Siding as the material for landscaping: types of siding, advantages, installation and care at home.

Innovation in exterior cladding for various buildings and constructions is the so-called siding. Is a siding panel made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are easily assembled into the grooves and create a monolithic and decorative design of buildings. Now we will talk about the history of the siding, its types, the benefits, disadvantages and installation instructions!
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The history of the siding and the best manufacturers

First of all, to understand the meaning of the term "siding". The same word is a material (prefabricated panels) the process (I can even say technology) trim a home decorative material.

Сайдинг на даче

Siding in the country

On the market of construction materials siding is a relatively small period of time (no more 70 years). His first was made in the USA and Canada, in the postwar period, by the end of the 90s siding has actively begun to flood the markets of the CIS countries, where still popular.

It is worth noting, what is the highest degree of quality siding panels are in the countries-founders: America and Canada, so if you want the decorative material lasts as long as possible, it is better to restartitis on the purchase of siding from the following manufacturers:

Mitten – occupies a leading position in the production of siding. Country of origin: Canada, the production itself siding Mitten lasts for over half a century. Data siding panel established themselves as a quality, reliable and durable material, that is why the price is higher, than all other manufacturers. The color range of siding Mitten is quite large and has many nice colors.

Производители сайдинга

Manufacturers of siding

Gentek, as canadian production of siding. Firm, as Mitten, is on the market for over half a century and is considered the main competitor of the above manufacturer. Quality siding Gentek time-tested, so the price is slightly higher, than the rest of the competition.

Cheaper panels, but as well of excellent quality provide the following canadian manufacturers of siding: Vytec, Novik and Kaycan. You should pay attention to the company Remico, which is officially the canadian firm, but it has a lot of negative reviews, like Chinese fakes and Polish production, therefore it is better to date, not to risk buying the siding from this manufacturer.

Among the most high-quality American siding allocate materials from companies Foundry, Georgia Pacific and Nailite. A more economical version of the American production is the siding from Heartland, Elixir and Variform. It should be noted, that last 3 us firms give the siding a good quality, but they are not much better, than the top Russian manufacturers (for example, Alta Profile), so it makes no sense to overpay on the purchase of this American siding, it is better to support domestic producers!

Siding: advantages and disadvantages

Siding is one of the most new materials for cladding buildings. It is used not only for landscape design garden buildings, but for covering the city's buildings, banks, petrol stations, grocery stores etc. The popularity of the siding due to the fact, the material has many advantages and only a few nondescript cons, some of which we now speak.

Among the most important benefits of siding, it should be noted:

  • The durability of the material (over 50 years of service)
  • Pleasant aesthetic appearance and wide range of colors
  • The different material panels (tree, cement, vinyl, metal)
  • Easy care material
  • The siding allows the building to "breathe", because. has special holes in panels. This advantage prevents the appearance of fungus and mold under the skin.
  • A wide range of prices, allows you to purchase the siding of a suitable quality for various constructions
  • Easy Assembly/dismantling
  • Does not require professional skills construction works
  • Not fade (and if it's bad quality, the weak fade) the sun
  • Has good water resistance, resistance to frost and mechanical damage

As you can see, the advantages of this material "Car and small truck", but the disadvantages of only a few (main):

  • The material is synthetic (ie. has no sustainability)
  • Vinyl siding is very brittle at sub-zero temperatures
  • Vinyl siding has a strong Flammability and flammable, moreover, to put out its very difficult
  • If you bend the metal siding, you can immediately go for a new panel, because. leveling material is practically impossible (except that with special machines in STO, but in this case it would be cheaper to change the panel)
  • Wood siding has a small dolgovechnost

Given the shortcomings, we think, are critical and fundamental for, that would bypass the siding side, therefore, we suggest that you to create a decorative finish at home with this material!

Types of siding

Today, there are 5 the main types of siding, which differ from each other by material – vinyl, metal, ground, wood and cement. Next, we consider each of the panels.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular of all the existing types of material. Its advantage is excellent corrosion resistant properties, a wide range of colors and durability. Vinyl siding panels can be various widths: from 0,1 to 0,5 m, have a length in 3-4 m and a thickness of 1,5 mm. The most significant disadvantage of vinyl siding is its high ability to collapse when mounting in the winter.

Виниловый сайдинг

Vinyl siding

The most popular vinyl siding colors are all pastel shades. Panel, painted in bright colors, will cost much higher due to the high prices of supplements, quality improvement, siding.

Another advantage of vinyl siding is easy to care for, because. PVC boards will not stick the dust and debris. The only pollutant – fat, which can be easily removed with a detergent (about this we will talk later).

It should be noted, vinyl panels is not possible to paint yourself, because. because of its adhesive properties, the material simply will repel the paint, although the painting and there is no need, because the panels do not fade.

Relief vinyl siding can be as perfectly smooth, and bulk (with the presence of convex decorative patterns on the surface), it all depends on the preferences and financial opportunities buyers.

Have vinyl siding, there is another important negative during the heat panels emit the characteristic sound (kind of like the stuff crack), which is due to the fact, that dilate/constrict with changes in temperature.

Metal siding

Металлический сайдинг

Metal siding

Unlike vinyl siding, metal is more durable, break not the cold, no noise when heating and most important – do not burn. In the market of building materials, metal siding is still inferior to vinyl, because. corrosion, has more weight, which is slightly complicates the installation of the panels, and is more expensive.

Metal siding is commonly used for sheathing various building warehouses, hangars and industrial buildings. Landscape design garden metal siding is not proved as suitable material.

One of the varieties of metal siding is aluminum siding. He also inferior to vinyl, but prevails over ordinary (steel). Aluminum siding has the following advantages: corrode, order of magnitude lighter than steel and requires simple care. The disadvantage of aluminum siding is a common drawback for all metal panels – no recovery after mechanical damage.

