Alpine slide their hands: step by step instructions with photo examples and 50 photo ideas for decorating

Are you upset, you have the suburban areas, located on a slope or hilly area and from the beautiful to decorate the cottage? Specialists in landscape design do not see this case of problem, and Vice versa, sure, the hill plot is very good, because. you can use this technique design, as the creation of the Alpine hills with a brook or without him, at their summer cottage, on their own.
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Brief information about the Alpine hill at the dacha

Альпийская горка своими руками

The photo is simple, a small Alpine garden, hand made.

Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands is a tiny piece of the exterior design of the Alps, which is so attractive to tourists.

Everything you need to create the Alpine slide, it:

  • Farmland on the hillside,
  • The creation of drainage system (broken bricks, crushed stone, gravel, sand),
  • The boulders and stones of medium size, an interesting form,
  • Plants, creating the composition of the Alpine slide.

As you can see, material resources for the creation of the Alpine slides almost do not need, much more important to have little idea on how, how to make the dream a reality (below we will provide step by step instructions), and also to have imagination and creative thinking, which will play a crucial role in the future appearance of the Alpine slide.

The location of Alpine slide plays a very important role in its decorative features and durability. In order, what would this idea for a garden functioned as long as possible, keep it on the Sunny side of the plot.

It is recommended to create the Alpine slide next to the Seating area and pond, if it is.

You should immediately pay attention to, this element of landscape design requires a thorough self-care in the form of irrigation, fertilizing and other works, therefore, to build the Alpine slide at the cottage, which you rarely visit, not recommended, because. in a short period of time the slide will lose their aesthetic appearance and perhaps even stop its functioning.

If you have a suburban area with smooth surface, but still dreaming about the Alpine hill, you can create horizontal Alpine slide, which their appearance is very similar to the original version. About, how to create a horizontal Alpine slide, we will discuss later, now move on to the most important issues, you need to know, building the Alpine slide.

Горизонтальна альпийская горка своими руками

Simple horizontal Alpine slide their hands.

What stones should I choose for the Alpine slides?

Rocks and plants for the Alpine slide – it's the core of its design, so their choice needs to be taken seriously.

The first step is to determine the size of the Alpine slide and they are already a start. If Alpine slide big size, you can use large size boulders, otherwise (if the slide is approx 5m*3M) uses of small size stones and flagstone.

Камни для альпийской горки - залог эффектного дизайна

The stones for the Alpine slide – the key to effective design

Choosing the stones, pay attention to their shape and appearance, because. these criteria will noticeably appear on the overall design of the slides.

Paving stones should be tiered, not less 3, but not anymore 5. Don't be afraid to experiment and implement the most vivid imagination: create patterns from stones, make a stone arrangement etc.

Remember, in winter and early spring, the Alpine slide will delight with flowering plants, so the stones need to create attractive, even without additional decorative elements.

It is not necessary to make large the distance between the stones, because. created Alpine slide may seem bald, but at the same time don't forget to leave room for ornamental shrubs and colors.

Avoid perfect symmetry in the placement of the stones, because. General view should resemble a piece of natural land, untouched by human hand.

As for the placement of the stones, it should be noted, what is the most massive boulders to be installed at the foot of the hill, and small stones to place closer to the top.

Among all the stones will choose the most attractive and original, in order, that would set it on top of the Alpine slide.

It, actually, and everything that I wanted to tell you about component of the rockery – stone, now go to the next important element – fauna.

What plants should I choose for the Alpine slides?

Choosing plants for the Alpine slide, consider the following factors:

  • Alpine slide should be happy with its flora year round,
  • Plants must be suitable to the climate of the territory, otherwise care the Alpine slide will be confusing,
  • The plants should create a harmonious composition,
  • General view of the plants should not overwhelm the form of stones, therefore observe the balance,
  • Creating Alpine slide, stay on low-growing plants,
  • If the slide will be located on the South side of the site, choose drought-resistant flowers and shrubs, if the North (either the Eastern), stop your choice on the hygrophilous and shade-tolerant plants.
Цветы для альпийской горки

Photo saffron. Flowers for the Alpine slide you need to choose carefully, for all seasons.

One of the most popular plants for the Alpine slides are ornamental spruce and arborvitae, which will delight its emerald green color year round.

It is recommended to choose flowers, having the original color and shape – this design technique will design an Alpine garden more attractive.

In order, that would not bother with the choice of plants, the suitable climate of the area, it is recommended to use wild plants, located in a nearby forest or meadow.

A good option will be use as the plant world Alpine slides suitable lawn.

Among the most popular colors for the Alpine slide release saxifrage, saffron, Mac, violet, primrose, forget-me-not, Edelweiss, Phlox other.

