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Why you need a generator?

Выбираем генератор для дачи

Imagine this situation, How long were you going to go to the country with friends, and here, unfortunately, on arrival there was a blackout. The reason for this may be that the crash is on the line (a tree fell on a pole, a gust of wind damaged the wiring, etc.), and ordinary repairs (the replacement of power lines). What would stay is not covered fully, it would be good to pre-purchase to testify this technique, as a generator.

The generator is a small-size unit, which is able to generate electricity from fuel (diesel, petrol or gas). In other words, the generator is a mobile substation for the home and garden.

The cost of the generator is a little high, but its life and usefulness pays off over time. Today, there are 3 the most popular generators for cottages: petrol, diesel and gas. In this article we will discuss the main advantages and disadvantages generators, and define, of all types better to buy for a suburban area.

The advantages and disadvantages of different generators

Today between competing gasoline and diesel generator. Gas unit a little way, because. in the Russian market appeared relatively recently, in 2006 year.

Gasoline generator

Most often, diesel generators are used in suburban areas, which are visited only for vacation. The same petrol unit owners actively acquiring sites, which often occurs a power outage.

Бензиновый генератор

Gasoline generator

The advantage of petrol generators is the following:

  • The lowest cost units
  • Small size, and accordingly, and weight
  • Easy to use
  • Gasoline generators run on fuel AI-92, which is the most common among motorists. Therefore, if the owner of the cottages have a car, you can always pour a little bit of gasoline, if the reserve for the generator suddenly ended.

As for the disadvantages of petrol generators, they are as follows:

  • The minimum capacity of the units (no more 7 kW). Accordingly, the number of electrical appliances, which is able to withstand this generator, is minimized.
  • Problems, associated with the engine overheating
  • Short time continuous operation (to 8 hours of operation)

Diesel generator

Diesel generator is more expensive and is used in the case, if you want to serve more appliances for a longer period of time.

Дизельный генератор

Diesel generator

Advantages of diesel generator:

  • A higher power unit (from 10 to 15 kW)
  • Long life
  • Not so much pollute the atmosphere, as a petrol unit (exhaust cleaner)
  • More safe to use
  • The engine does not overheat when operating

Disadvantages of diesel generator:

  • Increased noise level. So to install it you need away from recreation areas and homes.
  • The higher cost of the unit
  • The more expensive the maintenance and repair of motor
  • In the winter time to run the diesel generator is quite difficult (due to the fact, that the fuel thickens)

Gas generator

Газовый генератор

Gas generator

Recently on the market appeared gas generators. They can operate from gas cylinder, and the Central highway.

The advantage of the gas generator:

  • Low level of air pollution
  • Low cost fuel for generating electricity (gas is half the price of gasoline)
  • High power generator (to 13 kW)
  • Long life
  • The compactness and portability of the units (are lightweight)
  • More stable (the damage can occur very rarely)
  • When connecting to the Central gas pipe can work for unlimited time

As for the disadvantages of the gas generator, it is considered the core of his value, which is a bit above the other two options.

We note that, the cost of the gas generator is not a drawback, because. due to the low cost of gas, the unit pays for itself very quickly (if they are hard to use).

How to choose the right generator to give?

Gasoline generator

In order, to correctly choose gasoline generator, need to know the necessary power and service life.

Power generator depends on the type of engine: two-stroke or four-stroke. The first is not suitable for the electrical supply of cottages, because. have a capacity of about 1 kW. Another disadvantage of two-stroke engines – problems with starting in winter. We recommend that You purchase a generator with four-stroke engine, whose power ranges 6 kW (this will be enough).

To know the necessary power generator, you need to add up all the appliances, You want to use during a power outage in the country. For example, summarize the power of the refrigerator, TV and lamps, then multiply this figure in 1,5 times. It will need a power generator.

The lifespan of a simple gasoline generator is not more than 500 hours. This indicator depends on the quality of materials Assembly, as well as the design of the engine. If you upgrade the unit purchased (for example, to equip a cast-iron cylinder liners), the service life can grow to 1500 hours. Most have a service life of industrial diesel generators. This is due to their design (valve are on top, not the side), as well as the fact, the oil is fed automatically into the system. This is why industrial generators have a high cost.

Diesel generator

When choosing a diesel generator to give you must consider the following elements:

  • The frequency of use of the unit
  • Engine power
  • Engine type
  • Generator type
  • Terms of use

Diesel generators can be used as backup power sources and permanent. The frequency of use of the unit it is necessary to build in the first place.

