How to bath sheathe clapboard?

The most popular material for finishing baths is Board paneling. It's not surprising, because. the lumber is environmentally friendly, durable, durable and inexpensive! We already talked about the fact, how choose a lining their hands, now pay attention to the next stage – independent finishing bath clapboard. This event is not very complicated, consists of preparatory work and the main process. Now we consider in detail the ways obsiv baths clapboard!
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Methods of plating baths clapboard

Обшивка бани вагонкой

Plating baths clapboard

Today, experts use four ways of plating baths lining. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, which we'll talk more!

Method # 1 – Fastening by means of claimer

Claimer is a special metal clip, which is worn on the battens and fix it to the wall, thereby securely fixing finishing material. Fastening the lining through klyaymera is the most popular and easy, in addition, the process of mounting the lining in this case is quite a bit of time. One of the main advantages of this method of attaching the lining is a simple dismantling of the damaged Board.

The only requirement, requirements for claimer – clip needs to be galvanized, because. the steam room has high humidity and a common metal will quickly rust claimer. Based on this, experts recommend to choose not only claimer galvanized, but other fastening materials: nails, screws etc.

The process of attaching the lining with the help of claimer as follows: claimer worn on the lumber, is pressed against the sheathing and is fixed flush to the timber with screws. After this new Board is chosen and the process repeats.

Method # 2 – Oblique hammering a nail

 Косое вбивание гвоздя

Oblique driving a nail

This method is not recommended for use when finishing bath clapboard, because. Board can easily be split, and across the room, these marriages will be a few, depending on, the quality of lumber and how well you have mastered the skills in the tree.

The essence of the method is: the lining is leaning against the crate and through the nail, nakos which goes into the groove, securely fixed to the crate. What would the nail head is not performed and completely went flush, in addition to the hammer it is recommended to use a nail set.

Please note that, that the entire length of the lining of nails you need to drive no less 6 pieces (if the Board length 2,5 meter) and it is unlikely you will be able to without marriage prifessional Board to the sheathing, and the slightest cracks and chips will reduce the durability of the material.

Despite all the disadvantages of this method, many gardeners are actively using it, hoping for a trouble-free plating baths clapboard.

Method # 3 – Direct driving of the nail into the tongue

Прямое вбивание гвоздя в шип

Direct driving of the nail into the tongue

This method is also not recommended due to the fact, that hammering a nail can cause the appearance of cracks and chips. Direct driving of the nail into the tongue is a more secure method of finishing bath clapboard with their hands. It should be noted, that is not any kind of lining will fit their characteristics for a given attachment method. It is necessary that the thorn was deep and thick, therefore, direct driving a nail into the tongue it is recommended to use in that case, if you have a profile of the lining is the "Lining" or "Soft-line".

The mounting process is as follows: the lining is pressed against the sheathing and is attached to a galvanized nail flush. What would a hat made of the Board it is also recommended to deepen with the help dobojnika.

Method # 4 – Through the method of attachment of lining

Сквозной способ крепления вагонки

Through the method of attachment of lining

Through the method of attachment of lining used to finish the shelves in the bath. Specialists recommend to avoid this method of attaching the lining, because. despite the reliability of the connection, remains a hole in the Board, which adversely affects the the interior of the baths. These holes are trying to hide a wooden pin, but it does not save, because. over time the tube shrinks, and the holes re-appear.

To secure battens to the sheathing, you need to attach it to the rail, to severity hole under the screw (hole depth should be half the length of the screw), then screw up to the stop screw in rail.

Options for the location of the lining

In addition to the methods of attachment of the lining there is one more important detail – the arrangement of the lining. Most boards are fixed to the sheathing horizontally, vertically and diagonally. In each case, the sheathing should be installed perpendicular to the location of the Board. For example, if the lining will asiatica horizontally, the sheathing should be installed vertically.

Варианты расположения вагонки

Options for the location of the lining

Experts recommend to use a combination of locations lining, that would give the interior a bath more unusual kind.

About, as lining may be located and secured we talked, we now turn to the technology of finishing bath clapboard.

Technology finishing bath clapboard

As we have said, technology finishing bath clapboard is not anything complicated. All you need is to prepare the walls to the trim, to fill the frame, insulate the walls and sew the lining. A detailed look at each of the stages.

Preparatory work

During the preparatory work necessary to knock out an estimate for materials, to buy all the necessary finishing and fixing materials and conduct communications on the wall.

Regarding the latter, talk about it a little more. Each room has lighting. Although some experts recommend to create an open electrical wiring in the bath, many vacationers prefer covert wiring, which does not impair the appearance of the premises. That is why all the wires, and water supply pipe (if any) you need to hide behind paneling, in advance prefixgroup them to the wall.

Also, during the preparatory work it is recommended to align the wall, if there are obvious irregularities (potholes, cracked, humps).

Well, the last event at this stage is to place the purchased paneling in the bath room. For 1-2 days the lining must lie in the premises, to get used to the microclimate of the bath.

Installation of lathing

Once the walls are aligned, and all communications prefixion to the wall, proceed to the installation of the sheathing. It is recommended to use the timber, section 50*20 mm and metal pendants, which is called "palcami". First mark out the site of attachment of hangers to the wall. Lathing must be fixed strictly vertically (or horizontally), so when it is installed, you must use building level and plumb. Step installation of hangers shall not exceed 40 cm, otherwise the design will not be strong enough. The brackets fix to the wall using dowels, and the beams to the brackets with screws.

Please note that, the bars of the crates must be open antiseptic, that will prevent rot and decay.

Learn more about the process and the scheme of crates you can see the next photo examples:

Insulation and vapor barrier walls

Before you attach the siding to the sheathing, you need to perform another, very important for bath event – paro- and insulation room. We already talked about the fact, how to implement insulation and waterproofing bath with his hands, so you can read these articles, where examined in detail these activities.

What would you briefly introduced the whole process, consider the most important nuances.

For warming bath is recommended to use basalt wool: it does not burn, durable and has good insulating properties. The material is placed between the bars of the crates and fixed the vapor barrier material.

Утепление бани базальтовой ватой

The warming bath of basalt wool

For vapor barrier walls in the bath it is recommended to use a foil material. It has good waterproofing properties and can be easily attached to the sheathing with construction of stapler. The joints of the foil are insulated special construction tape and all, vapor baths are ready!

Пароизоляция бани фольгой

Vapor baths with foil

Plating baths clapboard

Well here we come to the very basic process – the plating baths clapboard. Insulated and thoroughly insulated walls are ready for that, what would they have trimmed decorative boards. YOU already know the ways of fastening the siding to the sheathing, as well as the locations of boards. Now according to your taste fasten the boards to the bars and can enjoy a relaxing in the bath!

Please note that, that Board should podpisatsja to each other, that would not be joints and gaps, otherwise the heat will leave quickly with steam, and the interior room will be better!

It is recommended that after finishing bath clapboard apply on Board wax or another oil composition, which will protect the material from moisture and give it a more decorative look (the reflection).

That's all, we wanted to tell you about that, how to take bath clapboard clapboard! For more information you can review this event for this video tutorial:

Finishing bath clapboard

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Finishing bath clapboard
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