Takingaway Board, as a new design solution for laying garden paths

Decking is another innovation in the field of decoration landscape design. The so-called garden flooring, decking, takingaway coating, represents the wooden modules in the form of plates, which are able to attach on any smooth surface.

Декинг для садового участкаTakingaway Board consists of wood-polymer composite (DPK), which in turn is a mixture of crushed wood, synthetic or organic polymer compounds and special additives (they serve as the binder). With regard to the scope of the decking, here include garden paths, flooring of the veranda, the arrangement of sites in the fresh air etc. As garden flooring is very popular in landscaping gardening area. With it draw ornamental garden bridges, the outlines of ponds and streams. The raw material for decking are such types of wood, as: Siberian larch, massaranduba, merbau, Kumar. The advantage of these exotic trees in, they have a low content of oily substances, as a result, the flooring is more resistant to decay.

The advantage takingaway Board, pros:

Преимущество декинговой доски

Application takingaway Board in the arrangement of the beach

The garden flooring has many advantages, which will certainly appeal to any gardener. The main advantages of this:

  1. Wood – an environmentally friendly material, which gives you the ultimate feeling of warmth, compared to other artificial and natural materials.
  2. Cover the garden parquet made by special technology, which prevents the accumulation of moisture on the surface, so, and the likelihood, you slip in bad weather, is minimized.
  3. Takingbuy Board can be combined with any other material to cover the surface. It blends perfectly with natural and artificial stone, tile, boulders etc.
  4. Decking may be used as indoor, and in the fresh air
  5. Ease of Assembly/ disassembly. Laying takingaway Board to handle even a novice, so, and to save money..
  6. The strength of the material. One square meter boards can withstand loads of up to 2 tons, moreover, the material can be easily drilled, grinding and other works of wood.
  7. The durability of the coating. Warranty for garden flooring reaches 30 years. The material is resistant to rotting, frost resistant and able to take the daily temperature change to 15 degrees.
  8. The garden flooring is very easy to clean. That would clean the contaminated coating you can use water from hoses or special cleaning products. And then it's good to cleanse the flooring. With regard to additional protection Board, in the form of paints, varnishes, special funds – such actions are not needed.

Disadvantages takingaway Board, cons:

Despite all the advantages of a garden parquet, he has some minor minus, among them:

  1. It is not recommended to lay garden flooring in saunas and steam baths, where temperatures reach the mark 80 degrees and above.
  2. It is not allowed to frequent full and partial immersion takingaway Board in the water.
  3. Decking is prohibited to lay in places, where falls the sunlight and fresh air, because. the formation of mold.

Popular and reliable companies manufacturing garden flooring and dekigokoro cover

What would takingaway coating last you a long time, at the time of purchase of the flooring, pay attention to the company – manufacturers of decking. Among the mass of companies, it is best to give preference to such firms, as:

  1. Terranson (China). It is the largest manufacturing company takingaway Board, which uses the most modern equipment and environmentally friendly material. The Board is not afraid of sharp heels, the temperature difference and the negative impact of atmospheric precipitation.
  2. Bruggan (Belgium). As one of the leaders in the global market for construction products. Composite Board of this company is not afraid to mechanical damage, sunlight and rain. Quality and durability time-tested.
  3. Rehau (Switzerland). A relatively young manufacturer of decking, despite its small experience, market is flooded with 2009 year.
  4. Legro (Hungary) and Legro (Malaysia) company, creating garden flooring exclusively from high-quality wood and environmentally friendly plastic. The quality of their goods is justified, because. garden flooring, takingaway Board, not subjected to mechanical damage, the harm to insects and decay.

Some features of installation of a garden parquet, takingaway Board

Некоторые особенности монтажа садового паркета

Some features of installation of a garden parquet

Recall that, the installation of decking is very fast and simple. It should be noted, what takingaway Board is of two types: the soft and the hard module.

Hard module consists of solid waterproof wood.

In the Board module there is a soft plastic frame, to which screws can be screwed in the front part of the flooring. The ventilation system is designed in such a way, the decking will not mildewed even with a long stay in a humid environment.

The frame of the decking with special fasteners, in order, the modules quickly and efficiently attached with each other. The whole structure is designed in such a way, after full coverage of a garden parquet, no visible fastening elements of the modules and creates the impression, that the floor is solid.

Video tutorial about the installation of decking Board

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