Features selection and installation of water tank in bath

Traditional Russian bath has two tanks: one for hot water, the second is for cold. From, how well you choose the material of manufacture of the tank under the water, and where you install it, will depend on the comfort of relaxing in the bath, as well as the efficiency of heating the water. About the selection and installation of a tank for cold water shouldn't say anything, because. today it can be replaced by summing up to the bath Central water supply system. As for the tank with hot water in the bath, when selecting and installing there are many nuances, which we'll talk further!

The purpose of the tank for hot water in the bath

Формы баков для воды в бане

The forms of water tanks in the bath

Despite the fact, today there are many different options for electric and gas water heaters, a traditional water tank in bath does not lose its popularity. This can be explained, today vacationers are trying to save on utility costs, because. water, gas, electricity today have a decent price. Besides, sometimes there are accidents on power lines or gas lines, resulting in the factory the water heaters will not function, and your stay in the bath to stop, or did not start.

The main purpose of tanks for hot water in the bath is, to swim after the sauna the heated water, which is poured into a font. As the heated water previously used for washing clothes and other household needs. In addition, the hot water in the tank, which is installed in the steam room, contributes to higher humidity, what is particularly useful at a low temperature in the bath (if the sensor thermometer does not exceed 80onWith).

Features choice of water tank in the bath

There are several major materials manufacturing water tanks in the bath: cast iron, stainless steel and conventional metal.

The most traditional and effective is cast-iron water tank. Cast iron has low thermal conductivity, allowing longer high temperature of the water in the tank. As cast iron does not corrode, so the water in a cast iron tank for the bath is always clean. The disadvantages of cast-iron water tank is the tremendous weight of empty containers, and the fact, today there are practically no manufacturers of cast iron pots.

Чугунный бак для воды

Cast-iron water tank

Quality alternative to cast iron is stainless steel. It is now often used, because. the material does not corrode, and the tanks can be manufactured in different shapes (cylindrical, box, etc.). It should also be noted, that stainless tanks for baths can be made with different design features, that allows you to install the tank, as above the heater, and near the furnace (more detail we'll discuss this a bit below).

Бак для воды из нержавейки

Water tank stainless steel

In addition to cast iron and stainless steel, some gardeners use enamel tank. This type of capacity is not very practical, because. enamel easily bounces when mechanical damage, bringing the open space immediately to corrosion.

Эмалированная емкость для воды в бане

Enameled water container in the bath

Well, the last, the cheapest option tank for the bath is metal container. It is not recommended to use, because. regular metal will rust quickly, have a negative impact on the longevity of the tank and the clean water. Please note that, what to paint a metal tank to protect from moisture prohibited, because. the paint will melt on fire and poison you.

Металлический бак для воды в бане

Metal water tank in the bath

Optimal tank volume

After, as you decide on the material of manufacture of the water tank in the bath, it is necessary to solve the following, an important problem – what tank size to choose.

The optimum tank volume of water in the bath should be calculated on the basis of, what one adult to stay in the bath will need at least 20-25 litres of hot water. Based on this z, if you want to relax in the bath with her family (together), you need to buy a 50-liter capacity, and if the room is meant for relaxing, the tank must have a capacity of not less than 100 liters.

Please note that, what factory tanks have a wide range of volumes, starting from 20 liters and more. Electric water heaters also, there are different volume, but it is recommended to stop your choice on models 60 and 80 liters.

Электрический бак для воды

Electric water tank

Variants of installation of the tank under the water in the bath

With the tank sorted out, one last thing – correctly to set it to enable effective heating. There are three main options for the installation of the tank under water in the bath: in the furnace, over the stove and next to oven.

The first option involves the creation of furnaces for baths with mounted in the furnace tank, which is installed during the laying of the furnace (if she brick), or welded above the firebox when creating metal Assembly.

To install the tank into the firebox of the stove presented an important requirement: the wall thickness of the tank must be greater than 0,8 mm. The heating tank is directly above the hearth flame, which may impact on the capacity base, and the ends. Most often the water tank of stainless steel is installed in the furnace.

The second option (installation of the tank above the stove heater) is popular. In this case, the tank is mounted above the stones, and heat capacity. If the tank is cast iron, it is recommended to hang to the ceiling with a special hook with a rope, because. great ecig tank can crush design stoves. Very efficiently to install the water tank above the stove around the chimney. In this case, the tank will be heated not only from the stones, but chimney, which also has a high temperature.

Установка бака над каменкой

Installation of the tank above the heater

Well last option involves the installation of the tank under the hot water away from the furnace. Most often, this variant of the installation of the tank used in saunas. This is due to the fact, that sauna has a higher temperature in the steam room (about 120onWith), which should be respected a little humidity. If the water tank will be installed in the steam room saunas, this requirement is not fulfilled. That is why the tank is mounted next, no further than 2,5 meter from a source of heat. Heating is accomplished using a special heat exchanger, from which are derived two circuits: with hot and cold water. Cold water enters the heat exchanger, heats up and spontaneously displaced into the tank, then the cycle repeats until the complete water heating.

That's all, we wanted to tell you about the tanks for the water in the bath. We also recommend you to read the article: besoms for Russian bath!

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