Blue spruce: growing technology

Blue spruce on the plot.

Blue spruce on the plot.

Among the variety of conifers blue spruce is considered an elite representative of the flora, it has a solid feel, lush pine needles, interesting color. Culture often adorns the governmental institutions of cities. In the garden "prickly beauty" is used in solitary plantings, and in the middle of winter she could be the heroine of holidays.

Buying ate blue bloods pretty expensive, but to propagate it by cuttings and seeds it is possible.

Preparation of the plant material


At the end of summer, you need to look for any instance of ate, the shape and color which suit you. If the tree has formed buds, they can be picked in the first week of November, when the street set cold weather. Seed germination was not so great, better to prepare them in reserve. Only a third of young firs, grown from seed, will have the same color, that and their "ancestor", the rest will be the usual green or blue-green. Seed propagation does not guarantee accurate inheritance, cuttings, in this sense, much more reliable.

Seeds of blue spruce.

Seeds of blue spruce.

Cones can be collected and in February, they are planted at the end of June, this option is good for areas with cool summers. In very hot weather planting can burn. The best planting material is located in the upper part of the crown, the cones should be tight, fully closed.

Blue spruce cones.

Blue spruce cones.


The collected material should be stored in a warm room, buds should ripen, self disclosed. In nurseries this procedure is done within two days, scales quickly disclosed at a temperature of more 40 degrees. In such conditions it is hard to create, and it is not necessary, the bumps can be put in a regular cardboard box and put it on the battery, on a heated floor or on the top shelf of the kitchen Cabinet, where the temperature is higher. During drying flakes crackling. Seeds from the open cones easy vystragivaetsja.

The seeds can not collect, and to by in the nursery, from a trusted manufacturer. Planting material should not be stale, in this case, the germination percentage will be quite small. The best option is one- or two year old seeds.


Under natural conditions, spruce cones open in late December, seeds are dispersed by wind and birds, to put down roots in new areas of growth. Until April they are sleeping under the snow and hardened. At home this process is necessary to simulate, young plants had a good immune system and together ascended.

If a snowless winter – collected seeds divide into two parts: one must be sown in the open ground, so its snowing. The second sprout home, a comparison will show, what sprouts will be more friendly and strong. For hardening the house carried out the following agricultural activities.

  • Prepare a one percent solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Immerse in the seeds and soak to disinfect two to three hours.
  • Lay out planting material to the paper or towel, dry.
  • Pour seeds in a bag of cloth.
  • Put the bag in a glass jar, close and place in the coldest place in the fridge.

Seeds should "sleep" until spring or until the second half of July, if they are collected in February.

The variations

In order, the seeds to "Wake up", they are placed in an aqueous solution of trace minerals to stimulate root formation with the addition of fundazol, preparation for protection of plants against fungi. Moist environment will help to restore the structure of cells, germination will accelerate.

Landing start in the morning. You can choose one method or divide the seeds into several parts and try all the options. The most effective method is selected empirically, he will serve as a basis for further attempts at breeding the oil.

Open ground

If in April, no threats of spring frosts, the soaked seeds can be sown directly into the ground. A small greenhouse should be filled with a mixture of lowland peat and sand, land, brought from coniferous forest. You can immediately make a complete fertilizer for conifers or feed them later, when the sprouts will appear from the ground.

Forest land is a necessary and essential component for soil mixes. It is the mycelium of fungi, which will help the root system of fir trees to obtain moisture and nutrition. In addition, the mycelium absorbs harmful substances from the soil. Ate and fungi form a symbiosis, without mycelium blue spruce will not be able to increase enough to sustain the root system and just die.

The procedure works the following:

  • tightly compacted soil;
  • spread seeds at a distance of three to four centimeters from each other;
  • mix the peat with pine sawdust in equal proportions, sprinkle with a mixture of planting, layer thickness up to centimeters;
  • the land to be sprayed;
  • greenhouse cover film;
  • excessive moisture is to ventilate the greenhouse;
  • after three weeks the seeds should sprout, thinned seedlings, leave the strong plants;
  • in the morning the sprouts sprayed with water, but within reasonable limits, otherwise, planting will rot.

In this mode, the firs grow throughout the year, until next spring. In the summer they should be protected from excessive drying and from direct sunlight.

Germination in plastic containers

Blue Christmas trees can grow at home. For this purpose suitable containers with lids of biscuit, store-bought salads or pots for planting. Disposable plastic containers with lid is a very convenient option for sprouting, they are inexpensive.

Plastic container with lid.

Plastic container with lid.