Engine power

As we have said, the power of the engine of the generator will depend on, what appliances You need to use at the cottage. Based on this, made a precise calculation, and suitable, select an appropriate engine power. For unclaimed owners, that use generator as backup, will fit models with a capacity of up to 5 kW. Otherwise you need to buy the engine, power from 10 to 40 kW, which is enough to supply electricity to the whole house.

Engine type

Engine type depends on, how often have to use diesel generator. If 500 hours per year will be enough, it is recommended to choose a high-revving engine (frequency 3000 rpm). If the generator will be used more often, you need to opt for engines with speeds up to 1500 rpm. The advantage of the latter option is a longer service life and less noise.

Generator type

There are asynchronous and synchronous devices. The first approach in that case, if you will use appliances, which contribute to high voltage drops. If there are no such appliances in the country, it is recommended to use synchronous generators, in addition, they are more durable.

Terms of use

There 3 basic design of diesel generators: open, metal frame, container and trailer type.

Open, metal frame used in that case, if the generator is used frequently. For these units it is necessary to allocate a separate room with heating and good ventilation system.

Открытый генератор на металлической раме

Outdoor generator on a metal frame

Generator container type apply, if the unit is used as a backup. It is set on the street and due to the fact, what is in the container, not damaged in adverse weather conditions.

Генератор контейнерного типа

Generator container type

The generator trailer is a chassis and a movable device to move the mobile. In suburban areas rarely used, but still it is an option.

Генератор трейлерного типа

Generator trailer type

Gas generator

Gas generators are selected on the basis of the following conditions:

  • The necessary power generator
  • Terms of use
  • Fuel source

As for power gas generators, it, as in the previous cases, you need to decide on the number of electrical appliances you will use. On the basis of this selected unit of suitable capacity.

Terms of use can be non-permanent and permanent. In the first case, the gas generator for the cottages is used as a backup and can operate continuously for 6-20 hours (depending on the intensity of use). After this time the generator must be shut down for a couple of hours, that would he cool. If this requirement is not to comply with, the service life of the gas generator be significantly reduced.

As gas generators for continuous operation, they are more complex in design. A feature of the construction lies in the fact, the generator is equipped with an automatic liquid cooling system: when the unit warms up, it will be automatically shutdown and cooling. Complete the gas generator, there are special inverter, with the help of which you can supply the most important appliances (for example, refrigerator and fixtures), until the generator cools down.

When choosing a gas generator of constant action it is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • The design of the gas generator should have easy access to the engine, you can without problems repair and Assembly service.
  • It is not strange, a gas generator for permanent use must be heavy. This feature will attest to the fact, that engine is made of thick metal, that positively affects the life of the gas generator to give.
  • The engine generator shall have a frequency of at least 1500 rpm.
  • The oil container should be large. The more tank, the less will be the oil change.

Well, the last criterion of selection of the gas generator, a source of fuel. There's a technique, working from the cylinder, and generators, running from the main pipeline. There are also models, the design of which involves the use of any fuel source.

It should be noted, today the gas generators for the garden can run on methane, propane and even biogas!

In addition to these criteria we also recommend you to consider additional recommendations on the choice of the gas generator:

  1. There are single-phase and three-phase generators. If you are the owner of a small garden, enough to buy the first option. Owners of two-storey cottages with all the modern appliances you need to purchase three phase gas generator.
  2. In modern units, there are many useful features, such as: sensor oil control, system turn off automatically, electrostatic Fi. When choosing a generator, pay attention to the presence of additional functions..
  3. If the gas generator will be purchased as a backup energy source, be sure to pay attention to, what would the kit includes a special casing, to protect the unit during bad weather.

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How to choose generator for giving your hands?


Control methods of the generator

When choosing a generator it is necessary to note another very important criterion, which relate to the aggregates of any type – control method.

Today there are generators manual, semi-automatic and automatic control.

Manual control involves setting and connection of the generator only on the product (manually). As a rule, generators with manual control have a minimal set of features.

Semi-automatic generators are more convenient to use. As a rule, included generators manually, but control is possible in automatic mode. Please note that, that semi-automatic generators are the same units, which can be controlled using the remote control.

Automatic generators are the most functional and easy to use. A special shield automatic control of the generator can be installed anywhere, at a distance from the unit. For example, you can install the generator in a special garden building, to control it from home, installing the shield in the hallway. This is not only convenient, but safely.

So You got acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of generators for the garden. I hope, the provided information will help you with the choice of generator for the house with his own hands!

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How to choose generator for giving your hands?
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