How to choose a tank for summer soul, suitable for your garden site?

In the hot summer when working on the dacha is impossible to do without a summer shower. Its benefit is to relieve fatigue after a hard working day. One of the components of this building is a tank soul. Varieties of forms of tanks, configurations, the material and method of heating water is very often forced to ponder, what tank for the shower will be more effective at their summer cottage. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of several popular types of containers for the soul.

Metal shower tank

Металлический бак для душа

Metal shower tank

The tank shape is reminiscent of a flat rectangular box. The amount varies from 100 to 200 liters, which is quite enough for a large family. Material, made tank – carbon steel, often referred to as "black".

The design of the metal tank for a shower includes:

  • The hole for pouring in water, lid (located on top of tank)
  • The water-level indicator
  • Hose fill
  • The valve to start the water from the shower head

The advantage of a metal tank that, that it is durable, durable and cheap in price. An obvious disadvantage of this material is not resistant to corrosion. Sooner or later shower tank will begin to rust and although it is treated with a special protective agents, as we know, nothing lasts forever, so, after some period of time with the tank flows rusty water, this is unacceptable for the soul.

Shower tank: galvanized steel

Бак для душа из оцинкованной стали

Shower tank: galvanized steel

The material for the manufacture of such a tank is the same steel, but only covered with a thin layer of zinc, which protects the shower tank against premature corrosion. As the top layer of zinc is also subject to corrosion, it must be paint.

The shape of the tank made of galvanized steel is very diverse: round, flat, square, oblong etc. The volume of the tank for the shower is different as well, the capacity can be as a 40-liter, to reach 200 liters, again, all depends on, how many people will use summer shower. The disadvantages of this tank are the same, as for the metal tank, but the advantages the following:

  • Much longer service life (from 10 years or more)
  • There is a possibility of installation of the heater with temperature controller
  • The heat capacity of the tank more than the metal

The design of the tank for a shower is out of the hatch for water inlet (top), ball valve with shower head (bottom), as well as fitting under the hose, which you can additionally connect.

Shower tank stainless steel

Tank shower with stainless steel is the best option for suburban area. His merit is, it absolutely does not corrode, due to the fact, that is covered with a thin layer of chromium, so there is no need for painting and processing capacity anti-corrosion agents. The price of the stainless steel tank much higher, than his rusty brothers, this is due to the emergence of such advantages, as:

  • Easy tank. The wall thickness can be as little as 1 mm.
  • Long service life, which is about 20 years
  • The safety of liquid in the container. Water not only rusts, but also retains the freshness, and don't give in to flowering and the acquisition of the odor.
  • The strength and durability of the container material

Design stainless steel tank for summer soul is no different from metal and galvanized execution, the volume can also reach 200 liters.

Plastic tank for summer soul

Пластиковый бак для летнего душа

Plastic tank for summer soul

The advantage of the plastic tank for summer soul consists not only in its cheapness and ease of maintenance, but such nuances, as:

  • Absolute resistance to corrosion
  • Quick Assembly/disassembly capacity
  • Easy transportation of the tank due to its small weight
  • Long lasting purity and freshness of water
  • Environmental safety of the material
  • Ability to function at high and low temperatures (from -30 to +60 degrees)
  • The high life (to 40 years of service)
  • High resistance to UV radiation

As to the shape of the tank, it can be very diverse: round, flat or square. The volume of the plastic tank for the shower is no different from other pots and ranges 100-200 liters. Plastic tanks for a summer shower can also be used to transport water, if the source is away from the cottages.

How to make tank for soul with your own hands?

Бак для душа своими руками

Shower tank with their hands

Building a tank for summer soul with your own hands is not particularly difficult, the more that this contributes to significant savings of money. For this capacity will suit even the capacity, used previously. The material of the tank shower can be quite varied, but the easiest way to choose metal or plastic.

Metal tank for the shower you can easily create with the help of iron sheets and welding machine, but it will take more time. It is better to use ordinary plastic barrel.

First we need to create the bottom of the barrel tap with a thread and attach the faucet, having a nozzle for shower heads. Pour water into the tank either through the top hatch using buckets, either using a pump and hose, which is connected to the tank with fitting. When the design of the tank for the shower will be ready, fasten it in the right place and enjoy the shower.

The advantage of homemade tank for the shower is its low cost and the engaging of own work. If you wish, it can be decorated with drawings, which will complement the composition of garden decor.

Shower tank heated

Бак для душа с подогревом

Shower tank heated

The water in the tank for the shower can heat up due to solar rays, either by means of special water heaters. The advantage of the latter lies in the fact, that warm water in the shower can be used even in cloudy weather. Tank with artificial heating is equipped with heating element, which is located inside the tank. Heater power is 2 kW (the figure may fluctuate slightly), which is enough for heating 200 liters of water to a temperature of +30 ºC during, equal 3 hours.

There are models with temperature, which independently monitor the temperature of the water and maintain the value, picked operator. The requirement for tanks for the shower is heated is, what would the heating element was constantly in the water, otherwise it will burn quickly.

The choice of tank for the shower depends on the willingness and financial possibilities of the owners house, variety of water tanks in the shower is very diverse, so, you can choose the tank, suitable for your cottage.

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