to fasten brackets or special crutches. Do not leave geotextile not covered, because. it can blow off in the wind.

Use geomat for slope strengthening

Схема настилки геоматов для укрепления склона

Scheme of laying of geomat for slope strengthening

Are monofilament consists of a polymer waterproof material. Its structure consists of superimposed on each other grilles polypropylene, which are interconnected under high temperature. Dignity geomat following:

  • Non-toxic
  • Support natural beauty of the landscape
  • UV resistant
  • Not afraid of aggressive substances
  • Withstand wide temperature range (from -30 to +100C)
  • Easy to install

Manual to strengthen the slope with geomate:

  1. First clean the surface of debris and level off
  2. Then tamp the soil
  3. Next, proceed to breaking through the trenches at the edges of the slope
  4. Material should be laid smooth side towards the ground
  5. Fix the geomat region in the trench
Вид геомата в рулонах

View geomate in rolls

As you can see, all methods of strengthening of slopes are quite easy and quick. Existing structures to strengthen not only effectively protect the garden area from landslides and erosion, but also perform a decorative function, original decorating site. Therefore, when properly selected method to strengthen slopes you will forget about problems, emerging in the hilly area. Recommend, also read the article how to make a garden path their hands!

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