Turf: device, care, the technology of growing and styling

Turf has many advantages over sowing, the most important of which is a more easy maintenance, fast installation and landscaping in a few weeks. Despite this, real English lawn has a more attractive appearance and long service life with diligent care. Today's article is devoted to roll the lawn, namely, the design and laying his hands.

Device turf

Газон в рулонах

The lawn rolls

Turf consists of a sturdy mesh base and turf. Basically, turf manufactures rolls with an area of 0,8 m2 and is a 2-meter wide mats 40 cm and a thickness of from 20 to 25 mm. Weight of one roll is about 15 kg, allowing yourself to roll him on his summer cottage..

If you decide to purchase turf for his dacha, it is recommended to find a useful article: how to choose the right turf, because. today found plenty of manufacturers of these products, which are of poor quality, and accordingly a small life.

Turf is perfect for those suburban areas, who need to quickly and effectively green. This method of gardening is often used for the arrangement you just created, the artificial hill in the suburban area.

The technology of growing of turf

Please note that, that alone to grow high-quality turf very difficult and the chances of getting a quality product tend to zero, because. it is necessary to use special expensive equipment and skills, they have specialists with experience in more than a dozen years.

Manufacturers are increasingly open to the basics of the technology of growing lawn, carefully bring all your own highlight growing. Basically, this process consists of several stages:

1. Selected field, preferably without bias, horizontal.

2. Conduct preparatory work on the field: plowing, processing special cutters, alignment and careful application

3. The field is laid out into strips for the future of turf. At this stage, as well designed highway system irrigation of turf.

4. On top of the prepared and marked areas laid special durable mesh.

5. The grid is filled with a thin layer of fertile soil.

6. Field sown with the seeds of lawn

7. Top seeds primatyvajutsja special rollers

After that you only need to follow a careful watering and fertilizing turf, waiting for the grass will not grow. As soon as the turf reaches the so-called "condition", it is prepared for sale (trim and cut into pieces) and driven to the customer.

The technology of laying of turf with their hands

Please note that, when turf is transported to the customer it must be immediately put, because. the shelf life of turf in the collapsed position is very small. It is recommended to carry out laying of turf on the first day after purchase. If for any reason it failed, material in any case is not allowed to leave rolled up in rolls, it should be rolled out on flat terrain and carefully pour water.

Based on this, by the time the lawn will be brought to the place of installation, you must carry out all work on the site preparation for laying lawn.

Preparatory work before laying the turf

Before you lay the turf with their hands to carry out preparatory work, which consist of the following stages:

1. The calculation of the required number of coils. The calculation is very simple and has the following formula: the area under a spreading lawn (in m2) multiply by a factor 1,67. The result is a number of rolls.

2. Site preparation. This stage includes the following activities: we remove all garden debris, carefully weed the area and, if necessary, treated with the herbicide (a tool for weed control). If the soil consists of clay, it is necessary to carry out additional drainage areas (the creation of a cushion of sand and gravel).

Подготавливаем территорию под укладку газона

Prepare the area for laying turf

3. The creation of a fertile layer of soil. If you have fertile soil, which you thoroughly fertilized, it is necessary only to implement the loosening of the soil to a depth of 5-10 cm. If the soil is not fertile, you need to remove it manually and cover fertile (layer is not less than 10 cm, better if 15).

4. The alignment of the terrain. At this stage, the fertile soil must be carefully aligned and, if necessary, to create a slight slant to spontaneous draining of excess water from the site. Please note that, what lawn grass needs to be at the same level with the garden paths, therefore, the prepared area should be below the tracks on the thickness of the rolled turf (20-25 mm).

Выравнивание местности

The alignment of the terrain

5. The compacted soil. Now you need to carefully compacted soil for further laying on her turf. To compacted soil use manual homemade rink. Do not forget about the difference between the height garden paths and compacted soil, it should not exceed 25 mm.

 Укатка почвы

The compacted soil

6. Moisten the prepared soil with water from a hose. It is possible at this stage to carry out a soil fertilizer. To do this, use either nitrogen (in the period of spring and summer), or potassium and phosphorus (autumn).

The process of laying the turf with their hands

Процесс укладки рулонного газона своими руками

The process of laying the turf with their hands

So, the soil is prepared, you can safely move to the process of laying the turf with their hands. Again, the whole process is split into phases, for more easy understanding:

1. Laid lawn throughout the prepared area. Rolled coils need to be laid butt-to-butt, that would not be light lining the edges of each other. Laying turf needs to implement from one side to the other, what would in any case not to step on the unrolled material. If for any reason you have to step on the unrolled roll, lay it flat on a wooden Board and go for it. Mount turf is inconspicuous pegs. Never bend turf in the horizontal plane, because. this will entail the formation of folds and gap junctions.

2. Carry out trimming of the speaker (extra) lawn. It is recommended to use a sharp bayonet shovel or an ordinary knife. Be sure to cover the cut roll a layer of mulch, to prevent weathering, moisture from under the stacked coil.

3. Break ready lawn area manual roller. This is necessary in order, what would the joints more tightly glued together. If lawn grass is too dry, it is possible to slightly moisten.

4. Make daily watering of turf grass. It remains only to pour (in the truest sense of the word) lawn grass water, what would turf faster familiar with your country site, and you can enjoy its pleasant appearance. In the first week is necessary to monitor the water saturation of the lawn, this allowed the edges to lift the carpet and look at the moisture level of the soil. If necessary, increase the dose of irrigation. The recommended dose is 10-15 liters of water per 1 m2 turf. Please note that, for watering of turf grass is best to install a sprinkler installation sprinkler, carefully flood the carpet and will not damage it. If you'll be watering manually (hose) you must use a special nozzle, otherwise direct a jet of water will damage the carpet, especially if the pressure is high.

This is the technology of laying of turf with their hands. As you can see, the process is quite laborious and requires careful implementation of each stage.

Care of rolled turf

That would be an ornamental form of turf you could enjoy for several decades, you must exercise proper care for lawn grass.

To do this, the lawn should be thoroughly watered, mow and fertilize.

About watering the lawn we have said, it is necessary to exercise daily. If you are not able on their own every day to water the lawn, use automatic watering system, which not only will save your time, but will rational use of water resources.

Полив рулонного газона

Watering of turf

First mowing the lawn should be carried out not later than a week after laying. Further haircut is necessary to carry out, when the grass height exceeds 6 cm (although it is possible to cut and when 4 cm). For cutting you need to use lawnmower, which should be maneuverable and easy to operate.

Стрижка рулонного газона

Mowing of turf

I hope, this entry brought to you by new knowledge! We also recommend you to read the article: the green roof their hands!

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