How to make a manual road roller with your hands?

Garden paths are an integral part of HOMESTEAD area. Today there is a lot of material for paving garden paths, the most popular of which are paving slabs, natural stone and pavers. These materials to create walkways in the garden are expensive and require a good knowledge of technology paving. More simple and no less effective material for garden paths is asphalt coating. In order, to asphalt the track would need paver, its price is great, even if you rent, so now we will present a very simple method of creating a manual of the rink for asphalt with their hands.

What to do the road roller with your hands?

After, as the asphalt will be laid on the marked territory, it will need to be carefully compacted into the soil. What would the future garden path was perfectly smooth, no joints and dimples, the rink should be wide (not less than 1 meter) and have a decent weight. Therefore, as a material for a homemade rink asphalt used thick-walled iron pipe or even obsolete gas cylinder. The weight of this ice rink for asphalt with their hands will be no less 100 kg, and then 200, which is enough for, that would make the asphalt track in the country.

Каток для асфальта своими руками

The road roller with your hands

In addition, that rink will serve for the laying of asphalt, it even can be used for compaction of soil under lawn and other, similar work in the garden.

Now we take a closer look at the technology of creating different types of rollers for asphalt with their hands!

The technology of creating asphalt for the rink with their hands

Skating rink of an iron pipe

In order to make a skating rink out of the pipe we will need the following tools and materials:

  • Bulgarian
  • Welding machine
  • Electrodes
  • Round metal and grinding wheel
  • Steel pipe with a diameter 30 cm (the length of the pipe 1 meter)
  • Metal corner width 50 mm and a length of not less than 2 meters
  • Bearings – 2 PCs.
  • 10 cm shaft bearing
  • Metal pipe diameter 30 mm and a length of 2,5 meter
  • Iron sheets 30*30 cm – 2 PCs.
  • Sand

So, go to the technology of creating a skating rink for asphalt with their hands.

Каток из железной трубы

Skating rink of an iron pipe

The first thing to one of the ends of 30-inch pipe weld sheet iron 30*30 cm. The sheet must be of the same diameter, as the pipe, therefore, the remaining angles cut grinder, and the joint is carefully grinded. In the result, we have a pipe with one welded end (the so-called bottom).

Now put the bottom pipe on the ground and fall asleep in her sand, carefully tamping it, because. the more sand will fit, the harder will be the road roller.

From the top of pipe of the same technology weld the second sheet of iron, then cut it and carefully grind.

In order, that would be in the capacity of the rink could continue to fill up the sand (when it is well compacted), it is recommended to do this on one side of the threaded hole and tighten tube. Construction Executive of the ice skating rink ready.

Next, go to the mechanism, which will cause the rink to spin. Take 2 bearing and hammered into them the shaft (at 5 cm each), then we catch him welding.

After that, take the metal area, and mode it into three parts: 40 cm, 40 cm 110 cm. Weld all 3 part of the letter P (40 cm cuts on the sides, 110 in the middle) and welded to the sidewalls of the finished frame of the outer part of bearing design.

Now back to the rink, the computed center of the circle to the cylinder on both sides and in this place, weld the shaft bearing, which is stuck to the bearing.

Well, in the end, to a U-shaped frame welded metal pipe, which is beforehand cut and weld a "T" (the longitudinal part of the length of 2 meter, cross 0,5 meter) to get a comfortable grip.

This is a manual build of the rink for asphalt with their hands is over.

It should be noted, what you can do without creating a bearing mechanism for the rink, instead, just make the sidewalls of the U-shaped frame holes, in which are inserted the shaft. The disadvantage of this design is the fact, what the rink will be hard to push, and therefore of no comfort will not be out of the question!

The rink from the gas cylinder

If the previous instructions, we presented the technology to create a skating rink for asphalt, this in this case, the roller can be used for rolling the soil under the lawn, because. the fixture will have little weight.

Второй вариант создания ручного катка

Another option to create manual rink

All the technology is identical to the previous technology, the only difference is in the fact, the Executive body of the rink is going to be an old gas cylinder.

So, first take the bottle, Unscrew the valve and wait, while all of the gas will be released. You should pay attention to, this procedure should be carried out away from fire, otherwise you can get dangerous injuries due to the ignition of the outflowing gas.

When the gas will come out a few times to dial in the water tank and drained it, then leave the container for a few days for ventilation.

Next, the grinder cut away the top of the cylinder, which has a rounded form (leave only a cylindrical shape), pour in tank water and top hole brew, using the welder and sheet iron.

As in the previous case, the corners of the sheet to be cut and carefully oshlifovyvat. It should be noted, very often the container has a longitudinal convex seams, they also need to level shlifovannymi circle, what would the future of the rink did not leave traces on the ground.

This manual build of the rink with their hands from a gas cylinder is considered over. As you can see, the procedure is quite simple and does not require large material costs.

Finally I would like to add, before using the rink for laying of asphalt, necessary to lubricate the cylindrical surface of the diesel fuel, what would the asphalt did not stick to the rink, due to this, the work will be easier.

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