Technology of care of the lawn in different months: calendar lawn care

If you decide to build on your plot of lawn cover, or already did, recommend that you familiarize yourself with actions to take care of lawn grass, which are compactly assembled in a single calendar lawn care. We will consider, how to care for your lawn during each month of the year!

Please note that, what is presented below the calendar all events are summarized, for ease of perception of information. Learn more you can learn about, how to care for your lawn in articles: features of lawn care throughout the year and mowing the lawn with his hands! Also encourage you to read similar articles: how to choose turf and types of lawn for a suburban area!

календарь ухода за газоном по месяцам

a calendar of lawn care by months

Calendar lawn care

January. In January, as throughout the winter, care must be taken, that would be on the lawn, no one went, otherwise the spring you will see the damage in the appropriate places. It is also necessary to provide sufficient air exchange between the roots of turf grass and the environment, to do this, break the crust of ice on the lawn (a rake or other garden tool). Another important winter event on the lawn – to protect the snow layer from the blowing wind, because. lying on the lawn, the snow protects the grass from frost.

February. Activities for lawn care in February, correspond to the January events. In addition to lawn care, in February, it is recommended to carry out repair and service of garden machinery, which we will need in the spring to care for the lawn grass: lawnmower, trimmer, rake, seeders, tiller etc. In this technique it is necessary to replace lubricants, to sharpen knives, to check the status of the case and the integrity of the wiring, what would the arrival of spring was all ready.

March. With the arrival of March starts warming, therefore, in this month of lawn care involves the allotment of meltwater, that they would not stagnate on the lawn and didn't perenaisele moisture in the soil. Pay attention to the fact, what lawn grass in March is very weak to mechanical damage, therefore, in any case can not step on it.

April. In April the temperature regime is more or less stable, so you go to such events, as spring fertilizing of the lawn, aeration, combing grass (remove felt) and repair damaged areas (restoration of lawns). It is also recommended to implement the prevention of treatment of turf grass from fungus, mold, mosses and other damages.

May. Almost the middle of the calendar at lawn care. In may it is warm, therefore, it is necessary to take care of the installation watering systems plants, and to make the first cut grass after winter. If lawn grass after the April treatment and has not found a healthy appearance, it is necessary to carry out major restoration of the lawn is to dig up the damaged area and plant new grass mixture. Please note that, the new mixture should be the same in composition, as the old, otherwise, the lawn surface will have several shades, that does not look very attractive.

June. Summer is coming, and lawn care is becoming more responsible. Because in summer the sun's rays begin to bake, often necessary to water the lawn, in the evening, but the main thing is not to overdo it – a lot of water promotes rot the lawn. Also added this event on lawn care, like mowing the lawn. The height of the grass in the lawn needs to be at least 4 cm. There is another problem – weeds, they remove chemical (herbicides) and mechanical (manually) ways.

July. The sun is becoming more, lawn grass must be hidden in the layer of mulch, which is created by leaving grass clippings on the lawn. Cutting width of the lawn must be within 6-7 cm, which will allow the grass to hide from the sun. Do not forget to carry out lawn aeration, weed control and careful watering.

August. All, as in July, pour, cut, mulching, ongoing aeration of the soil. Lawn care in August complicated, because. closer to the fall, the lawn beginning to damage earthworms, moles and even ants (equip anthills). Mole fight using kromolowski, what would the worms not to throw the earth, which pritoptyvaya and damages the lawn, create a small layer of mulch. Anthills well dismantle using special chemicals.

September. With the arrival of autumn lawn care is to his fertilizer and latest haircuts. During the summer, the lawn grass can be damaged by sunlight, moles, weeds, etc., therefore in September it is necessary to carry out the restoration of pre-winter lawn grass – grass seed mixtures for overseeding damaged areas.

October. In October it is necessary to carry out autumn lawn top dressing grass. This requires the use of phosphate and potash fertilizers, but in any case not nitrogen. Also in October we carry out aeration of the soil and, if desired, at the end of the month – the last mowing the lawn (it can also be carried out in early November). If the lawn area has no drainage system water drainage, mount it, otherwise, with the arrival of spring will be a lot of trouble.

November. No wonder the Ukrainian language, November is "Listopad". This month is observed defoliation, which completely covers the grass. Fallen leaves must be removed from the lawn, that would not have formed felt, which violates the air plants. If in October you have not made the last cut the lawn, do it in early November, but not too late. Just before winter it is necessary to carry out aeration of the soil.

December. So, the last month of the calendar of lawn care. In December there is the first snowfall, therefore, protect lawn grass from blowing her snow drift (install shields) well, if tough ice – smash it with a rake. As we said earlier, in the winter you need to carry out repair of all garden machinery, therefore, beginning in December can get down to business.

Here we are you and presented a calendar of lawn care services, I hope, this information will facilitate and improve your technology of lawn care by months!

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