Complement the decor of the Alpine slide will serve such plants, as: barberry, stonecrop, juniper and even cactus!

Again, please note that, that the Alpine garden should bloom all year round, therefore, the seasonal plants are the following:

  • Spring bulbs,
  • In summer most of the existing colors,
  • Autumn – Crocus,
  • In the winter – decorative conifers.

It should also be note, that growth of plants can interfere with these detractors, like weeds, therefore, they must be removed with a weeding soil.

To place the plants on the Alpine hill as follows: in the background are planted dwarf conifers, and ahead leaves room for undersized bright colors.

Well, finally, go to step by step instructions of creating the rockery with their hands!

How to make an Alpine slide their hands?

Step by step instructions create the Alpine slide is quite simple and less clear, than video lesson, therefore, we recommend you to view this video:

Video lesson the creation of the Alpine slides in the country

After reviewing the video of the Alpine slide you can proceed to the instructions with the photo content, diagrams and photo gallery below, from 50 examples of the design of the Alpine slides like a stream, and without it.

Step 1 – Prepare the place for the Alpine slide

Detailed analysis of the plot, focus on the most attractive location, which is close to recreation areas and well lit.

Once a site is selected, move on to creating the base of the Alpine slide. The first thing we will see over the entire area of the future slides small pit (40-45 cm deep). The ground dug a pit and press it and cover the drain with a pillow (about 30 cm), which can be made of sand, gravel, crushed stone, construction waste or even mixtures of all these components.

На фото показана схема альпийской горки в разрезе, изображено как укладывать слой за слоем дренаж в виде песка, щебня, грунт, крупные камни и валуны, какие растения высаживать.

The photo shows a scheme of the Alpine slide in the context, pictured how to lay layer after layer of drainage in the form of sand, crushed stone, the ground, large stones and boulders, what plants to plant.

Drainage pillow as stamps and go to sleep 15-centimeter layer of prepared mixture of earth. As land use mix sand, the ground, crushed stone (or gravel) and peat. The ratio of elements should be the following: 3 part of the ground, 1 part peat moss and 1 part of the mixture of sand with gravel.

As well as the ground for the Alpine slide you can use the ready mix, sold in a specialty store.

After, like a pillow from the land mixes will be created, proceed to install on her boulders.

Step 2 – Set stones for the Alpine slide

All the nuances of selecting and setting stones we said in the subtitle: "Which stones should I choose for the Alpine slides?", so please read the information provided above!

Схема установки камней

The scheme of installation of the stones on the Alpine slides.

The scheme of installation of the stones on the Alpine slides.

Another photo installation diagram of rocks on the Alpine slides. Are those types of as: Stepped hillside, Mesas, Plateau, Terrace, Rock, Gorge.

To the supplied information to be added, what is the most suitable stones for creating the rockery with their hands are granite, Sandstone and limestone.

The installation of stones for the Alpine slide is as follows:

  1. At the foot of the hill set the largest stones, fasten them with concrete or slabs, after which we pour on top of the ground and stamps it. The stones must be deepened into the soil for 1/3 their size.
  2. Go to the level above and in the same manner stacked smaller stones
  3. Sit the plants between the stones
  4. Fall asleep a layer of mulch
  5. Implemented the final watering of the Alpine slide

Step 3 The arrangement of Alpine plant world

The first thing you need to moisten the soil, which will contain plants.

Left between the stones space planted plants. The basis of the composition should be of dwarf coniferous trees and shrubs.

After, as basis will be planted, turn to low-growing ornamental flowers.

Plants should be placed in a shallow pit and covered with soil with the addition of gravel (in order, to prevent rapid evaporation of moisture and hinder weed growth).

Be sure to place the plants over the entire surface of the Alpine slide, that would be no more ridiculous bald sections.

You should pay attention to, plants should not cover the stones, because. all the elements Alpine slides should be of equal importance in the design.

After, as plants will be planted, pour the water slide and enjoy a slice of Alpine nature in his summer cottage. As you can see, creating the rockery with their hands is not a very complicated process, so if you have a cottage on a hilly area, be sure to take some time and money on development of this ideas for garden design!

If You still want to make a stream from the hill, you need to take care of immediately, this is a topic for another article.

Схема устройства сухого водопада.

Diagram of the device of the dry waterfall.

На фото показана схема ручья в разрезе.

The photo shows the scheme of a stream in the context.

50 Photo examples of creating Alpine garden with stream and without it

In order, to inspire you to create the Alpine slide their hands, will provide you with options ready sites, has this idea for a garden using water for streams and small ponds, and dry creeks:

We also recommend you to read the article: how to decorate your garden with painted rocks.

Video lesson the creation of the Alpine slides in the country
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