Fabric as material for landscape design through draping their hands

For a long time for interior design used various available materials: unusual driftwood wood, forged figures and fabric. Regarding the latter, the process of interior design fabrics even acquired its own name – drape. It seems, what to decorate the room with fabrics of different colors and material is easy and simple? Not quite, the more, if you wish to make it unique. Of course, that garden plot is silly to decorate fabrics, because. at the first rain, they will begin to rot and deteriorate quickly. But we also have various garden buildings, which also need to decorate the inside. So today we'll talk about this option for the decoration of garden buildings, as the drape with your hands!

Drapery fabric: the essence of this kind of design

Draping involves tight walls and rich fabrics, such as brocade, silk, velvet and even leather.

Драпировка в садовом декоре

Drape in garden decor

The purpose of draping may be different: masking any bald spots in the design of bathrooms, zoning (instead of doors or in large rooms), decorative interior.

Garden decor drape used for, that would luxuriously and uniquely decorated with various garden buildings, where is the rest after a hard working day. The most suitable buildings for the inner draperies are:

Summer kitchen. Adorned with rich decorative fabrics kitchen will boost your mood when cooking, and promotes a comfortable Cup of tea. It should be noted, that whole kitchen to decorate with fabric is not recommended, it is better to decorate one wall, near which is a furniture for relaxing.

Применение драпировки в летней кухне

Use draperies at the summer kitchen

Gazebo. If you have a gazebo, gated (open will not work), make sure to drape your hands, then place of rest will give a more comfortable and rich relaxation.

Применение драпировки в беседке

The use of draping at the gazebo

Recreation areas. In addition, there are gazebos patio, terraces and other places of the closed type. So why not decorate them to drape fabrics?

Применение драпировки в террасе

The use of drapery in the terrace

Here you have clear examples of, how draping can participate in the landscape design of a garden site! Interested in method design? Then go to the instructions for the drape with your hands!

Drape your hands: step by step instructions

In order to drape their hands to do the following work:

  1. Select suitable fabrics. Based on the type of space and style preferences, choose a suitable fabric. A very important point – buy a little more fabric, than the considered sizes, because. sometimes need to make narodnye folds or other design solutions, which require additional consumption of material.
  2. Prepare the wall. This constructed frame for stripe fabrics, which consists of thin wooden bars. The bars fasten to the wall with screws or glued on the contour of the wall. Further the bars are nailed sheets of drywall or plywood. Well, in the end, sheets carefully glue thin strips of foam rubber.
  3. Once the frame is prepared start an upholstery fabric (in fact the drape). There is already an include imagination and creative thinking, after all, the end result will depend on you!The fabric is either cut into strips of suitable size, or nailed solid stripe. If, nevertheless, the joints are formed of fabric, cover them with rail of the same color. In addition to the usual fabrics you can use for Wallpapers, which are essentially the same, only made rolls (so, the width of the sheets will be the same) and they can still be glued with special glue. Fastening of the tissue is carried out using a stapler (metal straps) inconspicuous or small nails (like a Shoe). Mount tissue should be on top. First fasten the top and one side, then pull the fabric (to remove the creases) and alternately fasten the other two sides.
  4. After draping the room with their hands you can further decorate the room other decoration elements: paintings, mirrors, various figures, that fits the overall design!

As you can see, drape your own hands is not anything complicated. For what the interior of the recreation area to independently! You only have to talk about the advice, to help drape even better, and to provide you with the most interesting design of rooms with drapery.

Tips for draping your hands

  1. If the fabric is dirty, treat it with the powder or other detergent and rinse.
  2. Use a cloth, nevygorayuschey in the sun
  3. Fabric for draping your hands must be strong, because. mechanical effects on the walls has not been canceled!
  4. If the fabric is cut into strips, will definitely astrocyte trimmed edge on the machine.
  5. That would hide the joint under the ceiling, use the ceiling tiles of the right color and pattern.
  6. Don't be afraid to drape your own hands without any help. It's not wallpapering, here it is possible and very easy to handle.
  7. A small room is not recommended fully upholstered, because. this will give the room look ridiculous. In this case it is better to fit one of the walls. As for more room – like terraces, then you can use fabric as the main element of the decor of the walls and not be damaged.
  8. Do not use for recreation too bright colors, they will load eyes and will not allow you to rest comfortably. Recreation contributes to the soft pastel shades.

Photo examples of design using draping their hands


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