Landscaping suburban area in 15 acres with his own hands

Suburban area area 15 acres out of the framework of the "small country" in the category "dacha of medium size". And in truth, on 15 acres is already, a place to roam explanatory.. We will now consider the most successful ideas-plan garden with his own hands, and also consider what objects can be build a country house of medium size.

How to plan a suburban area with an area of 15 acres?

Модель дачи площадью 15 соток

Model the garden area 15 acres

First and foremost, what 15 acres is 1500 m2 suburban area, that is, the rectangle 30*50 meters or 25*60 meters.

In order to properly plan for a suburban area in 15 acres with your own hands, you must first distribute the major functional areas of the garden, namely: residential house with accessories, the area of the garden, and the place where you will relax – area.

It is further recommended read tips from the experts in landscape design, which will allow you to more properly set all the objects in the garden the sides of light and taking into account the economy of space on the site.

And most importantly, are defined with objects on the plot 15 acres. Since a lot of places that we can place on site giving the following objects:

If you want you can make a suburban area a more relaxing and completely remove garden, or Vice versa, put in priority vegetables and fruit and give the backyard garden area.

Design project of the suburban area in 15 acres

Based on the preferences of the owners house, you can select one of the design projects in suburban area 15 acres, or you can use your creativity and imagination and create your own unique layout of the suburban area. In the second case, it is recommended to use special programs to create a landscape design of the site, which have in its database a set of graphical objects (shrubs, buildings, sculptures).

As for the finished design projects suburban areas, it 15 acres you can plan as follows:

Photo examples landscape design the garden area 15 acres

To see more clearly, what is a suburban area in 15 acres, which work designers or skilled gardeners, we provide you the original photo examples:

Convinced, that 15 acres you can create a comfortable cottage, how to relax, and for growing vegetables? Then proceed to the handwritten design of the suburban area!

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