The construction of the roof of the bath with his hands

The final process of the construction of the box of the bath is the overlap of the roof. After that, you can begin to decorate a bath inside and outside, as well as to purchase various equipment and accessories for relaxing in the bath. What would bath lasts a long time, and the ceiling does not leak during rain, you need to properly mount the roof, and to provide her with good heat, paro- and waterproofing. We will now examine the process of construction of the roof of the bath with his hands.
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The device roof baths

Крыша бани своими руками

The roof of the bath with his hands

Before we proceed to the construction technology of the roof for baths their hands to deal with the roof frame elements, as well as the basic terms, which use roofers.

Устройство крыши бани

The device roof baths

The main purpose of frame is to withstand the self weight of, the weight of roofing material, as well as the weight of the snow, rain and accessories (for example, module solar panels or satellite antenna). That is why the strength and stability of the frame are important indicators.

The frame of the roof of any building consists of mauerlat, roof trusses, sheathing and roofing material.

Mauerlat called a wooden beam, designed for, to connect the base of a box built (body) with the roof frame. It was with the creation of mauerlat starts mounting frame of the roof baths. If the room is made with a frame, mauerlat can serve as the upper crown, if the bath is made of concrete blocks or bricks, mauerlat is placed on the filler waterproofing material. Mount mauerlat to the walls is carried out by means of long anchors. Before you install mauerlat on the wall, it is necessary to cut a special hole for the mount design of the rafters. The main requirement to install mauerlat lies in its perfect horizontal position, because. this will depend on the quality of attachment of the roof frame to the body built.



The next element of the frame structure of the roof – truss. The purpose of a truss – uniform load distribution across the roof. There are several forms of roof trusses, we will talk about them a little later. Truss consists of wooden boards, related. The main element of a truss – the rafters, to which is attached support elements. Regarding the latter, they include crossbars, tie, spacers and jumper, the purpose of which is to strengthen the construction of roof trusses.

Стропильная ферма


Crate frame the roof of the bath is in order, it would be possible to carry out high-quality fastening roofing material to the rafters. The crate is presented in the form of wooden bars and planks, bonded to the grid. The number and size of cells of this mesh is calculated on the basis of, what material is the roof is covered. For example, for overlapping roof roofing material, empty space should not be (maximum 1-santimetrovy slit), and in order to close the roof of the Hamam corrugated sheet, you can create a crate with a mesh width in 0,5 meter.

Обрешетка каркаса крыши бани

The sheathing of the frame of the roof baths

Roofing material the roof of the bath is chosen according to the preference of the owner of the building. The most popular materials for roofing baths are corrugated sheet, metal, slate roofing material. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and installation requirements for the angle of the roof. For example, roofing material is the roof, with an angle 5 degrees, a corrugated sheet – 8, the metal around 30, and slate 20.

Баня, перекрытая металлочерепицей

Bath, covered with metal

Gable roof for bath

Most often, the installation of gable roof for a bath is carried out, if the owner is going to do on the bath attic.

There are two ways to install the rafters when you create a gable roof:

  • Hanging rafters. Mount the rafters by one end to the body construction, a second end fastened between two opposing rafters (as shown in figure).
  • Sloping rafters. Design of sloping rafters more sustainable, because. the rafters are additionally held on the rack, located in the center. Example of installation of the inclined rafters you can see on the project:

    Способы установки стропил

    How to install rafters

Design of gable roof popular, than shed, because. in this case, the angle of the roof will be more acute, that will prevent the formation of snow nametov in the roofing material. The gable roof is a series are identical in size and shape of isosceles triangles, installed in the same location along the entire roof. The top of the wooden triangle of rafters are called horse, a transverse wooden beam under the apex of the triangle – bolt. Rigel is intended to strengthen the construction of gable roof. The smaller the step is the installation of roof trusses, the more stable will be the roof structure of the baths. Please note that, that roof trusses are going on the earth's surface, then served on the roof. Fastening roof trusses to the body of the bath is carried out after, how will the ceiling beams (the ceiling of the bath can be done later). That would be more simply to create identical wooden triangles, master roofers use special procurement.

Installation of gable roofs is as follows:

  1. Mauerlat is attached to the wall
  2. Created truss
  3. There are two roof trusses on opposite ends of the roof. For fixing rafters to mauerlat use screws of type "grouse".
  4. To ensure the sustainability of the fixed roof trusses, design are additionally reinforced with special braces.
  5. Between the outermost rafters at the level of the ridge stretched rope, which will show the exact place of installation of the remaining roof trusses (that would have went smoothly, in one line)
  6. The rope is set the other trusses the same way

Shed roof for bath

Installation of a shed roof for bath is a less popular event, because. in this case, the angle of the roof will be flatter, which leads to the formation of snow nemetov on the roof of the baths. Very often under the weight of snow the roof begin to deform and break.

Design shed roof you can see on this project:

As you can see, different height supports of the roof timbers rely on the wall of the bath and hold the entire roof frame. The greater the difference in height between the supports, the steeper will be the angle of the shed roof for bath. Please note that, the installation sloping roofs will cost much cheaper, than the installation of a steeply dipping.

The recommended angle of the shed roof should range from 20 to 30 degrees.

As in the case of a gable roof, frame shed roof for bath mounted on mauerlat. The bracket must be done by using metal corners, and copper wire. The step of installing the trusses should be about 0,6 meter. In order, to protect the outer walls of the baths from the rain, it is recommended to make the rafters outside the box of the bath at a distance from 0,3 to 0,5 meter.

More construction of lean-to and gable roof of the bath with his hands you can see the detailed video lessons:

The technology of building a shed roof
The construction of the gable roof of the baths
Installation of roof system bath with his hands

After, as the frame of the roof baths will be mounted, it is necessary to carry out hydro-, paro- and roof insulation.

Measures for waterproofing, vapor barrier and heat insulation roof baths

Paro- and waterproofing of roofs

Initially you should pay your attention to the fact, the roof frame shall be made from well dried timber. In addition, wooden beams and boards you have to manually open antiseptics, that will prevent rotting of the wood and increase its lifespan.

For paro- and waterproofing the roof of the bath it is recommended to use roofing felt (for waterproofing), and membrane film. The roofing material is attached to the rafters in 2 layer, this will provide a sufficiently high protection of the roof frame from the ingress.

As for the membrane film, it is a good heat-insulating and waterproofing material. In order, that the film is efficiently operated, it must be laid on the rafters and lock construction tape. Strips of the membrane film should not be wider than 15 cm. Each new strip should be laid overlapping the previous. Please note that, it is prohibited to pull the film to the rafters, this can lead to damage as a result of deformation of the lumber (the extension, narrowing) during heating and cooling (hot summer).

Insulation roof baths

Speaking of the insulation of the roof of the bath, you need to pay attention to some important nuances of this event:

  • To insulate the roof of the baths it is recommended mineralnoy wool. It does not burn, durable and holds heat well.
  • It is not recommended to use foam to insulate the roof of the bath with his hands, because. this material when heated releases harmful substances.
  • A layer of insulation shall be not less than 10 cm.
  • On top of the insulation fit insulation, then the roofing material

What would you more clearly learned about, how to insulate the roof of the bath with his hands, we provide you the appropriate video lesson:

The roof insulation bath option 1
The roof insulation bath option 2
The roof insulation bath option 3

That's all, I would like to tell you about the roof building bath with his hands! I hope that this article has brought you a lot of new knowledge!

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