How to make a partition in the bath with his hands?

Any room has at least 2 room: the steam room and dressing room. But most often, a full bath consists of washing compartment, Lounges, the steam room and dressing room. Between all rooms should have walls or partitions, separating the premises from each other. We next turn to the Soviets for the construction of partitions in the bath with his hands, as well as the video lesson of masonry brick walls in the bath at the stage of construction of the entire box.
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Construction of wooden partitions in the bath

Каркас перегородки в бане

Frame partitions in the bath

Wooden bath include the following types of construction:

  • Frame-and-panel construction
  • Bath made frame
  • Bath from a profiled frame

Partitions in baths from a frame you can design, using the technology of construction of five-wall log house, but it will take more money and work specialists.

Сруб пятистенка

The log-house wall

That would make a partition in the bath, it is recommended to use masonry or the installation of wooden construction.

The first option is used, if furnace furnace for bath is set in the dressing room, and the heater in the steam room. The most common installation method used to install wood stoves.

The lack of brick walls in, that it cools faster and at the same time longer heats up, what affects the time of preparation of the steam room to relax, and the cost of fuel to heat the baths.

At the same time, a brick wall is more durable and is not too susceptible to lose moisture and temperature, while wood planks can shrink.

Still in a wooden bath it is recommended to erect a wooden partition, because. their construction is more simple and requires no special skills.

In order to make a partition in the bath with his hands, you must perform the following actions:

  1. To buy lumber, heat- and waterproofing (we quite suitable 4-centimeter Board, thick 10 cm, wooden bars 50*50 mm, mineral wool and the foil material).
  2. To assemble the frame walls from wooden bruskov, securing it between the walls of the bath
  3. The inside of the frame to place the heater and from above to fill waterproofing material
  4. On both sides sew a wooden frame boards (it is advisable to use battens)

That's the whole technology of the construction of wooden partitions in the bath. We offer drawing partitions:

Схема перегородки в бане

The scheme of partitions in the bath

The construction of the brick walls in the bath

Although the brick walls of the bath are made of brick, outside, and inside the building is additionally insulated. In the bath is not recommended for brick walls, it is better to prefer light wooden partitions.

But if you still want to make a brick wall in the bath, recommended to read video example, which clearly shows the entire technology bricklaying:

Masonry walls in the bath of brick

It is recommended to consider the following points of attachment of the septum to the walls:

  • To tie between a main wall and a partition, should one end of the valve insert in the main wall, and the other end into the seam of the constructed partitions. The diameter of reinforcement shall not be more 8 mm, best 6 mm.
  • The most suitable width of the partition – walls in a half-brick.
  • Masonry brick walls in the bath with a frame need to be set only then, when the frame is fully usage, and after caulk, because. during the event, the wall can rise to 5-10 cm.
  • In masonry brick walls strengthen the design of steel wire every 3 number

Magnesite Board for partitions in the bath

A good option for the construction of partitions in the bath with their hands are magnesite Board. Their advantages are as follows:

  • The material is fire resistant and hydrophobic
  • Plate easily attached to the profile
  • Magnesite slabs have a low cost

Installation of partitions in the bath of magnesite slabs is as follows:

  • Frame is assembled from profiles
  • In the frame fit magnesite Board
  • The material is additionally protected by a waterproof tape (can foil material)
  • The frame is stitched paneling

That's all, we wanted to tell you about the construction of partitions in the bath with his hands! Please note that, what you can build wooden walls and no insulation, in the empty space will be air, which will perform the function of insulation.

Masonry walls in the bath of brick
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