Solar collectors for water heating at the cottage

Solar collectors are gaining increasing popularity among gardeners. To date, heating of the pool water through the solar collector is popular and many use it. Next, we'll talk about that, what are solar collectors, how they work and where you install!
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Solar collector

Солнечный коллектор для дачи

Solar collector for the garden

Solar collector is a large solar plate battery, which heats the water supplied from the pipeline and sends it to the place of consumption.

For suburban areas it is common to use solar collectors vacuum type, which work without pressure. They automatically collect water and heated to a specified temperature.

Solar collector for the garden

The solar collector consists of a container for heating water (tank), controller, vacuum tubes and special frames.

Модуль солнечного коллектора

Module of solar collector

Water tank made of stainless steel (inside) and painted steel (outside), the thickness of the walls of the tank approximately 40 mm. Between the inner and outer wall of the tank is a 5 cm layer of insulation, as a rule, this polyurethane. The volume of the tank for heating water it is necessary to choose, given the number of swimmers (if it's a shower) and the volume of the Cup (the pool). It is better to choose the volume of the tank with a small margin.

Controller is a small computer with a display, on which you are installing the required heating temperature. In addition, the controller regulates the amount of water in the tank and, if necessary, opens the valve to fill the tank. The controller also maintains the desired water temperature throughout the period of work.

Frame made of metal and is used, to fix the solar module on the roof of a house or other building. Support frame must be securely fixed to the surface, what would the gusts of wind and other natural effects not disrupted it.

Vacuum tube are the Executive body of the solar collector and is made of durable borosilicate glass, with high quality. Vacuum tubes have similar construction with an ordinary thermos. They take the heat from the sun's rays and store this heat in itself. Vacuum tubes have high temperature resistance, as well as protected from such weather phenomena as hail damage, snow drifts etc.

Вакуумная трубка

Vacuum tube

Features of work of solar collectors

Design of a solar collector allows to provide 100% the volume of heated water for the pool and outdoor showers.

It should be noted, that vacuum solar collector has the best performance, but has a major caveat – it works only at zero temperature. In this regard, water heating may be carried out only in the spring and autumn period, although in principle these months we need to stay and work in the country.

So, solar collector vacuum type works as follows: vacuum tube, which are located below the water tank, connected two circuits with a tank. One path delivers water by gravity from the tank to the tubes, and when the water warms up, then an increase in the amount of, it will rise through the second loop to the tank. This is the entire uninterrupted cycle of operation of the solar collector.

Please note that, the installation of a module with vacuum tubes is an important point, because. at the wrong angle of installation of solar rays will not fall on the tube, so, water heating will not be.

Recommendations for installing a solar collector

As we have said, the solar collector with the tank must be set at low altitude, to implement gravity flow of water to the bathing of.

Ориентация солнечного коллектора

Orientation of solar collector

What would the sun's rays as long as possible during the day fell to the module with vacuum tubes, you must choose the right location header.

Recommendations for the installation of a solar collector following:

  • The location of the solar collector should not be in the shade throughout the day.
  • The solar collector must be installed with the least deviation from the South, ideally, the azimuth must be 0on . If home is positioned correctly in relation to the cardinal points, ideally the slope of the roof directed strictly to the South and the North (if the roof is gable), what we need.
  • The installation angle of the solar modules relative to the horizontal plane, improving the efficiency of heating the water. Most often, the tilt angle corresponds to the angle of the roof, and if this is the angle you are not satisfied, it is necessary to fix the frame of the solar collector under the most appropriate angle (this is usually 50-60on).

That's all I wanted to tell you about the most popular solar collectors for heating water in the pool and shower. There are also other systems of heating water from the sun, but we will talk about them a little later!

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Solar collector for the garden
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