Methods of controlling weeds and moss in the lawn

If you "run" your lawn, and after a while it became a meadow of weeds, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to control weeds and mosses. Next, we'll talk about the most simple and effective methods of weed control on the lawn!

The action against weeds and moss on the lawn

Today, there are 2 method of combating weeds and mosses on the lawn: organic (manual) and chemical. And that and that method is very effective, the only difference in the dimensions of the lawn, damaged by weeds. Let us consider each of the methods.

Organic means of controlling weeds and Mahi

As we mentioned above, organic means of controlling weeds and mosses represent manual work, which is based on the fact, remove weeds with your hands or a special garden tool.

Механическая борьба с сорняками с помощью инструмента

Mechanical weed control tool

The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact, what remote weeds from a space overgrown lawn grass, and the denser grows the lawn, the less space for the growth of weeds and moss.

Механическая борьба с сорняками

Mechanical weed control

Please note that, this method can not completely get rid of the weeds, but only to remove them most of the (visible).

As to the mechanical method of weed control refers mowing the lawn, which allows you to cut tall stalks of weeds.

Стрижка газона как борьба с сорняками

Lawn mowing as weed control

Chemical means of controlling weeds and mosses

Chemical means of controlling weeds and mosses allow you to completely get rid of data on pests of turf on the basis of the use of chemicals – herbicides.

Herbicides can be liquid, and in granulated (powder) condition. Applications of herbicides can be spot (local removal of moss and weeds), and solid (spray means the entire area).

Powder herbicides represent a continuous action. To combat weeds and mosses powder herbicide, you must use a garden spreader-seeder to disperse the herbicide throughout the lawn and it is desirable to carry out watering of the lawn. Powder herbicide is not recommended for use on young lawns, because. it may harm them. It is also recommended not to carry out mowing the lawn for 4 days after treatment area herbicide.

Порошковый гербицид

Powder herbicide

Liquid herbicides used in small areas to control weeds and moss on the lawn. Treatment of weeds with a liquid herbicide is a point lose: using a watering can, brush or sprayer must treat individual weeds, then thoroughly wash the tool.

Точечная обработка газона жидким гербицидом

Spot treatment of lawn with a liquid herbicide

Is recommended to control weeds and mosses on the lawn of a mixture of herbicides with fertilizer for lawn grass. In this case, the weed plants are, and lawn grass begins to actively grow, thereby reducing the size of the affected space. There is one "but" in this case: it is prohibited to use a mixture of the herbicide with fertilizer, if weeds affected a large area of lawn, because. in this case, the fertilizer will stimulate growth of weeds and moss.

In addition to the herbicides, for the chemical method of controlling weeds and moss in the lawn it is recommended to use sand. The sand contains iron sulphate and ammonium sulphate, which effectively kills weeds and mosses. The sand is a good fertilizer for grass, because. ammonium sulfate accelerates the growth of the lawn. Processing weeds sand is similar to using powder herbicide: it is necessary to scatter the sand on the lawn and watered, then begin the process.

That's all the action against weeds and moss on the lawn. We recommend to use organic means of control, as they are less harmful to the lawn. And most importantly, after cleaning the lawn of weeds do not run your lawn grass, otherwise, as you can see, the hassle will be a lot!

Finally, please note that, what turf not exposed to weeds, how seed lawn!

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