Whitewash houses with their own hands: advantages, disadvantages and application technology

Everyone is used to count external whitewash houses and trees as the cheapest event in the disinfection of surfaces, but many have forgotten, this event also serves as a decorative surface finish, which since ancient times were used by our ancestors. Whitewashing the house and trees will give the garden area a more well-groomed appearance, the more, if the site presents a rural or country style. Now we will talk about, what are the advantages and disadvantages of whitewash houses, as well as producing the event with their hands!

Whitewash houses: the advantages and disadvantages of

Побелка дома снаружи

Whitewashing the outside of the house

Whitewashing the houses and trees is the application of water-dissolved lime or chalk on the selected surface. Today the whitewash of the houses, as a design solution has lost its popularity, although some gardeners still maintain the traditions of their ancestors.

Побелка деревьев как идея ландшафтного дизайна

Whitewashing of trees like the idea of landscape design

An advantage of whitewash houses is as follows:

  1. Lime (or chalk) is an environmentally friendly material
  2. Whitewash houses as a decorative finishing of the buildings is the most cheapest option
  3. Lime well disinfects the surface, thus preventing the appearance of fungus and mold
  4. Lime creates high-quality waterproof surface
  5. Appearance white-washed building is very attractive and neat
  6. Whitewashing is a durable coating
  7. In order to whitewash a house is not required to have special skills, knowing just the basics, we will provide you with a little lower
  8. For whitewashing the house will require a minimum amount of time, materials and tools

As for the disadvantages of whitewash houses, their quite a bit, namely:

  1. Lime is a caustic material, which can damage both hands, and eyes, if you do not provide the minimum protection (glasses, respirator, rubber gloves)
  2. Appearance white-washed buildings can complement only country, infinity and rural garden styles. The rest can not be combined with this type of finishing works.
  3. Incorrectly mixed and applied lime will mess up the appearance of the buildings, because. when the material dries, it will be obvious spots, different shades of stripes, blisters and even swelling of the coating.

Information about the whitewashing houses with lime

Whitewash lime house is the application of lime composition on the surface of the building.

Before this event, need to very thoroughly clean the wall from paint, plaster, protrusions, mortar and other surface defects. After that fill existing cracks and holes, wait until the putty hardens, wipe it thoroughly and primed.

As soon as the primer dries, proceed to the application of lime composition on the surface. To apply whitewash, you can manually (brush-maklovitsej) either with the spray (or cleaner).

Инструменты для побелки дома

Tools for whitewashing house

If you chose the brush, it must be some time before the whitewash submerge in water, what would wooden base of the brush is swollen and not allowing the bristles to remain on the painted surface.

It should be noted, that whitewash at home must be carried out in cloudy weather or evening time, because. lime does not tolerate heat and direct sunlight.

The technology of whitening at home is the application of lime in the composition 2 layer: first, lime is applied in horizontal stripes, after it hardens a bit, create a second layer – the movement of the brush is perpendicular to (top-down).

If the whitewash house will be carried out by spray, consider the following requirement: the sprayer must apply a lime composition at a right angle to the surface (then the material will be significantly saved and evenly applied).

Lime composition very easy to do, the main ingredients of this hydrated lime, water, salt, Wallpaper glue and blue.

To create a lime makeup, you must first mix about 3 kg of slaked lime with a liter of water, next add to the solution 100 g of salt (it will prevent package hands and clothing when touching the dry wall) and at the request of a little blue, which will give the solution snow-white. All this mixture should be thoroughly mixed and add water, that would get the volume of about 10 liters. In order to increase the adhesion of the whitewash from the surface of the house can add a little Wallpaper paste.

Very useful advice: before applying whitewash slightly moisten the wall – so lime composition will more securely adhere to the wall.

Information about the whitewashing of the house with chalk

The process of preparing the walls to wash with chalk, and the technology of applying the solution is exactly the same, as when applying lime composition. The only difference is the solution. Chalk whitewash includes the following ingredients: Mel, water, the methylene blue and salt.

Инструменты для побелки мелом

Tools to paint with chalk

The most simple mixture for the chalk whitewash it 5 liters of clean water + 3 kg of chalk + 30 g glue.

That would give the whitewash a more intense color, the best strength and "stickiness" to the wall, it is recommended to create it in the following proportions: 3 l of water/2 kg of chalk/20 g blue/100g of wood glue.

As in the previous version, unforgettable pre-primed the wall!

As you can see whitewashed houses with their own hands does not represent any complexity, everything you need to know minimal information about the solution and application technology, so if you have a cottage in rural style, definitely will make this kind of decoration construction, as whitewash the walls with your hands!

Вид побеленного дома

The view of whitewashed houses

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