How to make a ceiling in the bath with his hands?

The construction of the ceiling in the bath is a very time consuming process. As bath is a room with high humidity and temperature, it is necessary to provide quality hydro-, heat- and vapor barrier not only walls, but the ceiling. Next, we consider all the nuances of the installation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands. Before presenting the technology of construction of the bath ceiling, you need to understand what materials are suitable for insulation, hydro-, heat- and vapor barrier, and what lumber to use for the headliner. That's where we'll start our article.

Board ceiling in the bath

Потолок в бане своими руками

The ceiling in the bath with his hands

The plank ceiling in the bath is presented by special requirement, because. load-bearing wooden structure should be not only durable, but durable.

The most popular varieties of wood to create the ceiling in the bath are larch, aspen, cedar and pine needles.

It is recommended to use for assembling ceiling ladder or planed floorboards, thickness not less than 50 mm, this allows you to make the ceiling design suitable for attic office.

When choosing boards for cladding the ceiling in the bath, you must carefully inspect the lumber for the presence of knots, cracks and deformations from drying out, because. these injuries are not appropriate to create ceiling.

Before you begin to create a ceiling with his hands, you need to carefully handle the lumber protective antiseptic. The purpose of the antiseptic protection of wood from rotting, of spontaneous combustion and insect damage.

Materials for thermal insulation of the ceiling in the bath

Insulating the ceiling in the bath is an important event, because. depends on the preservation of heat in the room. If the insulation will be high quality, then to heat the steam room to the recommended temperature (80-90onWith) it takes much less time and the fuel itself (coal, wood, gas or even electricity).

The most popular insulation for the ceiling in the bath is mineral wool. It is durable, non-flammable, effectively holds heat, easy to assemble and is very absorbent. As a rule, for insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands you will need a rolled basalt wool with a thickness of 10 cm. The disadvantage of mineral wool in the high price of the material

Утепление потолка в бане минеральной ватой

Insulating the ceiling in the bath with mineral wool

Cheaper, but at the same time, a less efficient material for insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands is penoizol. Penoizol is an environmentally friendly material, which holds heat well and easily fills all voids and cracks in the ceiling. The lack of penoizol in, that insulating the ceiling this material is a one-time event. If necessary, repair the ceiling structure will need to completely remove penoizol, that is also time-consuming work.

Утепление потолка в бане пеноизолом

Insulating the ceiling in the bath with penoizol

If the design of the bath does not provide attic office, the ceiling can be insulated with mix clay with sawdust, expanded clay or even sand.

Утепление потолка в бане керамзитом

Insulating the ceiling in the bath expanded clay

Waterproofing of the ceiling in the bath

Another, not less important event is waterproofing the ceiling in the bath. Waterproofing material should be laid over insulation.

For waterproofing of the ceiling is recommended to use the foil material. It can be easily attached to the ceiling joists, protects the ceiling from moisture and also has a relatively reasonable price.

Less effective material for waterproofing of the ceiling in bath their owner is durable plastic film, but it does not have so high waterproofing and strength properties, as the foil material.

If the attic space in the bath is not provided, you can use thin concrete screed for waterproofing of the ceiling in the bath, but this is an extreme case.

Vapor barrier ceiling in the bath

Пароизоляция потолка в бане

Vapor barrier ceiling in the bath

As bath is a building with high humidity, the ceiling is a must to protect from steam, who will seek up in the steam room. Vapour barrier the ceiling in the bath better to use the foil material.

Dimensions of the vapour-barrier foil should be such, what would the edge of material fell on the sauna wall on each side at least 7-10 cm. This is necessary in order, that can be a vapor barrier on the walls and ceiling together.

Less effective vapor barrier ceiling in the bath provide such materials, as wax paper, thick cardboard, varnish impregnated or dense plastic film.

The construction of the ceiling in the bath with his hands

So, we have reviewed the basic materials for the construction of the ceiling in the bath, and to ensure that his paro-, heat- and waterproofing. We now turn to the technology of installation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands.

Today, there are three basic designs of ceilings for a bath: boarding, flat and panel, let us examine the advantages and features of construction of each of the ceilings.

Please note that, the source for the creation of the ceiling are fully erected walls with pinned beams.

Podshivnoy ceiling

If you want to create in the bath attic office and you have sufficient amount of money, podshivnoy ceiling in the bath is the most feasible option.

The advantage of ceiling boarding in, he has high strength and it can build even Builder newbie.

The disadvantage of suspended ceiling is to high material costs, associated with increased lumber consumption.

The technology to create ceiling boarding in the bath with your hands consists of the following steps:

  1. From the room to the ceiling joists fastened edged or tongue-and-groove Board
  2. On top of the fixed boards (from the attic) fit vapor barrier material (it is best to apply the foil material)
  3. The vapor barrier is placed a heater (mineral wool most suitable option)
  4. On top of mineral wool fit insulation (you can again use the foil material). Pay attention to the fact, the thickness of the "pie" of the paro-, heat- and waterproofing should not exceed the upper edge of ceiling beams.
  5. Beams sewn on the ladder boards. In this case you can use even unedged boards.
Монтаж подшивного потолка в бане

Installation of suspended ceiling in the bath


A – beams, B – Board ceiling inside the room (their thickness should be not less than 4 cm), In – vapour-barrier material, Mr. heater, D – layer waterproofing, E – the covering of ceiling from the attic.

