Water pump for suburban area: advantages, classification, causes of breakdowns.

As in the summer time there are problems with the water pressure on the dacha, and sometimes even not connected to Central water supply, we have to find ways to self-supply its own territory. One of the most effective and popular options is the equipment giving Autonomous water pump, we'll talk.

Виды водяных насосовIf your site is located shallow layer of water, the purchase pump needed. Water pump Assembly for quick pumping water under high pressure. Type of pumps, ease of use and low cost makes them very popular and accessible for anyone.. With the help of this device you can not only save time for watering the garden, but will save your hand, that have been spent on household work. With regard to the installation of the pump, it is very simple, if thoroughly acquainted with the manual. Often it is impossible to do only with the purchase of the pump, it still needs to purchase different hoses, adapter, pressure gauges, filters etc. (they should be purchased based on the recommendations of the manufacturer). Go to detailed description of the classification of pumps, and also some nuances of their work.

Classification of water pumps

There are three main classes of pumps, depending on application needs:

  • Lifting
  • Circulation
  • Drainage

Water lifting pumps

Classification of water-lifting pumps is based on the conditions of use and delivered for Assembly tasks. The pumps are divided by creating a vacuum inside them. The principle of operation of all devices, we can say, what it's like – when you start the unit, inside it creates a vacuum, through which fluid from a particular container/tank enters into the vacuum chamber, and with her out. Consider the existing types of such pumps, and factors, they differ from each other.

  1. Vortex pump. The creation of a vacuum is carried out with the vortex wheels, which is a flat disk with radially placed blades. This wheel rotates, causing the liquid, getting on it, pushed into the discharge nozzle. The advantage of this pump is of high suction capacity and resistance to air bubbles, which is a huge amount of consumed water. A significant drawback of this unit – sensitivity to suspended particle, which is very much in the dirty liquid (this means, what not to do without problems when working with dirty water).
  2. Vibration pump (it is also called electromagnetic pump). The principle of operation of the unit is as follows: AC voltage is applied to the coil, thereby attracting to her anchor, which changing the polarity, returns to its original position (the anchor is associated with the piston and within a second can do about 100 such fluctuations). In this process, water under the action of vibrations is pushed out through a special valve in the discharge nozzle. Vibration pump is very popular among gardeners, because there are no rotating elements and motor.
  3. Centrifugal pump. Is one of the most popular devices, because. it has many versions: surface, submersible, with vertical/horizontal arrangement of the working shaft etc. The principle of operation is to create a centrifugal force (with the help of the blades of the impeller), under the pressure pushes the water flow.
  4. Manual pump.with water. The principle of operation is to use the physical strength of the owner. There are piston and vane hand pumps. The first is capable of supplying 500-2000 ml of water with depth 20 meters in one operating cycle. Vane pumps can serve no more than 1500 ml with the same depth. The main advantage of hand pumps – cheapness and cost-effectiveness. They are designed for areas, with no source of electricity, as well as the need for large quantities of liquid.

Circulation pumps

They, we can say, that apply to water-lifting pumps, but still serve, in order, force to circulate the water within the surface site. There is a need for circulators due to the fact, that pump, located in the well or borehole, cannot simultaneously to raise water, and circulate it (because. not enough power, even professional units). Basically, circulation pumps are applied in heating systems. Advantage – low power consumption, quite good performance and low noise.

Drainage pumps

Drainage pumps are very popular in private homes, located in the villages. With their help you can easily get rid of rain water, fecal and sewage. Depending on the level of contamination of the fluid, drainage pumps can be manufactured from different materials, which significantly affect the price of the unit. For example, plastic pump suitable for clean water, but for the polluted water good corrosion-resistant metal aggregates. As for pumps, which serve for pumping fecal, their design is made in a special way: the material parts of the pump are made of corrosion-resistant metal, resistant to chemical reactions, and the design provides for the chopper, which reduces the possibility of stagnation which discharge runoff water (because. grinds the incoming particles of large size).

Features technical specifications water pump

Особенности технических характеристик водяного насоса

Features technical specifications water pump

For a start, people, who wants to buy a water pump, must define the operating conditions of the unit. Depending on the depth of the water layer, you must select the type of pump: submersible or surface. It is also worth to choose a manual or electric pump (if in this area there are frequent problems with the electricity supply, it is better to stop on the choice of the first). Once you determine the type of pump, should go to the next criterion is the ratio of the capacity of the pump with the task (if the pump can cope with a small house, it is not certain that he will cope with the huge cottage). Next, you need to find the right specifications of the pump, which we can talk about it now.

Performance – the most important technical feature of any garden equipment. Performance water pump show the amount of water volume, the unit can pump per unit time (usually taken cubic meters per hour or liters per minute).

Pressure – the second important technical characteristic, which is a measure of the maximum amount, to which a pump can raise water.

To correctly calculate these characteristics, needed for suburban area, it is necessary to consider water consumption, hydraulic resistance at the site, the number of residents, and, as technology in the home consumes water. If this is wrong, but to calculate, in a production system can be low pressure (or absent), then you will have to redo everything.

How to make a water pump with your hands?

That would personally make water pump, you will need the following materials:

  • Corrugated pipe
  • Log
  • Sleeve valves
  • Bracket

The scheme of construction:
1. The ends of the tube closed by plugs valves

2.One end of a corrugated pipe attached to a floating log, the other to the bracket.

The principle of operation:

Put a log in the water source (river, pond). During wave vibrations, corrugated pipe will contract and thus to pump water. When strong gusts of wind were observed pump performance in 25 tons of water/day.

Such a complex mechanism would be a good supplier of water for your suburban area, but only if the weather conditions are appropriate (as already mentioned, need strong gusts of wind).

Signs of water pump failure

Признаки поломки водяного насоса

Signs of water pump failure

Nothing in our world lasts forever. Even if your water pump is made of elite by the manufacturer, failure is inevitable. The reason can be anything, ranging from outdated power grids to serious conditions.

A clear indication, your pump should be repaired, is:

The drop in the level of pressure

The pressure pulsation

Water began seeping from under the flange or joints

The increase in noise

The increase in vibration

The increase of energy demand

The first thing that fails is the source of all these problems – motor. As soon as the pump stopped working in normal mode, do not hesitate and immediately bring it in for repair, that would be safe from the inevitable critical failure. In any case do not do self-repair of the equipment, because. not only that, it is very difficult, so also extremely dangerous to your health!

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