The procedure works the following:

  • fill the container with potting compost on two thirds of, part – part peat moss to three parts of dry coarse sand;
  • the land to be sprayed;
  • to scatter seeds;
  • the ground move a little, to bury planting material;
  • close the container lid or film, to put it in a warm place, where will not be exposed to direct sunlight;
  • the soil to be sprayed with water as it dries;
  • hatched sprouts to open for ventilation;
  • in the summer the pots to make the fresh air, in the shade of tall trees, and in the winter place the plants in a room with a temperature of not more 15 degrees.

Land plants will be next spring, when the soil warms up.


This innovative method of growing seeds is good for those owners of sites, who do not have extensive sills and seedlings just nowhere to store. Cigarettes is long, the multi-layered belt, similar to roll.

  • The first layer is the substrate of a laminate or other building material.
  • Second – wipes or toilet paper.
  • The third soil.
Sowing on paper tape.

Sowing on paper tape. This method is suitable for the production of seedlings from seeds of different plants.

For seeds prepare the substrate for the landing of all the above components.

  • Roll out on work surface cut strips of laminate, width – 10-15 cm.
  • Put the toilet paper, wet it with water from a spray bottle.
  • On the edge to spread seeds at a distance of two centimetres from each other. Lionfish should be slightly beyond the boundaries of the coil, and do the seeds stick to the wet basis.
  • Pour fertile soil and twist the tape into a roll, pull the rubber band, to put it straight on the plate or cardboard. The seeds must be at the top.
  • Cigarette, spray with water and cover with foil, put in a warm place, avoid direct sunlight.

After, as the seeds hatch, the film is removed, the top of the coils periodically moisten with water. In this form, young trees live until next spring.


This method gives an absolute guarantee of preservation of varietal characteristics. The procedure is performed at the beginning of may, in the period, intensive SAP flow.

Seedlings of blue spruce.

Seedlings of blue spruce.

Rules for harvesting branches

For cuttings it is best to take the young side shoots, located on the horizontal branches of the parent tree age from four to ten years. Tear them with your hands, against the direction of growth. The percentage survival rate of such grafts is also very high. Length of branches from six to ten centimetres. Preserved "heel", the remainder of the old wood, to prevent the formation of resin, which can clog "blood vessels" and to block access of moisture to the inside of the sapling. For this reason, branches are not cut, and tear. It is best to harvest planting material in the early morning or in cloudy weather. Twigs to pack it in a plastic bag and drop off the same day. Before planting, cuttings can be two hours to hold in solution stimulant, in this case, the root system needs to appear a month and a half. Without this procedure, the process may take three months.

All the methods described above planting blue spruce, grown from seed, suitable for cuttings.

Cuttings at home

If twigs plucked on the occasion, without training, they need to be put in water for an hour, and then planted in moist sand, planting depth of two centimeters. Sand and branches must be in a plastic bag. His knotted and placed in the refrigerator, storage temperature is plus three degrees. Two weeks later, the cuttings can be planted in the greenhouse. This technology allows to obtain high-grade material at the end of the second month after planting. This method of germination requires treatment of cuttings with growth stimulants, in this case, the survival rate will decrease.

At home cuttings of spruce is grown in the rolling, the principle layout of the layers and further technical measures – the same. The part of the branch, which will be on toilet paper, should be freed from pine needles, the distance between branches – five centimeters.

Cuttings in winter

Of twigs, disrupted in cold season, it is also possible to grow good planting material. The order of events following.

  • Half of each branch clear of needles and dip in powder a stimulant of root growth.
  • Christmas paws to lay on the soaked moss, laid out on top of paper towels. On the moss needs to be exposed part of the branches.
  • The resulting "roll" to roll and pull the rubber band, put in a plastic bag, tie it tightly and hang it on the window.
  • For the remainder of the winter half of the cuttings should take root, in may they can be planted in the greenhouse.

Bedding: advice from experienced gardeners

When planting planting material in the greenhouse without a pre-germination treatments should be aware of the following nuances.

  • The optimum temperature in the greenhouse should be at least +13 degrees, the soil temperature +10.
  • To exclude the possibility of root rot, at the bottom of the greenhouse it is necessary to construct the drainage of small pebbles and gravel, the thickness of five centimeters.
  • Blue spruce prefer a light soil.
  • The distance from the seedling to the glass or film, which covers the greenhouse – at least 20 cm. The cuttings should be planted at an angle in 30 degrees and buried in the soil and a half-two centimeters.
  • At the top of the greenhouse should not hang big drops, the remoisture will have a negative impact on the health of seedlings. If necessary, the greenhouse daily air.
  • In the first month greenhouse pritenyayut from bright sunlight sacking or spunbond.
The spruce seedlings in the greenhouse.

The spruce seedlings in the greenhouse.

All of these methods are suitable for cultivation of a landing material of any ephedra: TUI, of almond. To find the most successful business practices, in case of success already experienced grower will be able to decorate your land a garden of evergreens.

Photos of blue spruce in garden design

Video about growing blue spruce

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