The surface of the metal siding can be smooth, and with the special holes for fixing. The panels can be notched (as in the case with vinyl siding). Variety of colors of metal siding is very wide and will suit any taste.

Standard metal panel can be as long, and short, with a width of 12 to 55 cm and a thickness of 0,5 mm. Fastening the metal panels can be carried out both vertically and horizontally (if the panel is universal) with the help of screws for metal.

Wood siding

Деревянный сайдинг

Wood siding

Wood siding is the oldest form of this material, that started it all. For covering houses, the Americans used smooth, polished wooden boards, which additionally were stained and processed antiseptic means. Wooden panels were attached using a specially-crafted puzzles.

Today, wooden siding panel lost its popularity, because. their more practical embossed PVC panels.

The advantage of wood siding the ecological material, the ability to paint the panel on the taste of acrylic paints and traditional appearance of garden buildings.

The disadvantage of wooden panels is considered low durability, the susceptibility to decay, high probability of spontaneous combustion and other negative properties, characteristic of wood.

Cement siding

Цементный сайдинг

Cement siding

Cement siding, as a variety of decorative otedeki, there is but almost no one uses it.

The merit of a cement siding that, the panels have an embossed surface, which when installed on a building creates the look of natural stone. The main advantages of siding are cementnogo:

  • High strength material
  • High rate of fire resistance, frost, moisture resistance and durability
  • The construction is more luxurious, than when making other types of siding
  • Cement siding has a high durability

Disadvantages of cement siding are:

  • High weight panels, which complicates the Assembly/disassembly design
  • The high price of siding

Ground siding

Цокольный сайдинг

Ground siding

Ground siding is a good option of decorating houses, the owners are willing to make a building unique and more creative.

Panel ground siding have a raised surface, which simulates natural stone. In this regard, ground siding has been used on more than cement, because ground siding has the following advantages:

  • Easier cement
  • Panels can be installed on the outside, and from inside the house
  • Easy installation design
  • A wide range of colors and patterns three-dimensional surfaces
  • Lack of careful maintenance of the panels
  • High durability of the material

So we dismantled the most popular types of siding, apply today. We now turn to the more important question: "How is the siding installation and care?".

Siding installation

Siding installation is a simple job, which can take 1-2 day, depending on the used tool and work volumes.

Before starting work you need to get the next tool:

  • Line
  • Building level
  • Area
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw and metal shears
  • Rope and chalk

It must be noted, nearly every siding manufacturer provides a set of material brief instructions for its installation.

In order, what would "sew" the house siding needed to be done a certain sequence of works, namely:

  1. Prepare the surface of the building. At this stage it is necessary to remove all existing elements of the house, that would interfere with the siding installation, namely: obnalichniki doors and Windows, wind boards, fixtures under the lights (if there are) etc. It should be noted, if you are going to fix the siding on the existing Board, you want to view them for rot and if it is – delete it, because. the process will progress over time. Also be sure to check the building level, the evenness of the walls and window openings, it may be necessary to carry out measures to align the design of the house.
  2. Create a wooden or metal grate. If the house is only built and covered the whole boards, in the presence of the sheathing is not necessary. If the building is old, make sure you create a wooden crate of timber 50*80 mm. Place the bars must be strictly vertically, in the distance 40 cm from each other. Mounting can be done either galvanized nails, or screws. In the presence of window openings, it is additionally necessary to fix the bars horizontally on the top and bottom of the window.
  3. Fasten the panel on the crate. The first thing you need to fasten lower a starting strip around perimeter of building. On launch pad fastened the first row of panels, followed by the remaining rows with additional accessories. Among the accessories for installation of siding emit: obnalichniki, external and internal corners, sofina panel, moldings, J-strap, F bracket etc. The process of attaching siding is a simple and, explaining all of the text, to scare you, because. will be time consuming, so better we will provide a video lesson, which will explain all the nuances of the fastening siding panels and pre-work, to be implemented:
Video tutorial on installation of siding

As you can see, the fastening of the siding is not difficult and no special skills in construction works! This out, it remains only to tell you about that, how to properly care for siding paneling!

Caring for siding

As mentioned earlier, siding panel, no matter what material, does not require special care. All you need, to monitor the cleanliness of siding.

Уход за сайдингом

Caring for siding

In order, what would the panel was clean need to wash them from the oily residue with water from a hose.

Еще один вариант мытья сайдинговых панелей

Another option wash siding panels

The first thing we soap up beyond the decorative paneling detergent and wait a few moments, what would the tool was corroded and traces of fat. Further, the water washed off the foam and all, the building is clean and beautiful!

Aside from washing of panels you'll be able to deal with such a problem, how to replace siding panels. This event is in, if you accidentally break or twist some bar. All that is needed is to dismantle the damaged part and go to the store for new.

Do not be afraid of, the new panel will not match the color shade of the old. Manufacturers of siding does not change color in the production process, therefore, all that is necessary, know the firm, the model and brand of siding boards, the data provide the seller and pick up the desired panel! Further, the panel is mounted in its place and you enjoy again the pleasant decor of the buildings!

It should also be note, that frost is forbidden to cut the panel with scissors – in this case, cracking is inevitable. It is best to use a power tool with a round metal.

As for additional accessories for the cladding of buildings with siding, it should be noted that this to make sure, because. the various clearances and the joints will spoil the appearance of the house. Immediately notice, what accessories can cost more most siding panel!

If you don't know what sheathing siding, we will help you! The most popular buildings for cladding siding on the dacha are:

Remember, all garden buildings need to be combined with each other and create a single composition, so if you sheathed house siding, posobirat money and start making the rest!

Video tutorial on installation of siding

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