Laying ceramic tile in the bath with his hands

Bath is the construction of high temperature and humidity. Most often the floor in the bath is made of wooden planks or ceramic tiles. The latter is used for the walls and floor in the bathroom, the dressing room and rest room. Next, we consider, how to choose the right tile for bath, as well as how to implement it laying on the floor and the wall.
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Tile for bath: the advantages and disadvantages of

Укладка плитки в бане своими руками

Laying tile in the bath with his hands

As we have said, finishing floors and walls in the bath ceramic tile is used very often and for quite a period of time. Alternative is ceramic tile Board-paneling, but it is when moisture begins to rot and requires careful maintenance.

The advantage of ceramic tiles for baths is as follows:

  • It is not difficult to lay their hands
  • Ceramic tile for baths has lots of colors and patterns, that allows you to make the interior of the baths more harmonious
  • Behind the tile is almost maintenance free, and washing the tiles is quick and easy
  • Ceramic tile is a durable material (service life can exceed 10 years with quality installation)
  • Tile for baths has a relatively reasonable price

The disadvantages of ceramic tiles for baths are:

  • Ceramic tile is not a traditional decor item Russian bath
  • You should be able to lay tile
  • Ceramic tiles are very fragile, so work with it we need to very carefully

As you can see, the advantages of this material to order more, than disadvantages, so it makes sense to use ceramic tiles for the decoration of a bathhouse!

How to choose the right tile in the bath?

Разнообразность оттенков керамической плитки для бани

The diversity of shades of ceramic tiles for the bath

From, how well you choose the tile for the bath, will depend on the ease of its installation, and comfort relaxing in the bath. So, it is recommended to use the following tips when choosing ceramic tile for the bath:

  • Today, there are not only the classic rectangular tile for the bath, but polygonal. If you are not a specialist in laying tiles for bath with his hands, it is better to give preference to the more simple, quadrangular option, because. in this case, the stacking process will be more simple and clear.
  • Do not purchase the tile for the walls and floor with a smooth surface, because. in this case, you can slip and get injured. Better prefer a ceramic tile for baths with a rough surface.
  • Tile for bath is enameled and not enameled. In the first case the material is more expensive, but at the same time, high strength. Buy enameled tile, it will last you much longer.
  • The base tile may be smooth or porous. For the bath, you must choose tiles with a smooth base, because. in this case, the material will not absorb moisture, thereby decrease the likelihood of damage to the tiles in the bath fungal diseases.
  • When buying tiles for the bath carefully calculate the amount of material and increase this figure by 10%. To increase the supply of tiles needed in the event of the battle of material during transportation and installation, and that would cover the error in the calculations.

The nuances of laying tile in the bath with his hands

What would you clearly saw the whole process of laying tile in the bath with his hands, below we will provide you video tutorial of this event. Now, we will focus on the most important aspect of laying the tiles with their hands, which are not stated in the video.

Material and tools for laying tiles

First, let's talk about tools and materials for self-laying tiles in the bath. The minimum set should include:

  • Tile (with a margin of 10%)
  • TIC separators
  • Moisture resistant tile adhesive
  • Grout
  • Rubber and metal spatula
  • Comb putty knife or Malka
  • Building level
  • Rubber mallet
  • A container of water

As well, if the walls in the room are not parallel, you will need a rope (its purpose will be discussed below) and tile, that would cut a complete tile, which does not fit (it happens often).

Once you have all the tools and materials will be prepared, go to the tiling in the bath with his hands.

Tips for self-laying tiles in the bath

What would the tile, you put, last a long time without repairs, we recommend you to consider the following tips from the experts:

  1. Before laying tile in the bath, soak the material for some minutes in water containers. This will allow the tile to absorb the necessary amount of moisture and not to exhaust the moisture from the adhesive composition.
  2. To implement tiling in the bath with his hands you need with the most visible corner (no matter the gender of either wall).
  3. The adhesive is recommended to apply a comb trowel, which will be done on the basis of the tile grooves, contribute to a better fit of the material.

    Нанесение клея при укладке плитки

    Applying adhesive when tiling

  4. When laying tiles set between beads cross spacer, they will make the stitches the same and equal.

    Установка крестиков-разделителей между плиткой

    The installation of the cross-separators between the tiles

  5. The exposed adhesive immediately wipe with a damp cloth, because. then, the dried adhesive is very difficult to wash off.
  6. Grouting, perform a rubber spatula. Some experts prefer to wipe the seams with your finger, but it is not so convenient.

    Затирка швов между плиткой

    The grouting between the tiles

  7. Grout grout can be white, and in tone with the tile for the bath, both options look attractive.
  8. If the walls are not parallel, pull the rope from the centers of opposite walls (for room need 2 intersecting rope), and at the intersection of the ropes lay the first tile. Further, the stacking is carried out with the four sides of the tile to the walls.
  9. Be sure to use a construction level, what would the walls and floor were smooth.
  10. What would tile more tightly to the walls and floor, tamp it with a rubber mallet, but don't overdo it, that would not damage the material.

    Подбивка плитки резиновой киянкой

    Quilting tiles with a rubber mallet

Video lesson laying tile in the bath

We offer a visual video lesson of laying tile in the bath with his hands:

Self-laying tiles in the bath

Also check out the, how to carry out the grouting:

The grouting between the tiles

That's all, we wanted to tell you about that, how to lay tile in the bath with his hands! I hope, this article is brought to you by new knowledge!

Self-laying tiles in the bath
The grouting between the tiles
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