How to choose outdoor pots for flowers or to make your own hands + 35 photo ideas

Outdoor pots and flower pots are used, to give your plant the soil, and decorate those areas of your garden, where for any reason it is impossible to put a plant in the ground.

Уличные вазоны для цветовOutdoor pots for flowers called mobile beds. From this name we immediately see the first and one of the main advantages of street planters – the ability to move anywhere in your garden. The beds are like land, and suspended, therefore, it is possible to decorate anything. Below is a photo gallery of the outdoor decoration ideas and flowerpots 35 examples. The most common examples are for decoration:

So if in your garden you need to decorate any inconspicuous area or bald spot permanent beds, outdoor pots will become your valuable assistant.

How to choose outdoor pots for flowers correctly?

Пример уличного вазона

Example of street pot from concrete

Пример уличного вазона

Example of street pot

That would be all the elements of the garden decorations looked perfectly and in one piece, you should carefully choose the style of certain decorations. As for the street flower pots, the diversity of their forms and types can not make you to worry about, can they complement the overall decor of the infield. Distinguish portable, stationary, hanging, avant-garde, simple and complex outdoor pots. Important not to "overreact" with the number of such beds, otherwise, the garden will lose its aesthetics and attractiveness.

The importance of the size of street pot for flowers

You have to understand, that should be respected visual relationship between the size of the pot and the size of the garden. If decorating with small garden and large outdoor pots, the impression of the dominant values of a flowerpot in the garden, and it will look ridiculous. In turn, if you install a nondescript pot in the alley a large garden, its function as decoration, this pot will not play. Therefore, you should choose the optimum size of street pot, in relation to the size of HOMESTEAD area.

Colors of garden vases for flowers

As for color garden pots, very important role plays the fact, the pot should not be brighter, than planted in this plants, because the basis of the decoration is, what will grow in a flowerpot. So it is not necessary to pay attention to the colored vases, monotony better accentuate the style of the garden and merge with the overall design. Popular colors you can select white, brown, cream and beige colors.

Material of outdoor vases for flowers

Уличный вазон своими руками

Street pot with his own hands from recycled tires.

But you can roam, because the material for outdoor pots and planters can be quite varied. It could be a stone, metal, clay, plastic, tree, concrete etc. Of course, prettiest look of clay pots, especially if they are made with the ornament. Also looks good stone pot, but the downside is the weight, the large size. As for the metal, the plants, who will be in that pot, should be watered as often as possible, because. metal heats up quickly in sunlight. Plastic or fiberglass will be a very good budget option street pot, the advantage of this material is low price and variety of colors. Also outdoor pots can be easily made with your own hands, for this you will need your creativity and a little bit improvised. What to make? Yes, from all that I see: wooden boxes, cars, carts, tires, basket wire. Remember, as follows, handle material, if it's wood or metal, because. adverse conditions will shorten the life of your pots.

35 Photo examples and ideas of design of outdoor vases

These photo ideas for the outdoor decoration vases, will help you choose for your garden and the local area, suitable for landscaping, planters for flowers and ornamental plants.

Where to place outdoor pots?

It's all just, do not place outdoor pots for flowers in the center of attention, should be kind of discreet jewelry. It is best to decorate with vases stairs, the perimeter of the gardening area, the contours of the tracks, if there is a permanent flowerbed in the center of it. It is also not bad outdoor pots will look in the corners of the garden, giving them a meaningful value in the whole composition of the garden.

What to plant in pots?

Today, there are a number of plants, who are able to be grown in outdoor pots, these include groundcover, undersized, bulbous and other plants. If in the garden there trees, then a good idea would be planting a small ornamental shrubs and trees in pots. A good option for the decoration of the walls of the house will be landing in hanging baskets, beautiful cascading down, curly basket plant (petunias, sweet peas etc.). The main thing, you have to understand, the decoration of the garden through street boxes is the final stage in the garden design, which along with other elements of garden decoration, give your garden unique and romantic, so, as follows, prepare for the choice of the street of pots!

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