How to decorate problem areas of the garden: 12 ideas for decorating garden with his own hands

Every suburban area has its drawbacks, if it's low fence, toli is a small square garden, Tolley wrong layout, in consequence of which the outbuildings are located in the front part of the site and reduce landscape design. Despite this, there are many design solutions for the decoration of garden, that will not only hide all the sins of the builders, but to emphasize the dignity, for example, the architectural features of a residential building or garden design. Next, we'll talk about the most unusual ideas of design problem areas give their own hands.

Ideas for decorating problem areas give their own hands

Consider the most popular problems, emerging in the garden and ways of their solution:

1. Not enough space in the garden to create flower beds. In this case, the idea for the design of the garden is a Seating decorative shrubs and flowers in pots, pots or other suitable containers. The plants can be moved around the garden to any suitable point for decoration.

Рассаживание декоративных кустарников и цветов в горшки

Seating decorative shrubs and flowers in pots

2. Mesh fence is enlightened through the country under full surveillance of passers-by, moreover, the fence has no decorative features. To solve this problem, should be planted near the fence climbing plants, which not only decorate the fence and garden plot, but also protect the country house from prying eyes. As these plants use climbing rose, ivy and parthenocissus.

Украшение сетчатого забора вьющимися растениями

Decoration mesh fence climbing plants

3. There is no place in the garden to install the pergola and arches for climbing plants. In this case you can use all the vertical objects in the garden: post lantern, wither tree, again the fence, walls amenities and other outbuildings. In this case, you will not only equips garden climbing plants, but I'll decorate plain objects.

Украшение садовых объектов вьющимися растениями

Decoration of garden objects climbing plants

4. If your garden seems dull and inconspicuous, decorate it with boxwood and other plants, which can be cut. In this case, the garden can be decorated with interesting and original green figures.

Так выглядит самшит

Looks like Samshit

5. A bunch of compost spread around the country site odor, in addition, the heap does not complement the landscape design of the plot. In this case, it is recommended that "one stone to kill two birds with one stone": enclose the compost pile as a "green barrier" from berry-scented or decorative shrubs.

Украшение компостных куч растениями

Decoration of compost heaps with plants

6. On the plot there is space, which need to be masked, for example, the crack in the Foundation. It is recommended to use a cushion-like plants, which have three-dimensional shape and nice color. These plants, as a rule, shade, so you can grow in the shade, the sun.

Маскировка подушковидными растениями

Disguise cushion-like plants

7. A track of concrete slabs spoils the landscape design. This problem is easily solve by this idea, the design of the garden as a chess landscaping garden paths. It's very simple: removed plates from the track in a checkerboard pattern and planted low-growing ornamental plants. The track is to give garden design a more attractive appearance.

Бетонные плиты в шахматном порядке

Concrete slabs staggered

8. The garden is small in size, therefore to enjoy is not quite appropriate. Another original idea of the design of the garden is the creation of illusion in the garden, or rather the illusion, we were talking about in related article.

Обман зрения установкой зеркал

Illusion installing mirrors

9. Children are often "cut" corners and trample grass. That would have trampled the grass does not spoil the harmony of the whole, it is recommended to equip the trodden paths, "allegedly" conceived tracks, that just paved decorative gravel.

Срез углов на газоне с помощью специальных тропинок

Cut corners on the lawn with special paths

10. Fallen leaves and degrades the appearance of the garden plot, but because of work do not have time to sweep it? You can sit in the garden groundcover, which mask leaves to its decorative appearance.

Маскировка опавших листьев растениями

Camouflage fallen leaves of plants

11. The garden small and the walk is for a short period of time. The solution is obvious – make garden paths not strictly straight, and winding, it will extend the walking time.

Извилистые садовые дорожки

Winding garden paths

12. Walls of buildings and fences have dull colors. Then turn to wall painting, which will fix the situation and give the garden a more decorative look.

Настенная живопись в саду

Wall painting in the garden

As you can see, nothing complicated about these tricks no, the main thing is to include your imagination and creative thinking!

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