How to choose and install the window in the bath?

Windows in the bath are not only used to create a natural lighting, but for ventilation. It is necessary that the Windows were installed not only in the break room, but in the anteroom and terrace. Optional Windows are installed even in the steam room, but this is not necessarily. Next, we'll tell you, what kind of window you should choose to install in the bath. I'll also give you tips for self-installing Windows!

Wooden Windows in bath

Деревянные окна в баню

Wooden Windows in bath

The construction of the bath takes its roots back several centuries to the present time. Previously, there was plastic Windows, therefore, usually the window in bath they were made of wood. The advantage of wooden Windows in the bath is as follows:

  • Combined with traditional bath with frame
  • Cheaper

The disadvantage of wooden Windows is the weak tightness, a small life and strain the shrinkage bath. That is why the installation of wooden Windows in the bath became less popular, than plastic Windows.

Plastic Windows in bath

More modern Windows, and not just for baths, are plastic Windows. They're a lot easier set, require virtually no care and are more than 10 years.

The advantages of plastic Windows in the bath next:

  • Have a high integrity, heat- and soundproofing
  • Have high strength, therefore, less subject to various deformations
  • Frost
  • Durable
  • High humidity does not bring harm to them (that is especially good for baths)

Disadvantages of plastic Windows are not that significant, and are a higher price and not combined with the frame (although this point is debatable, there are even plastic window color "under the tree").

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of plastic Windows. In no case do not choose to bath plastic window economy class, we will now explain why.

The plastic window in the economy class are a cheaper version of plastic Windows. Because of its low cost, this type of Windows has a number of drawbacks, namely:

  • Plastic box of Windows more subtle, which leads to the destruction of the Windows at the slightest deformations and mechanical damage.
  • Corner joints of Windows, again, due to the small thickness of the walls, are often subjected to distortion.
  • Frost resistance and insulating properties of plastic Windows economy class is much lower
  • The life of cheap plastic Windows for the bath is much lower

As you can see, sparing money on the window, you will get to replace problematic Windows, to be replaced after 2-3 season, that confirms the saying "miser pays twice".

The size of the Windows in the bath

The size of the Windows in the bath affect the entire interior of the baths, and the quality of the insulation. Of course, the more Windows, the more you need to heat the room, because. the thermal conductivity of the thin glass is much higher, than the thermal conductivity of 15-cm log. Based on this, the Windows need a good leak light, but at the same time have a small size.

The optimal size of the Windows in the bath are 40*60 see any 60*70 cm. The window in the steam room and the washing compartment to do even less, moreover, it is possible to equip the curtains from prying eyes.

It should be noted that the height of installation of Windows should be about 1 meter from the floor.

Installation of Windows in the bath with his hands

Установка окон в бане

Window installation in bath

Please note that, that the bath can be made from log, either brick (foam block). From, what is the material used for the construction of baths, depends on the technology you install not just Windows, but doors to the bath. Consider both.

Installation of Windows in the bathhouse of brick (foam block)

If the room is made of brick, problems installing Windows should not arise, because. the process of shrinkage of the bath is practically absent, so, once installed Windows over time, not deformed. In this case, it is recommended to install plastic Windows immediately with glass.

If you have decided to install wooden Windows, for brick bath the process of installation is also facilitated, because. window box can be offered.

Window installation in a wooden bath

Window installation in a wooden bath is more time consuming process. This is due to the fact, the frame must usest after the erection (it takes about 1 year). If the Windows install it immediately tightly with double glazing, then in the season they are deformed under the weight of the rims of bath. That is why window installation in a wooden bath is different.

Following are the details of the setup Windows in the bath with a frame:

  • When you install wooden Windows, the box is fixed on a special rail, under that in the window opening created holes. Reiki is allowed to freely occur shrinkage log, whatever the window box when it is not deformed.
  • Window along with a box should be less than, than the window opening, because. you need to leave the top gap of about 10 cm, what would the window will not warp shrinkage.
  • All the technological gaps and the need to insulate at the time of shrinkage of, advanced sewing up a obnalichniki.
  • When you install wooden Windows, the box is going on the principle of fixing "thorn-groove"

That's all, what you should know about installing Windows in bath, and also about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of Windows! Finally it should be noted, if you have the skills to work on wood, window in the bath can be done by hand, but only in this case you will need to string up a little!

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