40 photo ideas + manual how to pave a garden path out of scrap materials and concrete, wood

In order, so that each spring has not begun to repair paths, you need the original quality and "the conscience" to lay them, mount hard. It should be understood, that garden path is not just an element of decor, but one of the most important communication tools garden, which is responsible for connecting all of the important objects of the infield.

садовая дорожка своими рукамиRecommended season for paving is between may to September. There are many nuances, which will accelerate the paving of the garden path, and also reliability and duration of its use. Consider this instruction step by step all the stages of creating garden paths with his hands. 40 photos ideas of design and material for paving garden paths presented in the photo gallery below, be sure to read the creativity. So, step by step guide from 4 steps.

Step 1 – Planning for the future paving of the track

To get started is to make a plan drawing of a garden plot, where are you going to lay a garden path. It is necessary to sketch all the objects in the garden, given their impact and aesthetic appearance. For example, if grows a young tree, you need to retreat from it, because through time it will dissolve the branch if the track was prostalene close to the trunk, you will always have to duck when passing this area (of course, what about the comfort of such a movement cannot be considered). It should also be taken into account, that direct the garden paths create the effect of a small garden, because. the distance to all objects is the shortest and you will not be able to enjoy the movement on the garden plot. An important factor is the type of soil, if it is sandy you are very lucky, because. clay and peat soil has the property of movement under heavy loads and precipitation. Consider as well that, that garden path have to fit the style to all the garden objects, otherwise lost the harmony and coziness of this garden.

Recommended sizes for garden paths

If garden path will only be used to walk through it, the required width shall not be less than 50 cm. In the case, if provides for the use of the track for agricultural purposes, its width should be not less than 70 cm (the optimal width for the passage of small cars). What would a garden path is not formed puddles and does not incorporate land from the lawn, you need to put it a few inches above the ground. It is also necessary to make cross-slope of the track is convex, in order that the water flowed into the ground. At high humidity it is recommended to use a drainage fixture with a longitudinal slope in the direction of the lawn.

Step 2 – Marking tracks on site

Разметка дорожек на территории

The photo shows the layout of tracks on site with posts and threads.

The layout of the lanes is recommended from the main entrance to the entrance to the house, and after that to the garden. All you need is wooden pegs, rope, the channel long 50/70 cm depending on the selected width of the track. So, begin to hammer the pegs on the edge of the future tracks, according to your plan-drawing. The distance between the pegs should be 2-3 meters on a straight section, on the turns it is recommended to set a larger number. First put one side of the track, then extend the rope by pegs hammered, then do the second side. To do this, take the channel, put it perpendicular to each of the previously driven-in stakes, and in place, where it ends, trying to drive the new peg, the distance between them should be same on all sites. After that, the second side of the tight rope and the markup garden path ready. In the same way are laid out and other garden paths, that may appear if necessary.

Step 3 – Treatment of soil for a garden path

Обработка грунта под садовую дорожку

The photo is schematically sketched treatment of the soil under a garden path.

The first step is to remove the layer of sod, which will be 10-15 cm. After that, the trench is cleaned from the roots, stones and other debris. Then the soil is carefully compacted and covered with gravel, sand, solution, gravel – depending on the kind of soil, filled with water and then compacted. And finally is laid the base layer of the garden path, which can consist of brick, concrete slabs or cobblestone, as well as wood and other improvised means, as shown in the photo gallery below. As a garden path can be made from paving, but then the treatment of the soil and the process of laying paving elements will differ.

Select the material for paving the paths in the garden

The material for paving garden paths can be really various. Experienced owners will find the use of such materials, as: debris, sand, crushed stone, slag, gravel, glass bottle, scrap tiles, limestone fines, the bark of trees, pebbles, tires etc. Best material for paving is concrete slab (based on your strength), and the worst asphalt ( for environmental and hygienic reasons). Eco-friendly will be paved paths in the garden wooden drunk, thick 5-20 cm.

40 photo ideas create garden paths from scrap materials and classic

Some useful tips before paving

  • Constantly moisten the trench and the material of the trench during laying garden paths.
  • What would the edges of the track was smooth, use plastic or boards on the borders of the trench. Once the solution has to grab them you can remove.
  • After, as the moisture from fresh concrete paths to evaporate, it is possible to make creative drawings, in the form of prints.
  • If you want to leave the concrete track surface is smooth, don't make it perfectly smooth, because. it will be slippery in the rain.

The combination of materials for laying paths in the garden

In order to decorate all areas of a garden plot are encouraged to combine materials, of which is laid out track. For example, using different colors of tiles can make a beautiful pattern. Or you can experiment with tiles and broken glass, natural stone. As decoration for garden paths serve next to planted decorative bushes and trees, and a design course , as decorative lighting, will make your garden bright and unique. In this case, again, weighty attendant will serve your imagination, but if it's all bad, no one has repealed the help of experts, which is definitely harmoniously equip not only the garden path, but all of the garden area entirely.

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