Garden sculptures from plants: worthy replacement copiar

Original alternative to topiary

Topiary is the art of cutting ornamental shrubs and trees to give them unusual shapes, which decorate the landscape design of the plot. A significant drawback of the topiary is, what kind of plants should be carefully monitored, and the haircut on the shoulder only to an experienced specialist., which is not cheap.



It should also be noted, to create a beautiful topiary forms will require at least 3-5 years, that is often the main cause of the search for alternatives.

What would your garden was decorated with sculptures of plants you can do without the topiary, using a special mold, overgrown lawn grass or low-growing flowers.

Зеленая скульптура из сетки и газона

Green sculpture from the grid and lawn

We will now consider, how to make a green sculpture in the garden with his own hands!

Materials and tools to create sculpture

In order, that would make a garden sculpture with his own hands, you will need the following materials:

  • Steel wire, of a thickness exceeding 8 mm

  • The material for bonding wire (welding or binding wire)

  • Polypropylene or steel mesh (you can use the smaller section)

  • Straw

  • Fertile soil

  • Special nutrient mixture for planting lawn grass

  • Seeds dwarf plants or lawn grass

Of the tools we will need a watering can with water, the trowel and welding machine (if you will use welding wire).

Once all materials and tools will be prepared, you can immediately go on to create garden sculptures.

Create garden sculptures

The process of creating sculptures from plants is not difficult, but will take you some time. Whatever information is easily perceived, will provide all the technology step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 — Choose the form of the sculpture

First we need to decide on the form of garden sculpture. When it's important to consider the overall landscape design and garden style.

By far the most popular forms are:

  • Regular geometric shape (ball, pyramid, cube)

  • Fantastic heroes (for example, gnomes)

  • Animals (lions, elephants, hippos, cats)

After, as a form of sculpture will be selected, move on to the process of creating.

Step 2 — Create the design

Using a steel wire, create a framework for future sculpture. It is recommended to fasten wire welding, so the design will be more resistant and durable. If for any reason the welding machine is not there, using tie wire can be quite reliably secure structural elements.

Step 3 — Prepare body sculpting

Body sculpture we will be fertile soil, mixed with a nutrient mixture. The exact mixing ratio of elements indicated on the packaging of nutrient mixture.

In order, what would the body of the sculpture was viscous and not scattered immediately after the creation of the sculpture, add to the mix a little straw, in advance of wetting the soil with water.

Step 4 — Building the mesh sculpture

Steel mesh will protect the soil from precipitation and will make the design of the sculpture more stable. If your shape is mounted vertically, then wrap the mesh in its lower part. In that case, if the shape is horizontal (for example, lying on the ground mermaid), it is necessary to strengthen the flanks of the sculpture.

Step 5 — Fill the soil in the frame

Using moistened the soil with straw, carefully fill the mixture in the frame of the wire. The mixture should not be too thin, otherwise the soil will begin to seep through the cell.

That would remove excess soil and give the sculpture a beautiful shape, use the trowel.

Body garden figures should be tightly Packed with soil, voids should not, otherwise, after the subsidence of the soil the figure will lose its shape.

Step 6 — Sowing seeds

Once a piece of land will be created, proceed to the final stage — the sowing seeds of turf grass or low-growing plants.

We recommend you to combine flowers and grass to create interesting garden sculptures.

That you understand the essence of the combination will give an example: when creating a figure of a lion, mane we recommend that you create from colors, and the rest of the body from the lawn.

Зеленый лев в саду

Green lion in the garden

Step 7 Care sculpture

Until that time, as a lawn grass and flowers cover the body of the sculpture is fully, should be watered the entire object. Please note that, when watering garden figures caution must come first. It is recommended to water the shape of a watering can, t. to. water from the hose can wash away soil from high-pressure.

That's the whole process of creating a garden figures from plants with their hands. As you can see, nothing complicated, most important thing is to perform each of the stages.

It should be noted, that extra stability the sculpture will give the root system of plants, which with time will grow across the ground!

Пример готовой садовой скульптуры из растения

An example of a finished garden sculptures of plants

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