Carport polycarbonate, corrugated Board and wood with their hands.

In the design of the suburban area an essential element of the yard is a garage for the car. It protect the car from bad weather conditions and of the hands of criminals. The problem of the garage in that, check in is it takes time and if the car needs to be put on half an hour (for example, to go home for lunch), this building will be very uncomfortable. It is therefore recommended to build a carport, which not only will save your time for car Parking, but will allow friends to leave the car, when they are your guests. Consider, how to build a carport with your own hands, as well as what roofing material is better to use.

Design features of the canopy under the car

There are two basic types of construction canopy under the car: stationary and the extension to the house.

Extension of the canopy under the car to the wall of the house takes less time and if it's the right building material, harmoniously complement the design of the entire garden plot. To secure the canopy, need a part to attach to the wall, and the second set on the support pillars (at least 2). In order, the design was sustainable, posts concreted or set the previously created concrete pad. Material for the frame and support pillars will serve as a metal profile or a wooden beam. If the total garden decor requires certain material, support can also be made from concrete, stone or brick, suitable for almost all garden styles.

Пристройка навеса под машину к стене дома

Extension of the canopy under the car to the wall

In order, that would make a stationary canopy under the car, the entire structure must be installed on the support pillar, there should be at least 4. It is recommended to install a support in increments 1-1,5 m, depending on the weight of the roofing material and overall structure.

Стационарный навес под машину

Stationary canopy under the car

The shape of the future of the structure affects the material of the frame: it can be wooden or metal, depending on this kind of roof can be straight, wavy, spherical or in the form of an arch.

The dimensions of the canopy under the car may be different: on the same machine, on 2, or a small fleet.

The size of the carport

Размеры навеса для машины

The size of the carport

The size of the carport depends on the size and number of cars, which will it be. For example, if the canopy is designed for one car length 4 m, the length of the canopy should be at least 5 m, and the width 2,5 m. If you own a jeep or minivan, the dimensions of the canopy should be: width – 3,5 m, length – 6,5 m.

To correctly calculate the height of the canopy, it is necessary to consider the height of the machine placed her cargo on the roof rack (in case, if, during heavy rain you will need something to carry). It should be noted, too high a carport that's too bad, because. there is a likelihood of slanting rain under the canopy, and the ability of wind to shake the roof. The maximum recommended height of the canopy is 2,5 meter.

How to build a carport – step by step instructions

In order, that would build a carport with your own hands, you only need to have minimal skills with hammer and saw. The type of roofing material, the design of the canopy is not affected, therefore, in most cases, the instructions for creating the carport with his own hands has the following sequence:

Step 1 – Lay the Foundation

Фундамент для навеса под машину

The Foundation for the carport under the car

There are several options of the Foundation for the canopy. It's easiest to buy ready-made Foundation blocks and with brackets and corners to attach them to the support posts.

Other the Foundation also fairly simple: dig the hole (about 1 m depth) which plug-in support, and concreted with a solution. In this case, you can also tile the area under the canopy with paving.

If you suddenly decided to pour a concrete pad, then at the same time and fill the stands.

Step 2 – Assemble the frame

Каркас деревянного навеса для машины

Frame wood carport

If the Foundation you chose ready Foundation blocks, the frame is allowed to mount immediately after the fixation of the support stands.

In that case, if you prefer a concrete pad, you must wait, while the mortar fully hardens (about 1 weeks). Do not forget, in hot weather uncured area need to pour the liquid, that would not have cracks in the Foundation.

Assemble recommended of metal profiles or wooden beams. It is recommended to choose the material for the frame with a smaller cross-sectional area, than the supporting pillars, because. the load on the frame is less.

You first need to link together and stand on top of them to fix the cross beam. After that you need to assemble the rafters and fill the crate.

Step 3 – The installation of the roof canopy

Well, in the end, start installation of roofing material carport. There are several popular variants of the roof, we now consider.

Carport polycarbonate

Навес для машины из поликарбоната

Carport polycarbonate

The roofing material can be like cell, and solid, the main difference is the following:

  1. Due to the fact that in cellular polycarbonate has an inner void, it is lighter and easier to install. The advantage of monolithic polycarbonate in, that it can withstand the greater weight of the snow masses.
  2. Cellular polycarbonate may be installed on a thin support frame. The lack of a monolithic roofing material – the need for a solid frame, which will be harder to mount.
  3. The cost of polycarbonate is less than, but life is also less.

Once you have selected a type polycarbonate proceed to its installation. To begin measure the dimensions of the frame, and then with a hacksaw or power tool cut required size of polycarbonate sheet.

You should pay attention to, when installing polycarbonate to ensure, what would the channels of the sheet were perpendicular to the ground (in this case, the moisture, penetrating inside the sheet, will yourself to go outside). Otherwise, after a certain period of time within the sheet will form bubbles of moisture, which quickly interact with the dust and provide unsightly. To clear the void will take a long time.

Pay attention to the fact, monolithic polycarbonate with a problem not associated.

Back to roof installation. Once you cut polycarbonate sheets, proceed to drilling holes for fasteners. This procedure must be done before installation of the sheets, that would not damage them. Important point – the hole diameter should be slightly larger, than the diameter of the screws .This construction technique is used due to the fact, in hot or cold weather polycarbonate expands and contracts, so if you make a hole under the diameter of the screw, during the contraction of the plastic can crack the attachment. Large holes are also harmful, because. they can get moisture and dirt, to avoid this, during mounting, use a rubber gasket (between the roofing material and screws) or sealant.

In order, to close the bottom of the polycarbonate used perforated tape, for the upper – one-piece tape.

Wooden carport

Деревянный навес для машины

Wooden carport

Of course, fully wooden carport is absurd, because. Board will pass through a moisture. Under a canopy of trees I assume, what are the elements of the framework, supporting columns and purlins. Roofing material will serve the same polycarbonate or slate.

If you want to make a solid wood carport, the roof has to be done of tightly Packed to each other boards, which are further treated with a waterproof compound.

Carport of corrugated Board

Навес для машины из профнастила

Carport of corrugated Board

Carport of corrugated Board is a good option. When mounting sheet note the following nuances:

  1. Laying sheets is made by overlapping
  2. For fastening sheets need to choose galvanized screws. In order, to avoid scratches during screwing of screws, use rubber washers, gaskets.
  3. Fixation of the sheet is carried out at the corners, only after that on all surface

Projects carports

Photo examples of canopies under the car with his hands

In order, to help you choose an original design for a canopy under the car, we offer you to get acquainted with the existing original ideas:

That's all, I would like to tell you about, how to build a carport with your own hands. We also recommend you to read the article: how to make caution: for car.

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