The benefits and technique of a camp bath

Travelers often question that, how and where you can swim and relax during the campaign. Creative bath attendants came up with the option of a camp bath, which has a simple construction and has minimal features and amenities, inherent in the traditional Russian sauna. Next, we'll talk about that, how to make a camping bath-house with your own hands, as well as how to prepare this bath to operate.
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Design of a camp bath

Конструкция походной бани

Design of a camp bath

As we have said, Hiking bath has a simple design, which allows you to make an effective steam room and even a dressing room. The major structural components of a camp bath is the frame, covering material and oven-stove.

Homemade bath camp can consist of the following materials:

Frame. It is best if the frame represented in the form of an aluminum racks, because. this material is less dangerous, than the classic wooden support. As for the last option, it also made use of to create a camping bath, but only in this case it is necessary to carefully monitor the, what would a wooden support Yes. The mounting frame is recommended with a rope or soft wire.

Covering material. When you create a camping bath with his hands covering material may be any insulating material. The most simple variant – tight plastic film, but its insulating properties and strength are pretty low. It is best to use a tarp. Please note that, that piece of material should be large, and most importantly whole. The minimum size of covering material for a field bath should be about 6*6 m.

Oven-stove. Well, the last structural element of a marching bath is its Executive body – oven. Homemade oven-stove can be represented in the form of a mesh metal box of thick wire or metal bars. If the room will be erected "white", the oven can be a fire of wooden sticks, which are lined with rounded stones.

Hiking bath: buy or make your own?

We have given you design a homemade camping bath. As you can see, to build it you need to prepare in advance covering material and frame elements. Everything else (stones, firewood, etc.) can be found already in the campaign, but it is not always possible to do so, the more the search will take a lot of time.

There is also the option ready of a camp bath, which presents a compact thermal tent easy to assemble frame. To such a camp bath can immediately be made ready lightweight version of the stove. Another important element of the finished Hiking the baths is the presence of the exhaust pipe, therefore, it is possible to maintain the temperature in the bath constantly, in this case, the stay will not prevent the smoke. Ready Hiking bath is more convenient and high-quality mobile steam, but the cost is not affordable for everyone. Pay attention to one thing ready a marching bath, the heavy weight of the furnace-heater, so if you decide to go Hiking, and not to go by car, it is unlikely that you will be convenient to constantly carry a heavy heating unit.

Features of installation of a camp bath

How to install a Hiking bath: video lesson

About the peculiarities of installation of a marching bath, we will not talk, because. all the nuances and rules of safety are provided in the instructions, included in the construction. If you do decide to do a Hiking bath with his hands, now we will tell you, how to install a homemade Hiking bath. There 2 the installation and operation of baths: traditional – "black" and pure "white". Consider both.

Installation of the bath "black"

Bath "on-black" is a classic of the genre, because. in this case, oven-stove is located and operated directly in the steam room. In this case, you must accept the fact, that the steam room will be filled with smoke, and you will definitely ipackets and provenances smoke. Despite this Hiking bath "on-black" will be more hot and longer to warm up.

Installation of the bath "on-black" consists of two main stages: the heating of the stones and installation of a steam room.

The heating of the stones

The first thing we look for suitable stones for a field bath. Only need to use rounded stones without chipping, of cracks and delamination. It is recommended to select rounded stones larger, because. they give off heat longer (although longer heat up).

Next, you need to make oven-stove. This puts the collected stones in the shape of a pyramid, and on top of the stones lay dry wood. A better option is to make the metal box of rods, at the bottom of the box to place the wood, and upstairs to lay the stones.

As soon as a stove is done, a bonfire and wait, while the stones heated to redness, this typically takes 2 to 4 hours.

Installation of steam

Монтаж парилки для бани "по черному"

Installation of the steam for the bath “on-black”

While the stones for sauna heat, it is recommended to assemble the frame of a camp bath. This should be done on the side, not to damage with fire pillar and covering material. After, as the entire frame is fully assembled, and the stones will heat to redness, proceed to the installation of a steam room.

The first thing we remove from the fire, the remaining coals and unburned wood, that would be hot rocks. Further, the area around the furnace must pour abundant water, that would extinguish all the small hot pieces, which can burn you and put the steam room to spontaneous combustion. Then near the fire laid Mat or coniferous branches, that would make the stay more comfortable and to protect themselves from the disease (the heated body can easily catch cold on the cold ground).

