How to create a house under a fur coat: the technology of applying the plaster coat with your hands + photo

Another option is a decorative finishing of facades of buildings is the so-called house under a fur coat. About this idea for decorating houses and garden buildings we knew in the last century and actively used in suburban areas outside the city. The technology of applying the plaster under the coat is a fairly simple, fast and cheap, now we will prove it.

Plaster coat: the nature and advantages of

Plaster coat is the application of sand-cement mortar sprayed onto the surface of the building. This process can bring even a novice in the construction business, because. all you need is a solution, broom, stick and trowel. The process of applying the stucco coats on the house is not time consuming and takes a little time, in comparison with other variants of furnish of facades of buildings (siding, log, lining natural stone etc.). Material costs are almost there, the only cost is the purchase of cement and color pigment for color solution (optional).

Дом под шубой своими руками

House under a fur coat with your hands

The advantages of plaster coat next:

  • Beautiful decorative buildings
  • The lack of material costs
  • The ease of applying the plaster
  • Good protective properties of the coat
  • Excellent sound- and insulation

The disadvantage is the fact, what kind of coats are not suited to the modern garden styles (for example, hi-tech), and that coat is a dust bag because of its embossed surface.

Than apply a decorative plaster coat?

Apply decorative plaster the coat in various ways, which, by the same simple. It is best to use a special machine for applying plaster.

Apply the mortar machine is as follows: the bell of the machine is kept at a right angle to the wall, causing the solution under the action of air from the compressor is applied a thin layer on the surface. Pay attention to the fact, what trumpet it is imperative to keep the right angle, otherwise, the plaster coat will not be properly distributed and decorative appearance lost its beauty. Apply the plaster using machine is necessary in several layers, if you decide to make a break, edge napisannogo solution be sure to cover with plastic film, to protect the facade from cracking.

Нанесение раствора машинкой

Mortar spreading machine

In addition to cars, you can use the "antiquated" methods of applying the plaster coat with your hands. There 3 the most popular form of spraying: broom, brush and through the mesh, now we talk about them.

Способы нанесения штукатурки шуба своими руками

Methods of applying the plaster coat with your hands

Spray the plaster with a broom is the easiest. It is necessary to use the solution, a broom and a stick. In one hand hold a stick, in another broom. Steeped broom in the solution and beat on a stick, which hold against the wall. As a result of this solution is distributed on the surface of the house.

The brush also is not difficult to apply plaster coat on the house with his own hands. All you need, is to take a small brush and a wooden plank. Dip the brush in a container of solution to coat, near the wall turn the brush and hold it on the plate (themselves). As a result, the solution is sprayed on the wall and creates a kind of decorative coats.

Well, the latest popular method of applying plaster coats his hands is a metal mesh. In front of the wall, which will be applied to the coat, set the mesh with a wooden frame and already through it with a trowel pounces solution. After work, the grid is removed.

Сетка для нанесения шубы

A grid for applying the coats

As you can see the methods of applying plaster coat with his hands is quite simple and not time consuming. Now we will talk about, how to create a home under a fur coat with your hands.

Stucco home under the coat with your hands: the sequence of actions

As mentioned earlier, technology plastering of the house under the coat is not difficult and it can handle even a beginner.

First, prepare the wall for plaster. If the wall is smooth, especially to do it notch, using the chisel and hammer. So make a small hole, but at the same time, without hurting himself building material home (brick or cinder block). If the wall has an uneven surface, preliminary activities do not need. In addition, need to get rid of the previous plaster, tile or other decorative veneer, which was previously deposited. Once the wall is prepared, come on.

The next step – priming the walls. For this purpose, a ready liquid for priming, sold in DIY stores. Their price is cheap, and the quality is good enough, that would provide the necessary adhesion of the walls with a solution. Apply the primer can be brush-maklovitsej, this should be done once, but carefully. If the area of the wall under the coat large, that would save on the number of primer, it is recommended to use sprayer, it not only causes the primer thinly but and spray it on all cracks and gaps.

Грунтовка стен перед нанесение шубы

Priming walls before applying the coats

After, as the wall is progruntovali, waiting for, until it is completely dry, this is sure. Then proceed to applying the plaster coat to the surface of the house.

At this stage, you should decide the solution to create a house under a fur coat. There is a variant of the application of a plaster solution, but its use is not recommended, because. gypsum will not provide sufficient moisture protection wall. The advantage of gypsum is only, that the solution dries faster.

It is best to use more popular, cement-sand mortar. As to the ratio of sand and cement for mortar, then there is the opinions very often differ. Some argue that it is best to use the ratio 1:3 (cement : sand), others insist on the ratio 1:2 and even 1:1. We recommend you to stay at the option 1:3, because. this solution has already been successfully tested. With regard to the density of the solution, the plaster coat should have the consistency of liquid sour cream, so its easier to apply and satisfy the requirement of granularity of the solution.

Пример нанесения шубы

Example of application coats

The solution should be applied in 3 layer. The first layer is applied with an ordinary trowel and leveled by him, additionally, using a construction level. Then applied the second layer, preparatory, thickness 1 cm. Well, in the end, sprayed the last coat, using tools and techniques, listed above. Here we should pay attention to, that last layer, decorative plaster can be diluted with pieces of broken glass of different colors and powder color pigments. This design course will make the facade of the house under the coat even more interesting and attractive.

If the plaster under the coat with his own hands inflicted without the use of color pigments in solution, the facade can be independently paint sprayer, after complete drying of the plaster.

Among the most popular structures for the application of plaster coat with your hands, there are the following:

Tips for applying plaster coat with your hands

In order, what would the plaster coat adorned homes for decades, it is necessary to correctly apply. Experts gave us the following tips:

  • Weather conditions for the application of plaster coat should be as follows: temperature 5 to 27 degrees above zero, without direct sunlight (better on a cloudy day), but not in rainy weather
  • All 3 layer you need to throw in one process, little giving each of the layers to dry
  • Save on the primer is prohibited, she needs to be put on a wall
  • For color solution it is recommended to use the following powders (of minerals): haematite, white asbestos, powder of manganese, finely crushed cobalt glass, crushed white marble, powder coal, etc. They need to be added to the solution while mixing cement and sand with water.
  • The solution should be rare, but at the same time not sliding off the wall
  • To create more grit coats you must use a metal grid or a stick and a broom. What would the grain was minimal, it is recommended to use the brush.

It all, I would like to tell you about the plaster coat, as a decorative material for the decoration of facades. We wish you good luck in creating the house under a fur coat with your hands!

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