We can also prepare fence, flower beds and garden paths rustic with fence

Material for fencing suburban area can be quite varied: some prefer forged metal, other – brick, the third – a wooden fence. The main thing, which will depend on the version of the fence is the material from which made the house and the adjacent garden buildings. Very common to see buildings with frame, made in rustic style and that's it for them very harmoniously fit the fence – the fence, made of tall and strong stakes, dug into the ground. About, how to make this fence with your own hands, see below!

The material for the manufacture of a fence-paling

Забор-частокол своими руками

Fence-a fence with their hands

The main and, perhaps, the only material for making a paling, are cylindrical wooden logs of the same diameter. Because. to date, there is no need to defend against enemy attacks invaders of the land, the construction of a powerful fence is not appropriate. It is recommended to choose logs of small diameter (10-15 cm).

As for the height of the palisade, it should be chosen based on the purpose of the fence. If the owners want to put a garden plot on the show, showcasing all the beauty of the gardening area, enough to build a fence up to a height of 50 cm. If there is a need to erect high, impenetrable fence, the height of the fence shall be not less than 2 meters.

You need to consider, what length of logs and fence height are different parameters, because. the logs dig into the ground on 1/3 its length to ensure stability. Therefore, when you select logs in length 2,4 meter, the height of the fence will be about 1,6 m.

One of the main features of the fence-the fence is the tops – they should be pointed. The classic version is a of logs with the tops, sharpened angle 30-40 degrees. With proper sharpening of the logs they should resemble the form of a pencil. In order, to sharpen the tip using a small, but a sharp axe.

Заточка бревен для частокола

Sharpening logs for palisade

How to protect palisade fence?

Защищаем древесину от гниения

Protect the wood from rotting

As 1/3 the length of the logs will be in the ground, the process of timber decay is inevitable, therefore, it is necessary to proactively protect. Back in the old days it was invented to char the bottom part of the logs, what would prevent them from rotting (black crust as the result of protective measures should be about 15 mm). It should be noted, what char should not only the bottom of the log, but part, which will be on the surface (20-25 cm above the ground).

Today invented a more simple method of protecting the timber before installation in the ground to lower the lower part of the beam that is in hot bitumen. This event will not only protect the fence from rotting, but also to prevent insect damage.
If a fence paling to protect one of these methods, its lifetime will amount to a maximum of 3 year, then the structure will lose stability and collapse!

How to create a fence-paling

Создание частокола своими руками

The creation of the Palisades with his own hands

There 2 popular ways to create a fence-paling: traditional and modern. We consider each of them.

Method # 1

Modern method of creating a fence is as follows:

1. There is a line of the future fence
2. Pulled the trench a certain depth (based on the length of the logs)
3. The bottom is filled with layers of gravel. If the soil is sandy, a layer of crushed stone should be 15 cm, if the soil is clay – not less 30 cm.
4. The layer of crushed stone installed logs. A mandatory requirement during installation: there should not be gaps between the stakes, they need to closely adhere to each other.
5. The trench is covered with earth and thoroughly compacted. During compaction it is recommended to water the soil with water, what would the effect was more.
6. In order, what would the resistance of the fence was even higher, on the inner side of the fence-the fence to the logs pinned to the horizontal crossbar (one 20 cm from the ground, the second on 20 cm below the top).
The design of the fence is ready. Enjoy types of rustic fence-the fence!

Method # 2

The traditional method differs significantly from previously-granted modern way. Stages of construction the following:

1. The lower end of logs sharpen and stick in the hole, then get the log back and the hole filled with water
2. The above action is repeated until, while the number is completely fixed in a substrate.
3. The logs are screwed into the soil to the desired depth (you can also use the heavy blows of the hammer on top, but it must be done carefully, not to damage number). To protect yourself from unnecessary cracking and chipping upon impact, it is recommended to dress the top of the stakes with plastic caps.
4. Well, in the end, start decorating the stockade. That would give him a natural, juicy color, you must use a clear lacquer and stain for wood. The result is a honey-yellow or chocolate brown hue paling, depending on the concentration of stain.

Palisade in the role of fences for walkways and flower beds

Частокол в роли оградки для  клумб

Palisade in the role of fences for beds

The decoration of land with a stockade can be used not only for the fence, but for flower beds and garden paths. This process will not take much time, but it will bring a lot of fun and will give the garden area a unique harmonious appearance, the more that material costs are not required for this, because. use the means at hand – the branches.
That would create a protection from a fence we will need the following materials and tools, as:
• Thick branches or thin trunks of trees, diameter of not more than 5 cm.
• Plastic film
• Red clay
• Linseed oil
• Concrete
• Saw

How to build fences-stockade:

1. Cut branches and small trunks is smooth with stumps. Enough to keep the length in 20-25 cm.
2. Remove the bark from stumps, because. under it, there can be pests and their larvae
3. Bring oil to boil and it processed hemp. This process protects wood from insect damage and rot.
4. Waiting for, while the stumps dry out
5. To place the future of the flower beds make the groove depth 10-15 cm.
6. To carry out waterproofing, the groove is filled with clay or overlaid film
7. Hemp is installed in the groove (close to each other), concreted and waiting, until hardens.
8. In the middle of the stacked film, covering stumps from the bottom up (appearance turns a plastic bowl).
9. The film is filled with earth, protruding edges are trimmed or folded
10. The tip of the fence can be as stupid, and pointed, in this fence both look excellent

As a bed it is possible to arrange a children's play area or a garden path. Wooden sticks harmonious look in combination with the tile, brick and natural stone.

Забор частокол в комбинации с камнем

Palisade fence in combination of stone

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