As you can see, nothing complicated in creating a suspended ceiling in the bath with his own hands no, important carefully attach all the materials, that there were no gaps.

Grazing the ceiling

Technology installation of grazing ceiling in the bath with his hands is even more simple, than the installation of a suspended ceiling.

Most often, flat ceilings used for construction of the baths without attic office. One of the requirements for the construction of a flat ceiling – the maximum span width, which should not be more than 2,5 meter.

The advantage of grazing the ceiling is, this kind of ceiling for the bath is the most cheap and simple in construction. The lack of grazing the ceiling is the complexity of the repair of the ceiling structure, because. in this case, the heater is not covered and it can easily be damaged during the repair.

Please note that, the design of the flat ceiling does not require installation of ceiling beams, but at the same time requires, what would the walls of the room were thick and durable (better, if it's not piers, and load-bearing walls of buildings).

Technology installation of grazing ceiling in the bath is as follows:

  1. On the upper edges of the walls of the bath are placed on the Board, shot down in the shield
  2. On top of the hardwood flooring is laid vapor barrier material, which is fixed to the boards construction steppleton.
  3. The vapor barrier is placed a heater. If used as insulation mineral wool, the difficulties will not arise. If you decide to insulate the ceiling in the bath expanded clay, should the contours of the wood flooring to create the protective bumpers from the boards.
Монтаж настильного потолка в бане

Installation of grazing ceiling in the bath


A – wooden flooring ceiling, B – vapor barrier ceiling, In – insulation, G – protective wooden sides

Panelled ceiling

Well, the last of the ceiling for the bath – panelled ceiling. Its design is the most difficult, which entails an increased volume of work. The mounting panel of the ceiling in the bath is rarely used, preferring the less time – consuming analog- boarding the ceiling. Despite this, we will consider, how to make a panelled ceiling in the bath with his hands.

Panel, which will consist of a ceiling, created on earth's surface, and then go up to the place of installation. To facilitate transport of the panels from the ground at bath, make them empty, and when install, go to the heat- and waterproofing (the vapor barrier is immediately).

So, that would make the panel the ceiling in the bath with his hands, you must carry out the following steps:

Stage 1. On a flat earth surface to create the wood panels. To create a panel, use two bars, length, which is equal to the width of the opening. The bars are fastened together planed boards, thick 5 cm and a length of 60 cm. The distance between the two bars of panels shall be 50 cm, accordingly, the Board will go on the sides of the panels 5 cm on each side. Mount boards to the bars should be carried out with nails.

Вид панели



And- Bars panel, B – planed boards (plating), In places of fastening of boards with nails.

Stage 2. Inside each panel is attached vapor barrier foil material, it is recommended to use a construction stapler.

Пароизоляция панели

Vapor barrier panel


A vapor barrier, B – a place of fastening of foil material to the panel.

Stage 3. Panels are temporary wooden slats, that would be upon delivery of the panels upstairs baths, the design is not deformed.

Укрепление потолочной панели

The strengthening of the roof panel


A temporary wooden slats (jib).

Stage 4. Panels are placed on the upper edge of the load-bearing walls. At the points of contact of the walls with the panels should be laid jute, which will serve as a weatherstrip. If the width of the wall is 15 cm, the panel should take 5 cm on each side (the slouchy fit), the rest 10 cm of the walls remain to install the roof to the rafters.

Установка панельного потолка в бане

Installation of a panel ceiling in the bath


A – ceiling panels in the bath, B – seal (jute).

Stage 5. Over the insulation on the installed panels fit the heater, on top of which is fixed a layer of waterproofing material. In the joints between the panels also fit heat- and waterproofing.

Stage 6. Insulated and protected from water panels are attached to each other using wooden boards, thickness not less than 4 cm. Please note that, what Board length should equal the length of the fastened panels (for example, if the ceiling consists of five panels 0,6 meter, the length of the Board should be 3 meter). Boards should connect the panel through each meter, the rest of the space you need to sew up the short boards, long 60 cm (as shown in the picture). Transverse joints between the short boards are covered with overlay Board.

Конструкция панельного потолка

Design panel ceiling


A layer of vapor barrier, B – the insulation layer, In the layer of waterproofing, Mr. insulation between panels, D – a solid Board for bonding all panels, E – short of sheathing Board, W – the following solid Board (through 1 meter), 3 – bill Board.

Готовый потолок в бане

Finished ceiling in the bath

That's the whole mounting of a panel ceiling in the bath. As you can see, the ceiling in the bath with his hands you can, although you will need to carefully study the information on the creation of this design. We still recommend you to opt for boarding the ceiling and try to avoid the use of a panel ceiling to create a bath with his hands.

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