Fencing, fences for suburban area with photos: the advantages of wooden, metal, concrete fence and hedges

When designed country house, the owners always pay attention to the harmony of the overall decor garden buildings and very rarely remember about, that garden fence is not only protect the yard, but complement the whole composition of the site. Each type of fencing can effectively fit into garden style, therefore, we consider in more detail each of the most popular existing railing, fences of brick, stone, wood and metal.

Types of fencing for private homes

Fencing, fences for suburban area, the advantages of wooden, metal, concrete fence and hedges – all of this step by step we now analyze.

Wood fenced

Деревянный забор своими руками

With a simple wooden fence – a fence made of branches with their hands.

Wooden fence suburban area is the most popular option of the fence, because. has the following advantages:

  • Tree – an environmentally friendly material, that does not harm the environment
  • The service life of wood, processed antiseptic, reaches 15 years
  • Wood construction elegantly fit into the most popular garden styles: English and country
  • Tree easily enters into combination with any other materials (metal, stone, brick, etc.)
  • Tree care is not very complicated, enough to handle its safety equipment, and then varnish or paint
  • Installation of wooden construction is much faster and easier, than installation of any other fencing
  • The cheapness of the material

5 Photo examples of the different variants of the classic fence made of wood:

A fence made of brick

Brick fence is a good option, which will complement almost any garden style. The problem of erecting a brick fence is, what you need to have the skills for laying bricks and installing formwork for Foundation, but if you know, how to do all this, then be sure to erect a fence of brick, because. it has the following advantages:

  • High-strength construction
  • Brick fence requires careful maintenance and protection
  • Durability of construction
  • A brick fence can complement wooden and metal inserts at the gate and the gate

The lack of a brick fence is its high cost, what most gardeners opt for a cheaper fencing options.

5 Photo examples of the different variants of the classic fence made of brick:

The concrete Euro fence

In contrast to the brick fence, concrete fences are a cheaper, and in some cases much more attractive. Lately gained popularity of the so-called "Euro fences", created in special molds on vibrating table. The advantage of Euro fence consists in the unusual appearance (patterns grape vines, wild stone, bricks in different colours), and high durability.

5 Photo examples of different variants Euro fences from concrete, visually decorated stone and brick:

A fence made of metal

The metal fence looks attractive, only if you use metal art, or sheets corrugated sheet. If you use an ordinary iron sheets, of the fencing is ridiculous and rude, we don't need them. As for forged fences, although they are attractive but are not small money, therefore, it is recommended to use a combination of forging with a tree or climbing plants. Fences of profiled sheeting are cheaper, but it is also an attractive and popular option garden fencing, which is not difficult to do with their hands.

The advantages of metal fencing is strength, durability and attractive appearance, but the drawback is the destruction of metal by corrosion, bringing the fences covered with rust and rot rapidly. Therefore, the metal must be corrosion-resistant covering material and paint, this additional material costs.

6 Photo examples of the different options of fence made of metal, stone and brick:

Hedge as a green fence

This type of fence is hedge or green fence, considered the most demanding in care, but the most elegant and beautiful. A fence of plants, hedges not only closes the garden from prying eyes, but will also protect the yard from the dust, and saturate the area with oxygen. Unlike previous fences, from plants to make the fence a different level, that would not only protect area, but to make the borders of the flower beds, recreation areas etc. There how to care for hedges, we recommend you to get acquainted too.

For low fences (to 1,2 meter) suitable for such plants, as: low-growing varieties chubushnika, cinquefoil shrub, barberry, almonds steppe etc.

If you're going to do classic tall fence (2-2,5 meter) use these plants, as: gooseberry, th, parthenocissus, dog rose, lime, broom Russian, lilac, cotoneaster brilliant etc.

5 Photo examples of the different options of fence plants living fence:

So you could clearly see the existing types of fencing, fences and hedges, and got acquainted with their advantages. It should be noted, each of the provided protections actually do with their hands, if only to know step by step instructions to build. We therefore recommend that you read the article about, how to make a fence of corrugated Board, wood and brick with their hands!

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