Once a place to be prepared, move the assembled frame Hiking baths to heated stones, covering them. That's the whole process of installation of the bath "black".

Please note that, this technology requires some skill bath things and it should be used only for true connoisseurs bath, beginners should mount bath "on white", which we now discuss.

Installation of the bath "white"

The heating of the stones

Нагрев камней аналогичен

The heating of the stones the same

Setting up a field bath "on white" not harder or easier than the previous method, the only difference in the installation of steam and furnace design. First, as in the first case, a bonfire prepared by the stones. When you create a field bath "on white" the fire should have the following design: first laid stones, they stacked firewood, then laid out the remaining stones and another layer of wood. This design improvised stoves will allow the stones to heat up faster, what, the entire volume of the stones.

Installation of steam

Походная баня "по белому"

Hiking bath “on white”

While the stones will be heated, prepare the elements of the frame and fastened them into one design, and cover with a vapor barrier the steam room far too early. The collected steam room should be near the fire, you can quickly move the hot stones inside.

As for the stones, they will need to roll in the steam room. It is recommended to dig a shallow groove from the fire to the place of installation of the furnace-heater. When will warm stones, get down to business. Using a small shovel or a thick branch, recline with the fire burning and burnt wood, that would have left only the stones. Further, the stones neatly perekidyvaem in the gutter, collecting in the steam room a small oven-stove. After all the stones will be delivered to camp bath, pour water in the ditch, to extinguish small pieces of coal and other residues from fire. Now you can cover the bath. This must be done carefully, that would cover the material is not ignited from the stones. Bottom-covering material must be fixed with the help of improvised means (logs, stones or even sand) and all, Hiking bath "on white" ready!

In this case, the heated stones will only give heat, while smoke will not, actually, therefore, this type of a camp bath is called "white", clean.

The rules of operation of a camp bath

Самодельная походная баня

Homemade bath camp

Despite the fact, training camp bath to the operation takes a long time, relax it will not be long, because. heated stones cool down quickly, the more that you pour water.

Please note that, that hot stones, especially with defects (crack, pothole, etc.) can "to shoot", that is, to crack and shoot a small fiery pieces. That would not get burned on these stones, stay away from the oven. It is important to know, when you water stones with water, the risk that they will start to crack, is minimized.

So should pay attention to the location of the furnace in a Hiking bath. A stove should be on the opposite side of the door. First, with this arrangement, you can more safely log in/out of the bath, and secondly, through the cracks in the tent will be warm.

An important feature of the operation of a camp bath is the definition of rest time in it, what to know what the sunset will be the last. If hot steam is committed to the top one solid wave, so, there is still a lot of time relaxing in the bath. If couples of the same solid wave to get to the bottom, forming a dense fog, so, this is your last sunset.

Just draw your attention to the fact, near Hiking bath must be a river, in which you will dip after the sauna. While the stones will be heated, it is recommended to prepare a place for bathing: check the bottom of the presence of items, you can get hurt, etc.

The cost of a camp bath

Today, a marching bath is made as domestic, and foreign manufacturers. The price of ready-made Hiking baths varies 25-30 thousand rubles (the kit includes thermo tent, oven-stove and chimney).

Готовая походная баня

Ready Hiking bath

Please note that, that it is possible to significantly save money, making the frame of a marching bath with their hands and purchasing only compact oven-stove with chimney.

In this case, the furnace will cost approximately 8-9 thousand rubles, and the hood around 1 thousand rubles!

Компактная печь к походной бане

Compact stove for a Hiking bath

The above mentioned cost of ready-made Hiking baths and elements of its design are approximate and taken from the official websites of the shops!

Photo examples of improvised and prepared a camp bath

Offer to your attention photos of a camp bath, hand made, and ready a camp bath, manufactured by factory:

As you can see, there is a difference, and not only by external decoration, but the quality and warmth retention, as well as all the functionality of a camp bath!

That's all, I would like to tell you about Hiking the baths. Choosing between the, that would buy a Hiking bath or to do with their hands, based on their own skill and the frequency of trips, because. for one time to acquire a structure for 30 of thousands makes no sense!

How to install a Hiking bath: video lesson
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